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Solar Charge Controllers

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Buy Solar Charge Controllers Online

Solar charge controller is an essential part of solar charging kit that regulates current and protects the batteries charged through solar panels. It has various benefits such as,

  • It controls solar panel overcharging a battery that further generating too much voltage and damaging the battery. This may even result in battery explosion.
  • It saves the battery from getting drained by disconnecting the load on the battery during low voltage.
  • It stops a backward flow of current to the solar panel, thereby protecting solar charging kit from any damage.

Types of Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge controllers are of 2 types. Let’s understand each one of them in details.

PWM charge controller: Pulse Width Modulation or PWM controller establishes a direct connection between the solar array and the battery. It is mostly present in small and medium sized kits. It decreases the voltage and current lost during charging considerably. Also, it significantly increases the battery life by protecting it from overcharging, short circuiting, undercharging and overheating.

MPPT charge controller: Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT is considered an efficient method for solar regulation. These are used only in a scenario when voltage of solar panel is higher than that of a battery. It can control ten times higher voltage without any loss of current.

Shop Solar Charge Controller from

Solar charge controller increases a battery’s and system’s life. They automatically detect battery capacity and offers protection against reverse current. offers wide range of solar regulator of PWM and MPPT type from trusted brands such as JPK, Luxmi Solar, HB Solar, Sky Power, and many more. We offer genuine products at affordable prices. In addition to solar charge controller, Moglix offer various other solar products such as solar panels, solar street lights, solar lanterns, solar water heaters, solar pumps and batteries, etc.

Solar Charge Controllers - Price Range

Solar Charge ControllersMin PriceMax Price
Microtek Solar Charge Controllers₹1149₹3049
Luminous Solar Charge Controllers₹564₹18499
G Solar Solar Charge Controllers₹605₹281230
solar universe india Solar Charge Controllers₹559₹29759
This data was last updated on 10/3/22.