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Safety Helmets

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Safety Helmets: A Precautionary Equipment for Industrial Workers

The risk of brain damage to workers is always present in several industrial working contexts, such as construction, power, mining, and forestry. Physical injuries are the most significant dangers, which can occur due to a falling thing or object or a collision with stationary objects at work. Because of the state of these work tasks, it is sometimes not possible to avoid such risks using only systematic and appropriate organizational solutions or group protective equipment. As a result, the only method to ensure worker safety is to wear safety helmets. The type of helmet worn will be determined by the kind of physical dangers highlighted in the risk analysis or assessment.

How to choose a right Industrial Safety Helmet?

Industrial Helmets: Choosing the right safety helmet is very important, as it safeguards one of the most important organs of the body. The main function of the hard hat is to help avoid injuries in industrial settings. Hence, the helmet you choose should be of high quality and strength.

Reflective Helmet: If you are working at the job site with low visibility area, a reflective hard hat can offer better visibility and help in getting you noticed by other workers.

Apart from that, Industrial Safety Helmets come in different colors that help in differentiating the profile of the worker and separate the worker from the visitor. The color scheme of different helmets is as follows:

  • --> White – managers, competent operative and vehicle controllers

  • --> Black – Site supervisor

  • --> Yellow – Site workers

  • --> Grey – visitors

  • --> Red – Firefighters

  • --> Green – Safety officers

  • --> Blue – electricians, carpenters and other technical operators

Characteristics of Industrial Safety Helmets

The safety helmet protects the head from injuries caused by shock and falling objects. The initial line of defense is the shell, which absorbs and weakens the force. The lining buffering is the second line of defense.

This Safety Helmet features a revolutionary single reinforcement construction that is high-intensity, puncture- and aging-resistant, and fashionable; several liners provide a safer, more comfortable fit.

Suiting for construction, railway, petroleum, electric power, chemical engineering, and other industries have the necessary adjustments done to ensure that the workers' heads are properly fitted inside and that their safety is guaranteed. The helmets are subjected to various tests, including electrical and conductivity tests, as well as other safety tests, before being distributed around the world. Workers should double-check that they have the exact and flawless helmet; otherwise, replacement orders will be gladly accepted.

Protective helmets, often known as hard hats, should always:

  • --> Resist being pierced by things.

  • --> The suspension and headband must be able to absorb the force of a blow.

  • --> Must be water-resistant and slow-burning.

  • --> Must come with proper instructions for correct adjustment and replacement.

When positioning and adjusting a construction helmet on any user's head, be sure that:

  • --> The helmet's harness straps cross at the top and keep the head in place.

  • --> The headband that wraps around the head adheres firmly to the forehead and the nape of the neck.

  • --> The safety helmet is securely placed on the user’s head, i.e. the helmet must be placed firmly and positioned on the head, and the space of clearance between the hard shell and the skull should be kept to a minimum. This will result in a low center of gravity and excellent balance.

  • --> The helmet should be worn or set in such a way that it will remain on the head without the use of a chin strap.

Benefits of Protective Helmets

  • --> Hard hats are a form of safety helmet designed to protect employees from the harm of electric injuries, penetration, and powerful head impacts produced by falling objects. Fixed items and electrical cables that could cause damage are also protected by these safety helmets.

  • --> Wearing a safety helmet while working in a liquid-based chemical unit or FMCG ensures that the risk of a head injury is minimized even if the worker slips or falls accidentally.

  • --> If any work unit is involved in an accident, such as a vehicle rolling over or mishandling industrial equipment, the odds of a worker being injured are reduced.

  • --> Wearing hard safety hats at work allows employees to be more visible and distinguishes them, irrespective of whether they are working during the day or at night. They also set them apart from tourists and other non-workers that come inside the workshop.

  • --> The dress code at workshops is sufficient to inform others about the organization or unit for which an employee works. Differentiated branding on safety helmets for each department aids in a much larger identification. Some businesses even color-code their safety helmets by the department.

  • --> Wide brim safety helmets are perfect for construction site workers because they provide enough protection against damaging sun rays. Heatstroke and tiredness are less likely as a result of this.

  • --> The cost of a safety helmet these days is determined by several factors. No employer wants their employees to feel weighed down by their heavy safety headgear. The amount of ventilation and comfort they provide to the worker is one of them. As a result, the demand for fashionable baseball-style safety helmets that provide enough ventilation and comfort to employees has soared.

Why Buy Safety Helmets or Hard Hats at Moglix

Personal protection equipment (PPE) that protects the upper half of a worker's head from falling or flying items, burns, impact, and electrical hazards is known as a safety helmet. E-stores have built an extensive supply network in India and overseas to meet the needs of every buyer, including both business owners and industrial workers. Top companies such as Karam, Heapro, Safari Pro, Asian Loto, and others sell this protective gear online. Order them at your leisure and according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Safety Helmets

Does helmet padding contribute to the safety of a helmet?

The hard shells of safety helmets, for instance, distribute force over a broader region, minimising pressure in a single point. Furthermore, the padding extends the impact time, lowering the peak impulse.

What is the significance of the different colours of hard hats?

If the only consideration is safety, then wearing the same colour hard hat while working is recommended. To identify the employee and his responsibilities, several colour codes are used.