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Welding Cables

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Buy the Best Welding Cables Online at Moglix

A welding cable is an electrical conductor for the welding. This cable consists of a series of copper strands wrapped inside a non-conductive jacket that is made of synthetic or natural rubber. The copper gives welding cables more flexibility and the insulating jacket holds up to repeated movement over rough surfaces. When the current level increases, the diameter of the cable also increases that results in the increment of the cross-sectional area of the copper stranding.

These cables are actually designed for use in electric arc welding machines that empower an electrode, a specially designed metal rod that conducts the charge. The charge carries by the electrodes produces an electric arc, the heat source, between the electrode and the metals being welded.

Different Applications of Welding Machine Cables

Arc Welding: For welding applications, you need two tables; one connects the machine to the electrode and the second connects the machine to the workpiece. This whole structure makes a complete circuit.

Other Uses: Welding cables are durable and flexible. These can also work as battery cables for cars and can be an alternative for cranes and hoists.

Best Brands for Copper Welding Cable Available at Moglix

Ador Welding Limited is an industrial manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai India. It manufactures various industrial products, welding products, and technology services. They manufacture one of the toughest and durable welding machine cables.

Fevilex made a small beginning with the manufacture of PVC wires and cables in 1997. They manufacture one of the best welding cables in the market.

Generic is a well-known brand for wires and cables. Their copper welding cables are very durable and reliable.

Sigma is a popular brand for wires and cables. Their welding cables are one of the best cables in the market.

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Welding Cables - Price Range

Welding CablesMin PriceMax Price
GB KORE ARC Welding Cables₹222₹3460
Vishal Welding Cables₹1947₹2323
Ador Welding Welding Cables₹2794₹232736
Arcon Welding Cables₹116₹765
This data was last updated on 10/7/22.