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Glue Guns

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Get Premium Quality Glue Guns at Wholesale Prices

A glue gun is a device that is used to apply or distribute hot, melted adhesive. A hot glue gun's electric element heats the glue sticks to a temperature between 180 and 200 °C. When the trigger is squeezed, liquid glue is subsequently released through a nozzle. Plastic is used to construct the glue gun's frame. Whether manual or automatic feed, hot glue guns are useful for all kinds of craft projects using paper, wood, cardboard, metal, beads, jewellery, and other materials. Glue guns, which can be battery- or mains-operated, are an equally valuable tool for home improvement projects. Hot glue guns are perfect for bonding results when dealing with water resistance and the ability to endure chemical treatments. For each glue gun and application, a compatible hot melt adhesive is required to achieve the optimum bonding results. Depending on the glue gun used, the hot melt sticks are pushed through the device's back cavity manually or by pulling a trigger. Shop for good quality, reliable hot glue guns at Moglix from various trust-worthy brands such as Cheston, Hillgrove, Visko, Mega, Asian Paints and so many more.


Types of Durable Hot Glue Guns to Choose From

High-temperature Hot Glue Gun: Glue sticks can melt at high temperatures when the temperature reaches about 380 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that heavier materials like wood and sturdy polymers are best bonded with high temperature glue guns. Because of this, high temperature glue guns are the best choice for quick DIY projects and home repairs.


Low-Temperature Hot Glue Guns: Even at low temperatures, glue guns can get extremely warm. Despite this, they can still melt glue sticks at temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, making them slightly less dangerous than high temperature glue guns. Low-temperature glue guns are the best option when safety is a concern. They might also be the best choice for arts and crafts projects that call for lighter weight, heat-sensitive materials.


Dual Temperature Hot Glue Guns: Hot glue guns with a dual temperature setting allows customisation of the heat setting, which greatly reduces the rate at which the glue melts. This is useful if you want to slow down how quickly the adhesive is released.


Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Craft Glue Guns

Type of Feed: When it comes to hot glue guns, there are two different feed types: manual feed and trigger feed. With a manual feed, the user must push the glue stick with his or her thumb to let the melted glue out. The trigger feed requires only one hand operation by requiring the operator to pull a trigger that releases the molten glue. Although a trigger feed control is much simpler to use, it offers less control over the amount.


Design: Mini glue guns typically have an advantage in terms of design since they can compress and release hot glue into confined areas and corners, have more control over the quantity released, and are quite pleasant to use. On the other hand, compared to micro glue guns, industrial glue guns give a greater amount of melted glue released, can heat up more quickly, and can be equipped with larger glue sticks.


Wattage: Glue guns frequently use 100 to 120 watts of power, which is sufficient for your activity. Instead of plugging in the equipment and having power constantly flowing, it is a good idea to opt for glue guns with a power switch or button that turns the power on and off.


Nozzle: Given that nozzles may break after repeated use and that glue stick heat is another consideration, a competent glue gun can employ interchangeable nozzles. A hot glue gun's nozzles can be changed for a variety of uses, and doing so also makes it possible to clean them if necessary.


Heating Capacity: Depending on the type of glue gun you are using, it may take longer or shorter for the glue to heat up and melt whole glue sticks. Remember that excessive heat can damage glue guns, especially over extended periods.


Cord Length: Having a long cord is crucial because it will make using a hot glue gun much more enjoyable. Shorter cords are annoying because you never have enough length to get the “ideal angle.”


Glue Gun Stand: The tip of a decent glue gun should always be kept away from any surfaces and should be conveniently mounted on a stand. The surface may become damaged and there will probably be a mess if the hot glue gun nozzle contacts it.


Price: Choosing a reasonable price for a glue gun is typically a personal decision. The user's primary goal will influence whether they choose a less expensive or more expensive glue gun.


Prominent Brands that Sell High-Quality Glue Guns

Cheston Glue GunsThe most trustworthy and recognised vendors are selected to provide the parts needed to produce Cheston hot glue guns after a thorough market investigation. Customers prefer Cheston glue guns because of their dependability and a wide variety. The brand sells robust, premium glue guns.


Hillgrove Glue GunsHillgrove glue guns are high-quality Hillgrove products. They provide a high-quality selection of hot glue guns. They ensure that all of their craft glue guns match the criteria in this fiercely competitive market by using premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. 


Visko Glue GunsVisko is well-known for its fast customer service and produces high-quality products. Following extensive market research, the most recognised and authorised vendors are chosen to supply the materials required to manufacture their hot glue guns. Customers trust Visko glue guns because of their exclusive range.


Mega Glue GunsMega goods are well-known in the business due to their high quality. They are dedicated to supplying their customers with premium, high-quality glue guns. They come in a wide range and enable savings while improving the work experience.


Asian Paints Glue GunsA reputable supplier of glue guns is Asian Paints. Each Asian Paints glue gun is made using premium components and modern manufacturing processes. The supplies are bought from the most reputable and authorised vendors following a thorough market analysis. They sell glue guns for craft that are reasonably priced and durable.


We also have a plethora of glue guns from other brands such as Stanley, Deli, Krost, Ingco, Ferm and others.


Buy an Exclusive Range of Hot Glue Guns at Best Prices

Great-quality hot glue guns are becoming more and more necessary as a result of their high efficiency. Moglix makes a significant effort to produce premium, dependable, and secure craft glue guns in order to fulfil this need. Before they are sent to the customer, Moglix ensures that only the best glue guns are shipped and that they abide by all safety laws. For bulk issues, there are also interesting discounts and special deals. We monitor customer complaints and attempt to respond to them as soon as possible to set ourselves apart from other online businesses providing the same products. The most significant craft glue guns are available from the leading brands at competitive prices. Shop now to benefit from branded glue guns at wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glue Guns

What is the difference between low temperature and standard temperature hot glue sticks?

Low temperature glue guns melt the glue stick at low temperature, where as standard glue guns operate at standard melting point.

What are the types of industrial hot glue guns?

Various types of industrial hot glue guns are - Light Industrial Glue Gun, Industrial Glue Gun, Pneumatic Industrial Glue Gun, Industrial Spray Glue Gun, Industrial Bulk Glue gun

How to store glue gun between uses?

Do not store it immedietely, let it cool down after use. Then clean it for all the residue and store it.

Are glue guns waterproof?

No . Not all glue guns are waterproof.

Glue Guns - Price Range

Glue GunsMin PriceMax Price
Hillgrove Glue Guns₹255₹354
Weight - 500 G Glue Guns₹278₹2359
Power - 20 W Glue Guns₹187₹375
Power - 40 W Glue Guns₹208₹4758
This data was last updated on 1/29/23.