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General Purpose Motors

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General Purpose Motors: Required for Everyday in Nominal Environment

Electric motors can be seen everywhere these days. From construction sites to the manufacturing industry, these motors are very important for every sector and also find a vast application in household items.

These general-purpose electric motors are used in an application that includes compressors, pumps, fans, conveyors, material handling, machine tools, and many others.

These AC motors require less maintenance because they use a rotating magnetic field that does not require brushes. Some motors, operate at more than one voltage and provide more flexibility.

Find the Best General Purpose AC Motors At Moglix

Phase: Depending upon the requirements, you can choose among single or three-phase models. A single-phase motor can run three-phase supply but the reverse is not true.

Current: To operate any motor, this is the basic requirement. Improper current may lead to overheating or underperformance of the product.

Voltage: Voltage is responsible to maintain a constant flow of current to the motor. It is directly proportional to torque. So, consider the voltage of the motor before buying it.

Frame Size: While mounting the motor, the frame plays an important role. Depending upon the type of mounting and junction box location, you can choose its frame size.

Best Brands for General Purpose Motors Available

Havells general purpose motors are designed to fulfill the application requirements of professionals. These motors assure a high-performance level and reliability for a long time.

Crompton is a leading manufacturer of electric motors. For over 20 years, they are manufacturing these products. Their motors are reliable and serve for a long time.

Kirloskar is an Indian brand headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. They are exporting their products in more than 70 countries. Their general purpose motors are the best in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about General Purpose Motors

What causes corrosion in general purpose engine?

The action of sulphuric acid, which is formed by the reaction of sulphur in the fuel and lubricating oil with water entering or generated in the engine, is the most widely accepted theory for the cause of corrosion.

How to Prevent general purpose motor form corrosion?

To avoid your general purpose motor from corroding you must do the following things, - Make sure the metal surface stays clean and dry, use drying agents, use a coating or barrier product such as grease, oil, paint or carbon fibre coating, lay a layer of backfill, for example limestone, with underground piping.

General Purpose Motors - Price Range

General Purpose MotorsMin PriceMax Price
SONEE-DX General Purpose Motors₹7649₹18999
Crompton General Purpose Motors₹3800₹9264644
Oswal General Purpose Motors₹6622₹54581
Havells General Purpose Motors₹7007₹1498129
This data was last updated on 10/4/22.