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General Purpose Motors

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Purchase the  top quality General Purpose Electric Motors at the best price

Earlier, machinery and its parts were restricted to large-scale industries or factories. Gradually, the adaptation of updated machinery, which includes AC, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., has seen a shift in the usage of general-purpose motors. General purpose engines have been around for years. They are workhorses in nearly every industry. Inverter motors are a much newer concept that became necessary when motors were driven by the VFDs (general purpose AC motors). Inverter motors can withstand the higher voltage spikes produced by all VFDs (amplified with longer cable lengths) and run at very low speeds without overheating.


General purpose motors can be used with frequency converters in many applications. However, inverter motors are rated much slower without overheating and can withstand higher voltage spikes without compromising insulation.These general-purpose AC motors use a rotating magnetic field that does not require brushes and therefore requires less maintenance. Some motors run on multiple voltages and are more flexible.


Different types of General Purpose Motors available in the market 

Permanent Magnet Motors - This general-purpose electric motor uses a permanent magnet to create field flux. This type of DC motor provides great starting torque and has good speed regulation, but torque is limited, so they are typically found in low horsepower applications.


Series DC Motors - In a series DC motor, the field is wound with a few turns of a large wire carrying the full armature current. Typically, series DC motors create a large amount of starting torque but cannot regulate speed and can even be damaged by running with no load. These limitations are not a good option for variable-speed drive applications.


Shunt DC Motors - In shunt DC motors, the field is connected in parallel (shunt) with the armature windings. These motors offer great speed regulation since the shunt field can be excited separately from the armature windings, offering simplified reversing controls.


Compound DC Motors - Compound DC motors, like shunt DC motors, have a separate shunt field. Compound DC motors have good starting torque but may experience control problems in variable speed drive applications.


 Points to consider while buying the Best General Purpose AC Motors

Motor phase -  Domestic electricity connection has a single-phase power supply or three-phase power supply, and we should choose a single-phase model or three-phase model accordingly. Single-phase general purpose motors can be operated on a three-phase network. However, the reverse is not current. 


Motor Current - It is a fundamental requirement for the operation of any motor, and incorrect current ratings can cause the product to overheat and degrade performance. Operating current is the amount of current a motor draws under normal load. Choosing a general-purpose AC motor that draws too much current under normal load can lead to overheating and eventual damage. Motor current is measured in amperes. 


Motor voltage -  Voltage is responsible for maintaining constant current flow to the motor and avoiding reverse current flow. Voltage is directly proportional to torque. Selecting a motor with a value higher than the load can result in excessive current and overheating, affecting performance. 


RPM - RPM is a key factor in choosing a motor, and it depends entirely on the basic application such as juicers, flour mills, and small lifting applications. We recommend choosing a  1440 rpm motor. For more industrial applications such as pressure fans and industrial washing machines, 2880 rpm can be selected.


Motor size -  It plays an important role in assembling the engine into the desired configuration. Depending on the existing installation type and junction box position, frame sizes are standardised and should be selected accordingly.


Brands providing General Purpose Motors 

HAVELLS General Purpose Motors - Havells general purpose motors are designed to fulfil the application requirements of professionals. The motors manufactured by havells come with assurance and promise a high level of performance for a longer duration.


CROMPTON General Purpose Motors - Crompton is a leading manufacturer of electric motors. For over 20 years, they have been manufacturing these products. Their motors are reliable and have served for a long time.


KIRLOSKAR General Purpose Motors - Kirloskar is an Indian brand started in Pune that exports its products to more than 70 countries. Kirloskar manufactured general purpose electric motors are considered the best in the segment.


ABB GENERAL PURPOSE MOTORS -  ABB offers a wide range of reliable and highly efficient motors and generators for all applications. ABB has what it takes for every industry and application to achieve new efficiency and energy savings, even in the most demanding conditions. Electrical motors and generators are designed by combining the best available materials with superior technology to operate reliably and have low life cycle costs, whatever your process and application challenges.


HINDUSTAN GENERAL PURPOSE MOTORS - Hindustan Motors Mfg. Co. has over  28 years of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing electric motors. Hindustan Electric Motor Manufacturing Co. covers machine tools, blowers, fans, air conditioners, compressors, material handling equipment, cranes and hoists, textile machinery, cement plants, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging machinery, construction machinery, etc.


Why Purchase General Purpose Motors from Moglix

At moglix, customers get a vast spread of outstanding quality and authentic products from some selected brands that are the best in the market. KIRLOSKAR, HAVELLS, and Crompton are to name a few. The one-stop online website of Moglix provides easy access and choice according to the requirements.

All the details are specified clearly with a  brief description of the product. Before buying the general purpose electric motors, customers must be well versed with what they require.

Frequently Asked Questions about General Purpose Motors

What causes corrosion in general purpose engine?

The action of sulphuric acid, which is formed by the reaction of sulphur in the fuel and lubricating oil with water entering or generated in the engine, is the most widely accepted theory for the cause of corrosion.

How to Prevent general purpose motor form corrosion?

To avoid your general purpose motor from corroding you must do the following things, - Make sure the metal surface stays clean and dry, use drying agents, use a coating or barrier product such as grease, oil, paint or carbon fibre coating, lay a layer of backfill, for example limestone, with underground piping.