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Ear Protectors

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Choose the Best Ear Protectors Aids for Safety

The hearing protection products are extremely important to protect the ears from any thunderous or deafening noise to some level. Within no means, it is possible to block the resounding noise completely. Though, blocking to some particular level can protect the hearing ability of any person from getting destroyed. The ear muffs and ear plugs are suitable for automotive, repair and operation, metal fabrication, or other industries. The protective earplug equipment is intended for use in occupational workplaces.

What are the Different Hearing Protection Products available at Moglix?

The hearing protection product comes in a diverse range of categories. The protection against any ambient noise can only be minimized with these products, but can’t be fully reduced. Some of the hearing protection product categories are mentioned below:


Ear plugs come with a tapered design that fits conveniently in the ear-canals. It is manufactured with a soft polyurethane foam which is hypoallergenic in nature. It is an excellent product that is suitable for transportation, construction, mining, and any other industry. It comes with a corded hearing protection style and electrical insulation technology.


Earmuffs are manufactured with soft foam ear-cushions that provide good comfort. It is a great product that can be used in military maintenance, repair, metal fabrication, and other industries. With ear muffs, it is easy to block any ambient noise to some particular level.

Earmuff with the attachable safety helmet is suitable for workers at airports, generator rooms, construction sites, agriculture fields, and so on. It comes with soft cushioned pads which help to reduce the noise to some extent.

Ear Defenders

Ear defenders have become a crucial product when working in any construction, repairing, and other industry. It protects the ears from an ambient level of noise by reducing it to some extent.

How many earplugs come in one set?

In one-set, there are two ear-plugs for both left and right ear protection.

How to clean the ear-plugs without getting them damaged?

In order to clean the ear-plugs, it is recommended to use hydrogen para-oxide. Keep the earplugs in the hydrogen para-oxide solution for a few minutes and rinse them with water for cleaning any ear-wax left in it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ear Protectors

Why do people wear ear protectors?

When worn correctly, hearing protectors limit noise exposure and the risk of hearing loss. If hearing protection is essential, a detailed hearing conservation program should be put in place.

What happens if you don't wear ear protection?

By keeping loud noise from entering your ears, ear protection decreases the possibility of ear damage. If you don't use ear protection, you won't be able to protect your eardrum and hearing from being permanently damaged by loud noises and other factors.

Ear Protectors - Price Range

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3M Ear Protectors₹15₹5699
Karam Ear Protectors₹43₹473
Venus Ear Protectors₹8₹1810
Mallcom Ear Protectors₹250₹699
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