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Whether you are a technician at an electronics shop or a PCB designer, you are going to need a soldering kit. A soldering gun is a pistol-shaped handheld electronic tool used for joining metal surfaces. You also have a soldering iron which is wand-shaped and uses a heated metal tip to join two metal pieces together.

Soldering Gun vs Soldering Iron

  • --> Soldering guns are typically used for heavy industry applications as they produce more heat than a soldering iron.

  • --> A soldering gun usually has a copper tip and therefore heats up faster when compared to soldering iron.

  • --> Soldering guns are much more efficient than soldering irons, as the iron tip consumes more power to heat up.

  • --> Soldering irons come with multiple tips, making them ideal for multiple applications.

  • --> One of the disadvantages of soldering guns is that they are relatively heavier than iron soldering devices.

Buying a soldering gun online can be a challenging task with the availability of so many brands and models. To help you with your selection, we have listed a few things to look for:

Wattage: This is one of the most important factors to be considered while buying soldering iron online. For common usage such as DIY projects, a soldering gun of 30 Watts is enough. But for larger applications such as joining stained glass or light metal sheets, you need a soldering gun of 200 to 400 Watts.

Tip support: Most of the soldering guns these days come with a provision of using multiple tips. This enables the user to apply the right amount of heat on different-sized surfaces with great flexibility. While buying soldering iron online do buy a few extra tips so that you can replaceable them easily as per your application requirements.

Digital display: Applying the right amount of heat (temperature), especially on electrical components is extremely important as they tend to be highly sensitive. Choose a soldering gun with a digital display that shows the tip temperature while using the device.

Branded/Unbranded: Like any other electronic tool, buying a branded soldering gun proves to be a wise investment. Although unbranded soldering kits come at a cheap price, they are less durable and also tend to create problems during the long run.

Soldering wire: The quality of the welding depends on the solder wire you choose. At Moglix, you will find high-quality soldering wire manufactured by top brands at the best prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Soldering Iron

What should one do if a soldering iron has a distorted tip?

the distorted tip can be fixed by using a file to redefine its shape. The only downside to this process is the copper corrodes, you may have to repeat this process after every 10-15 times of use. And after every file, the tip would go shorter and would no longer be usable.

What are the best ways to clean a soldering iron?

The first and foremost thing one should do to clean a soldering iron is to clean it with a damp, cellulose, and sulfur-free sponge. It's really important to get rid of all the buildup, to do so scrub off any rust or other heavy stains using a ball of steel wool. Once the metal is clean, apply a generous amount of fresh solder to the tip of the metal. This process helps in preventing rust.

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Toni Soldering Iron₹84₹850
Soldron Soldering Iron₹229₹910
Walkers Soldering Iron₹259₹949
Hillgrove Soldering Iron₹215₹1818
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