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Traffic Cones

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Buy Traffic Cones Online at Best Price

Traffic cones (ट्रैफिक कोन्स) or road cones are used to mark an area which has to be avoided. These are usually cone-shaped markers, placed on roads or footpaths when temporarily redirection of traffic is required for safety purpose. Thus they are also called safety cones. Safety cones are useful traffic management tools. Safety cones are often used as road cones and also as construction area markers or construction cones. Parking cones are used to mark parking zones. Safety cones often come handy in demarking prohibited areas in public places.

Features of Road Cones

Road cones are designed in such a way that they should be highly visible from far. Cones with a reflective striping attached to it maximize their visibility in the dark. Some are available with fitted lights on the top. Construction cones are generally more sturdy and larger in size. This sturdy plastic made cones come in mostly bright colors like orange, yellow, red and fluorescent green, in order to be noticed easily. Road safety cones come in different sizes as per their usage.

Apart from plastic cones, a concrete barrier, shaped like a cone is used as a physical barrier to prevent the possibility of accidents due to both ways facing traffic. Parking cones are usually smaller in size. Column shaped spring posts are used on roads to identify center lane division, dangerous U-turns, etc.

If you are looking for construction cones or parking cones, you need to look for the following parameters.

  • --> Six (6) inches cones are generally used for indoor purpose. The taller ones from 12 inches, 18 inches to 28 inches are used for outdoor areas.

  • --> Both parking cones and construction cones need to be sturdy though light weight and easily movable.

  • --> It is better to select rubberized based cones to increase their stability.

Moglix offers the best quality traffic safety cones from eminent brands such as Asian Loto, Bellstone, Frontier, KT, OEM, Pioneer Swift, Prima, Safari, Sintex and many more.

Traffic Cones - Price Range

Traffic ConesMin PriceMax Price
Bellstone Traffic Cones₹410₹4288
Frontier Traffic Cones₹499₹999
Asian Loto Traffic Cones₹399₹7826
Safe Dote Traffic Cones₹194₹385
This data was last updated on 10/4/22.