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Buy Highly Efficient Welding Machines (वेल्डिंग मशीन) at Economical Price

An instrument used to fuse materials together is a welding machine. Metal components are melted by heat produced by welding machines so they can be connected. As a result, as it cools, it solidifies and produces a resistant joint. Although the welding equipment typically works best with metals, many materials can be welded. The most common area to find these welding machines today is in industrial settings. Metal components, tools, or materials are produced in these settings. We offer the highest-quality portable welding machines sourced from the most prestigious brands like iBell, Shakti, Cruxweld, Krost, KP and many others.


Various Types of Electric Welding Machines to Choose From


MIG Welding Machine - Machines for metal inert gas welding are typically utilised for large, thick materials. In this, the consumable wire that the welder uses must serve as both the electrode and the filler material. This process moves faster, reducing time and money spent on production. The machine is three-phase, single phase, and all-in-one capable. These tools make it simple to weld aluminium and stainless steel alloys. These welding machines are employed in manufacturing, small companies, and metal production processes.

TIG Welding Machines - Because they create precise and clean welds, tungsten inert gas welding equipment is excellent for thin metals and smaller tasks. The welder must use a tungsten electrode that generates a weld and is non-consumable. These devices produce a strong weld when used on metals like mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. Welding pipes and pipelines are one of the most important uses for TIG welding equipment. However, it is employed in numerous sectors, including sheet metal work, aviation, and aerospace.


Submerged Arc Welding Machine - An electric arc often connects a constantly fed electrode and the workpiece to be welded in these machines. This indicates that a powder flux exists instead of a gas shield. Submerged arc welding equipment generates welds of superior quality compared to other varieties.


Spot Welding Machine - By applying heat and pressure to the weld region with an electric current, spot welding is a resistance technique used to join two or more metal sheets. These devices have benefits like efficient power utilisation, rapid production, straightforward automation, etc.


Arc Welding Machine - With the use of electrical energy, an electric arc is created between the welding electrode and the metal being joined. Depending on the electrode to be used, there are several varieties, including manual arc welding of metal, metal arc gas welding, and arc welding of the fused core. Tungsten gas is used in arc welding, etc.


Points to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Electric Welding Machines ( वेल्डिंग मशीन)


Selecting a Simple or Complex Welding Machine - The choice of a welding machine relies on whether the welder is a novice or experienced. Beginners can choose a simple welding tool, like a MIG welder. On the other hand, you require a position with greater authority if it is for a trained welder. After that, you can decide on a cutting-edge TIG welder.


Weld-Quality Requirement - A TIG welder is a wonderful choice if you want welding work that is of a high calibre. You might also consider using a stick welder or flux-core welding equipment if you wish to have better welds while welding rusty or unclean metals.


Thickness of Metal - For thicker metals, you typically need to utilise a stick welding machine. At the same time, a MIG or TIG welding machine is required for thin metals.


Welding Conditions -The welder must carefully check the welding spot. A stick or flux-cored welder is the best choice for challenging outside situations like wind, etc.


The Best Power Source to Use - A standard recommendation for welding steel and stainless steel alloys is DC output. Metals of the magnesium and aluminium type need AC output, which is a suitable option. Choose a combined AC/DC welding machine if the welder must weld a variety of materials.

Portable Welding Machines to select from Renowned Brands


iBELL Electric Welding Machines - IBell's quality guarantee is flawless, and they never disappoint their customers. iBell provides various pricing ranges to meet your needs and financial constraints. They provide work of the greatest calibre while adhering to all safety procedures. iBell machines come with a warranty, are easy to use, and are portable.


Shakti Electric Welding Machines - Shakti is a well-known company that makes inverter-based welding equipment. For reliable performance, the welder uses IGBT technology. Hot ARC ignition and strong stability against voltage changes are two notable features.


Krost Welding Machines - Krost welding machines are the ideal option for individuals seeking affordable, dependable equipment. Their welding machines are lightweight and perfect for soldering and welding. They are robust and easy to use in difficult situations. The materials to manufacture the machines are sourced from reputable sources.


PowerHouse Welding Machines - Powerful and adaptable, the PowerHouse Welding Machines are ideal for various welding applications. They are an excellent way to fuse metal with a solid bond and are suitable for light and heavy-duty welding works. Their 220 V, the single phase welding machine, is ideal for joining most metals. The welding is finished swiftly and effectively because of the 50 Hz frequency.


KP Welding Machines - KP is a well-known brand that offers a variety of electric welding machines that are appropriate for various applications. It produces welding equipment with an inverted base and modern stepless adjustment. For reliable performance, the welders include cutting-edge PWN electrical control technology.


We also offer welding machines from reputed brands like Camel, Micro, Rilon, Yuri, Spartan and others.


Get Best Electric Welding Machines Online from Moglix

We at Moglix pay close attention to how the needs of our clients change over time. We offer small welding equipment machines at the most competitive price. To ensure they provide the best protection, we purchased these portable welding machines from the most respected brands. We have collaborated with the top brands in India. This helps us to meet the high expectations of our clients. Our single phase welding machines are available with a range of special offers and savings. Visit our website to view the leading brands' most affordable welding machines.

Frequently Asked Questions about Welding Machines

What are 4 types of welding?

The 4-types of welding are: MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux- Cored arc welding

How many amps does a welding machine use?

The amp usage of a welding machine varies with every machine and its voltage consumption.

What is oxy fuel cutting used for?

Oxy-fuel cutting is used for cutting mild steel. Metals whose oxides have a lower melting point than the base metal can be cut through this process

What is the best welding machine?

Some of the best welding machines include - Vormir 200A IGBT ARC Inverter Welding Machine, iBELL IBL 220-76 160-250V IGBT Inverter Arc Welding Machine, Stamp Bridge SBT ARC 200 Blue Single Phase Welding Machine & Accessories and iBELL IBL 200-89 IGBT 160-250V Inverter Arc Compact Welding Machine

Which is better - Inverter Welder or Oil-Cooled Welder?

As a general rule, oil-cooled welders are better suited for heavy duty work in rough conditions for long hours, whereas inverter welders are better suited for more precision-based welding work in clean indoor environments.

Welding Machines - Price Range

Welding MachinesMin PriceMax Price
Spot Welding Machines₹1299₹33360
Portable Welding Generators₹159999₹199999
Arc Welding Machines₹295₹109099
MIG Welding Machines₹7250₹226560
iBELL Welding Machines₹5276₹35212
Shakti Welding Machines₹5028₹139240
Vormir Welding Machines₹4899₹6680
Camel Welding Machines₹5999₹12169
This data was last updated on 2/7/23.