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Highly Efficient Electric Motors at Lowest Price


Motors are electro-mechanical machines that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Motors account for almost half of the energy consumption in the world. So they play a significant role in a global energy ecosystem. In the fields of engineering and technology, electric motors have been recognized as one of the greatest successes and most important designs the world has ever seen. We feature good quality water motors from highly reputed brands such as Crompton, Hindustan, Bharat Bijlee, ABB, Siemens and many more.


Types of Electric Motors to Choose as per Need


DC Motors - A direct current (DC) motor is a rotating electric motor that converts electrical energy from direct current into mechanical energy. The most fundamental types rely on magnetic field forces. Almost all DC motor types feature an inbuilt electromechanical or electronic system that allows a portion of the motor to periodically change the direction of the current. Because they could be powered by direct-current power distribution networks, DC motors were the first type of motor that was frequently employed. A DC motor's speed can be controlled over a large range by varying the supply voltage or the field winding current density. Elevators, steel rolling mill drives, and electric vehicle propulsion all require large DC motors.


Motor AC - An alternating current powers an AC electric motor (AC). An external stator with coils supplied with AC to generate a rotating magnetic field and an internal rotor connected to the output shaft to provide a second revolving magnetic field make up the two main components of an AC motor. Permanent magnets, reluctance saliency, AC or DC electrical windings, or a combination of these factors may produce the magnetic field of the rotor. Induction motors (also known as asynchronous motors) and synchronous motors are the two primary categories of AC motors. To induce rotor current in the rotor AC coil, the induction motor relies on a tiny variation in speed between the spinning magnetic field of the stator and the speed of the rotor shaft. This difference is known as slip. The synchronous motor, in contrast, uses either prominent poles, permanent magnets, or an independently energised rotor winding and does not work on the basis of slip-induction.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Electric Motors


Brand: Because it might have an impact on the quality of the products you receive, the brand is an important consideration. When you make a purchase from a reputable and established business, you can be sure that, if the need arises, you will get excellent and timely customer service.


Budget: There will always be a top-notch alternative in your price range, but you'll need to do your homework and choose one made by a reputable firm with reliable components and a lengthy guarantee.


Torque and Horsepower: The base speed of the motor is the next crucial factor. The number of poles and base speed of the motor are related. You might also want to change torque for speed. The torque automatically reduces as the motor's speed rises. In contrast, horsepower must also be taken into account.


The Inverter Duty: You should pay close attention to how much noise the induction motor makes. The voltage rating should be taken into account together with the variable frequency drive, or VFD, that the best motor should have. The motor windings' magnetic wire has a voltage rating that can range from 1000V to 1600V. The constant torque, or CT turndown, must then be taken into account. This element influences how slowly the motor can operate and yet provide the same amount of torque.


Environment: You should also take the environment's specifics into account. Therefore, evaluate whether the enclosure can withstand rain, falling water, as well as extremes of cold and heat, without malfunctioning. Choose total enclosed fan cooled induction motors or total enclosed non-vented induction motors if you require a motor that performs well outside.


Top Brands that Sell High-Quality Pump Motor


Crompton Water Pump Motors: Crompton pump motors make the best pumps. They require little installation work and run quietly and consistently. There are reliable, low-energy Crompton water motor pumps on the market. They are the top water motors available right now. The Crompton model is the most cost-effective electronic water motor on the market today, without sacrificing quality.


Hindustan Motors: A well-known company, Hindustan, creates high-efficiency and energy-efficient designs. They manufacture their water motor pumps in cutting-edge facilities and use high-quality techniques. They give you the most efficiency while using less energy, which helps you save a lot of money. The motors are more resistant to motor burnout at low voltage and offer a wide range of voltage tolerance.


Bharat Bijlee Water Motors: The Bharat Bijlee Water Motor Pumps are made of premium engineering materials and have compact designs for easy handling and installation. They are easier to maintain, making it possible for even less-skilled employees in remote locations to service the pump. They are manufactured by using quality-assured products.


ABB Electric Motors: High-quality ABB motor pumps are offered in a range of designs to meet your demands. The pumps are strong and effective since they are made of high-quality material. The guarantee that comes with ABB motors ensures that the pump is treated with care. They are reliable pumps of exceptional quality made for use in fluid-based applications.


Siemens Water Pump Motors: To guarantee that the goods it delivers to customers are constantly at the top of its game, Siemens places a strong focus on high-quality standards. They have become experts at adapting to changing consumer wants. These durable, high-quality water motors are produced under expert supervision. They speed up, simplify, and improve the convenience of pumping water.


We also provide water motors from other well-known manufacturers at discounted costs, like Oswal, Silver, Jupiter, Havells, Kirloskar and more.


Purchase Durable and Economical Electric Motors with Moglix


We at Moglix work hard to provide our clients with excellent customer service and premium products. We provide a wide range of motor pumps from reputable and well-known motor brands. By offering extensive discounts and special deals, we make sure that you can purchase water pump motors that are both reasonable and of a good calibre. Thanks to our user-friendly software, you may browse through our products fast and comfortably. Customers may compare the benefits and prices of various products thanks to simple navigation. Whether you need the pump motors for work or domestic use, pick from one of the best affordable and widely available brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motors

What causes a pump motor to get hot?

Because of friction or an electrical issue, a pump may overheat. While electrical failures are by far the most frequent cause of pump overheating, if a pump is starving for water, a friction fire could also start.

What causes a pump motor to fail?

The most common reason for motor failure is heat. All it does is kill them. Your motor's insulation will deteriorate more quickly at temperatures close to or beyond its insulation rating, which will lead to an early motor failure.

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