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Fall Protection

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Ensure Optimum Safety in Workplace With The Latest Fall Protection Safety Equipment

Performance at workplace improves when workers have a secure feeling within their workplace. Nervousness caused by recent accidents within the workplace can adverse your performance and take a heavy toll on your mind. Keeping in mind the latest specifications of Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Moglix has come up with a new range of safety harness accessories. The use of suitable fall arresters can save you from fatal accidents and also ensure that you remain safe in case you suddenly lose your balance while working at a great height. The use of full body arresters is, therefore, essential in order to help you stay safe while working outdoors. A good working knowledge of the latest fall arresting systems can help you carry on your day to day work efficiently. However, assessing the risk factor, fitting of the equipment and periodic inspection and servicing need to be done on a periodic basis to ensure a high level of fall protection.

New Collection of Fall Protection and Safety Equipment Available at Moglix

At Moglix, we have an exciting collection of products that have been designed with a hgh level of perfection to meet the needs of working professionals. A fall arrest system is highly effective in catching a worker working at a great height and prevents him from falling. This equipment will save you from having a fall on the surface below. The use of safety belts for fall protection would keep you safe from mishaps at low heights. A full body harness that comes with shock absorbing lanyard is ideal for use when working at a great height from the ground. Such a harness comes with straps which cover the shoulders, chest, and legs. They can thus evenly distribute the impact of forces throughout the body.

Fall protection equipment can hold the user in place while offering maximum flexibility to his hands to work. The system activates whenever the user leans back and is on the brink of falling. Because of this reason, oblong shaped devices known as Carabiners are used for attaching different parts of personal fall protection systems. The length of a steel wire rope or synthetic fiber wire rope which is attached to an independent anchorage point which is called lifeline servers. They can be horizontal or vertical on the basis of the type of work that you do. Lifeline servers are normally used in painting and window washing.

Safety Nets produced from nylon and polypropylene are also widely used for ensuring fall protection safety. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, they are used on a large scale in construction sites such as bridges, residential apartments, and high-rises.

Fall Protection and Safety Products Available at Moglix.com

At Moglix, we have a clear idea of the safety needs of industrial workers. Therefore, we have come up with the latest range of high quality, durable fall protection equipment from leading brands in the market such as Safari, Arcon, Heapro etc. Stay safe from serious injuries with the latest range of fall protection harnesses from Moglix!

Fall Protection - Price Range

Fall ProtectionMin PriceMax Price
Safety Kit₹234₹56000
Safety Hooks₹200₹18400
Fall Arresters₹1740₹290000
Safety Nets₹1799₹4164
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