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Booster Pumps

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Buy Pressure Booster Pump Online at Moglix India

Booster pumps are known to increase the pressure of existing fluid flow systems. These pumps are designed to increase the efficiency of the pumping systems and helps in achieving a better flow rate. Generally, these pumps are used in water systems; hence are also known as water pressure booster pumps.

Booster pumps have a wide range of uses in commercial, municipal, and military applications. Furthermore, they are also used in several industries ranging from aerospace, mining industry to food processing and more.

These pumps may be the horizontal split case, multistage, end suction, or vertical turbine, depending on the flow and pressure requirement. These pumps generally work within the following ranges:

  • Flow rate ranges between 5 and 10000 gpm

  • Horsepower ranges between 1 and 5000 HP

  • Total pressure ranges between 200 and 7500 ft

Booster Pumps – Perfect Way to Combat Low Pressure

Booster pumps, as the name itself indicates, are used to boost limping water pressure. These pumps find their applications in both, residential, as well as commercial/industrial purposes. The modus-operandi of these pumps is pretty plain-sailing, priming pushes the fluid to the pumping chamber to create pressure differential; which helps in accelerating water into the pipes, and hoses in an instant. Moreover, booster pumps create and maintain sufficient vacuum levels to draw fluid into an inlet, sans any external assistance.

Some of the most common features of RO booster pumps include:

Adjustable speed: The pumps which incorporate adjustable speed drive (ASD) or variable speed drive (VSD) equipment are known as adjustable speed pumps. These pumps can be controlled or operated at multiple speeds, which enable us to control the flow of the pump or fan during the operation, which thereafter cuts the cost and provide better control in different conditions

Continuous Duty: These pumps are designed to run and operate continuously without much wear and tear.

Multi-Stage Pumps: these pumps move compressed fluid from an initial stage to successive chambers to generate higher pressure levels, which are not possible with single-stage pumping.

Self Priming Pumps: These pumps maintain enough vacuum level which helps in drawing fluid into an inlet without an external help.

When Do You Need a Booster Pump?

Low water pressure is probably one of the main reasons behind your yen to buy a booster pump! Water pressure, not to be confused with water flow at the tap, is nothing but simply the force that propels water through the piping system to reach fixtures in the building unit. Although, there are many ways to improve water pressure; the best one? Undeniably by using booster pumps! People like to have consistent water pressure while doing their day to day chores; sans which it becomes conceivably harder to execute tasks, clutching away the ease, and comfort in an instant. However, we have the solution for it!

Top Brands for Booster Pumps at Moglix

Crompton has been the market leader in pumps for more than 20 years. The company has manufacturing units in Goa, Vadodara Ahmednagar, and Baddi. Crompton products are available in nearly 150000 retail points across the country.

Why Buy Water Pressure Booster Pumps Online at

Moglix is the one-stop-shop for all your industrial and business supplies. The company offers variable payment options, free doorstep delivery, and bulk buying options. Buy top quality products from Moglix at great prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Booster Pumps

How long should I run my booster pump?

The best advice is that you should not exceed 15 cycles per hour (1/h) unless your pump is capable of doing so. It's common to have 6-8 on/off cycles per hour per pump. Long, infrequent run times are preferable.

Why use a booster pump in a thermal power plant?

The booster pumps raise the feedwater suction pressure to meet the main boiler feed pump's NPSH requirements. Compressor pumps gather saturated water from the hot well and return it to the boiler feed pump or to a heater.

Booster Pumps - Price Range

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