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Buy DVRs Online with Best Quality and Attractive Prices

A DVR is a digital video recorder that records videos to local storage devices such as a hard drive. Moreover, a digital video recorder is capable of recording analog video sources on-site and can also capture video from any digital source. We can also connect these analog cameras through coaxial cables. As a result, it makes them remotely accessible. These recorders offer various features like recording search for a particular event, and they can also search recordings sorted by date and time.


There is a feature that you can turn on for deleting recordings automatically when the storage is getting full. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical, and easy-to-use digital video recorders from renowned brands such as Vintron, Godrej, Matrix, and more.


Various Types of DVRs Available to Choose From

Embedded DVR: Embedded digital video recorder is a device that takes input from an analog camera. Moreover, it starts compressing the image and then stores it on a local hard disk. It has various components that are necessary such as an operating system, central processing unit, etc. in a single unit, therefore, no network from outside is allowed. It helps in avoiding hacks and viruses trying to enter the system.


PC-Based DVR: This recorder is a PC-based video recorder and it integrates into the computer system. The digital video recorder card that is used for recording purposes is inside the computer along with other parts like a video card, motherboard, etc. It is flexible and you can even upgrade it or expand its memory like a computer.


Hybrid DVRs: This type of DVR for CCTV uses both the inputs from CCTV cameras, as well as from IP cameras. This enables a combination of regular analog cameras and high-definition IP cameras in low-activity and high-risk areas, respectively. Moreover, it helps you in increasing the additional cameras without even installing a new system.


Important Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a DVR Camera System Online

Warranty: Warranty is an important factor that should be considered before purchasing an electronic device. A good brand always offers a limited warranty for the product, and we, at Moglix have a huge collection of different branded DVR camera systems at the best prices. You can choose your favorite brand according to your need, we have all the good brands listed on our platform.


Video Resolution: Video resolution is one of the most important factors to be checked before buying a DVR for CCTV. A better video resolution in a DVR camera system provides decent video quality in the recording. Therefore, you should always pick a DVR that offers high-resolution video quality features.


Storage Capacity: Different types of DVRs are available at Moglix with different levels of storage capacity. You can choose from plenty of storage options. Always choose the storage capacity according to your need. The DVRs with high-storage capacity are expensive as compared to the ones with low-storage capacity.


Operating System: There are various types of DVR camera systems available with different operating systems. you can choose any of them which suits your need. The operating system should be capable enough to manage all the functioning of a DVR for CCTV.


Best Brands Available for Buying DVRs Online with Assured Quality

Hikvision DVR: Hikvision is a known name that offers IoT solutions with video as its major specialty. Moreover, Hikvision offers various DVRs that offer functions and features such as basic audio and video encoding, related data storage technologies, video image processing, and cutting-edge technologies, along with some additional stuff like artificial intelligence AI, cloud computing, big data, and more as well.


CP Plus DVR: CP Plus has been one of the most trusted and successful brands in the field of security solutions available in India. Moreover, the products offered by this brand are high-end, innovative, advanced as well as durable at the same time. CP Plus offers a huge range of different types of products for your different security needs including DVR camera systems. In addition, Moglix has an exclusive range of CP Plus products for you with great offers.


Dahua DVR: This brand has made its name throughout the globe in the industry of security solutions. The company delivers quality products to its customers so that they can have all the security solutions they want according to their needs with full consumer satisfaction at the same time. There are various types of DVR camera systems available online at Moglix, from the house of Dahua.


D-Link DVR: D-Link is a global name doing well even in India with high-end networking and connection products for various types of customers, whether they are small or large businesses since 1986. Moreover, D-Link is busy enhancing itself for providing customers with a more connected, intelligent, as well as a convenient society in today’s time.


TP-Link DVR: TP-Link is a well-known brand in the security solutions industry with a huge product range that offers various types of DVR camera systems under one brand. Moreover, they provide products with superior quality performance and enhanced customer experience at the same time. At Moglix, you can get a huge range of DVRs for CCTV online with great offers.


We offer a huge number of other renowned and bestselling brands as well in the category of DVR camera systems such as Securise, Pluscam, Hi Focus, and so many others.


Buy from an Exclusive Range of High-Tech DVRs at Moglix with the Best Prices

If you were looking for good quality and high-end DVR camera systems online, then you are at the right place. You get all the best brands here, at Moglix with a warranty and assured quality. Moreover, Moglix also offers great discounts on bulk orders. Moglix is one of the best E-commerce websites in the country that offers you a huge collection of products from all the known and popular brands around the globe. In addition, Moglix has user-friendly software with which you can effortlessly browse all of our products and pick the one that suits your need.

Frequently Asked Questions about DVR

Can you just buy a DVR?

Although the majority of consumers choose to purchase their DVRs along with their cable or satellite provider's equipment, a standalone DVR is still an alternative. If your TV provider doesn't offer DVR service, these standalone devices are an excellent alternative. Depending on equipment leasing/service rates, they might end up being less expensive over time.

Do you need a DVR with a smart TV?

The majority of smart TVs have built-in recording features that let you save episodes and movies to watch at a later time. As you watch, you can pause and fast-forward thanks to this. Netflix apps cannot be recorded, although you can pause and rewind in such apps without a problem.

DVR - Price Range

DVRMin PriceMax Price
Hikvision DVR₹2749₹74990
CP Plus DVR₹2449₹31259
Dahua DVR₹2499₹31875
Vantage DVR₹2749₹64999
This data was last updated on 1/27/23.