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Respiratory Masks

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Respiratory Masks – Best Bet to Stay Safe from Harmful Atmosphere

Respiratory masks are important protective masks that are widely used by professionals engaged in industries such as mining, oil & gas, petrochemicals, etc. To ensure adequate protection from dust, dirt, mist, chemicals, smoke, sprays, and other harmful vapors, companies make it mandatory for their staff to wear masks within plants & factories. To meet up their needs, Moglix has come up with dust and mist resistant respirator masks online which are equipped with a stapled headband. Therefore, they are easy and comfortable to put on.

These masks have a high exhalation valve and neo-oil aerosols. Therefore, they are highly useful in production processes like welding, plugging etc. At Moglix, our long-term goal is to ensure safety of staff while they are working within factories or at outdoor locations. To achieve that objective, we have procured respiratory masks from leading brands such as 3M, Creative, Globus, Superdeals, Venus and more. The face masks that we are offering as a part of our collection are available in both cup and flat fold styles. Stay alert, stay safe using respiratory masks from Moglix.

Dust Masks - A Must Have For Hazardous Areas

Dust masks are often used by workers while working within construction sites. Equipped with a flexible pad that covers the area around the nose & mouth, they protect users from dust created by the use of bricks, wood, etc. The dust masks which we have assembled as a part of our collection are widely used in the metallurgy and real estate industries. Made from natural rubber latex, they have a high filtration efficiency also which makes them the widely searched dust masks online.

Some of these masks come with the flat fold respiratory style. They can be adjusted easily over the nose and therefore can be worn over a long-time period by users. These masks help in reducing inhalation of normal dust, dirt adds pollen. They are comparatively lightweight and therefore can be used while working in DIY projects at home also.

We are also offering N95 masks as a part of our online collection. They come with a foamed nose, welded headband and are widely used in foundry operations, handling of dry chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Select from the New Collection of N95 Masks from Moglix

N95 masks are highly valued by industry-based users for their high level of filtration efficiency against specific types of non-oil based particles. To meet up with the changing expectations of buyers, Moglix presents the leading N95 mask brands available in the market. The two strap-design with welded dual point attachment ensures a secure seal.

Equipped with a cushioning nose foam and adjustable nose clip ensures that the user gets a comfortable fit and secure seal. The lightweight construction of these masks ensures a higher wear time. The high breath-ability ensured by the face mask N95 respirators makes them suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications. The 3M N95 masks which form a part of our collection are NIOSH approved. Therefore, they can ensure a high level of security to users while working in industrial applications.

Conduct Operations with Perfections Using Surgical Masks

The day to day work of surgeons is a high-risk prone one. They are highly vulnerable to diseases while performing surgeries. The new range of surgical masks available at Moglix has 3-ply construction with a melt blow filter. These masks act as a superb protective barrier and come with soft elastic rubber string which keeps the mask together. The surgical masks available at Moglix have been procured after conducting several quality tests. Therefore, they offer optimum protection to surgeons.

Stay Safe from Dust and Paint Fumes Using Half Face Masks

Half face masks are one of the most widely used in a variety of applications such as hiking, skiing, biking, etc. They offer a high level of protection from dust and paint fumes. To meet up the needs of users from all walks of life, we have come up with half face masks that are soft, easy to use, and lightweight. They come with a highly durable & compact elastomer. They are reusable and therefore a viable solution for people who are looking for an economical mask for respiratory protection.

Available in a wide range of sizes, they do not require maintenance other than cleaning between uses. Therefore, they are widely used in a wide range of applications such as welding, painting, chemical production, automobiles, etc. They are best suited for usage by people who wear hardhats that need to be removed frequently without taking off the hard hat. Therefore, they can help users to stay active for long hours.

Why Buy Respiratory Masks Online from Moglix?

At Moglix, the sheer variety of respiratory masks makes buying a hassle-free process. From air masks and breathing masks to air fed respirator masks, buyers will be spoilt for choice when they come to our website. Available within a wide price range and variety of shades, they can be used while working in mines, industrial settings, oil excavation sites, etc. Compliant with existing industrial standards, they will prove to be an asset for any individual.

Frequently Asked Questions about Respiratory Masks

What is an N-95 medical mask used for?

N95 respirators are personal protective equipment that is used to protect the wearer from airborne particles, dust & liquid contaminating the face.

Do surgical masks really protect you from germs?

Yes, surgical masks can help in protecting from germs, yet they are not full proof. You must follow the instructions & guidelines by doctors.

How long can I wear an N95 mask?

It is best advised to wear an N95 mask whenever you go out of your house. However, after 6-8 hours of usage, the mask must be replaced.

How are N95 masks different from dust masks?

N95 masks are designed to give a high amount of protection from airborne particles. They can provide 95% protection whereas dust masks are best suitable for collecting dust particles.