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Running a motor produces a significant quantity of power. When working with such immense power, it is critical to have a backup plan in place to minimize harm and assure safety in all instances. Control motors starters are usually sized to match the motor & voltage of the application. The Control motors starters are the electrical device designed to safely start and stop an engine. The Control motors starters, like a relay, turns the power ON/OFF, but without a relay, it also offers low voltage and overcurrent safety. 


The Control motors starters are required to start an induction engine. It is due to the low rotor resistance. The rotor impedance of an induction motor is determined by the slip, which refers to the relative velocity of the rotor and stator. The resistance varies in inverse proportion with slip.


Types of Control Motor Starters


Submersible Pump Starters: Submersible pump starters are the security net, and a submersible starter pump board keeps your supply of water from short-circuiting. They serve both functions by avoiding overloading & short-circuiting. This is simple to accomplish with a basic on/off switch operation. Furthermore, it can begin its high-power capacitors, which can activate the engine even when the voltage appears to be lower than the typical low power. Submersible starters include a water level regulator that will start the engine whenever an empty tank is detected. Whenever the tank is filled, it'll also stop automatically.


Automatic Motor Starters: Automatic motor starters are widely utilised in low-voltage starting applications, particularly for big motors. Two contactors come in as the engine begins. One contactor activates a transformer circuit, while the other pushes the transformer to a star shape. In the beginning, the tapped output of the transformer is linked to the motor connections. The star contactor activates when the motor achieves between 85 and 90 % of full power, and the transformer thereafter works as a choke to control the current and voltage to the motor. The primary contactor then shuts, and motor regulator operates as an FVNR, delivering full power to the motor.


Manual Motor Starters: This sort of starter is operated manually and requires no prior knowledge. A pushbutton is employed to switch off and on the motor. The technology beneath the button involves a mechanical switching that either breaks or creates the circuit, causing the engine to stop or start. They also defend against overload. Unfortunately, these starters lack LVP (low voltage protection), so they do not terminate the circuit during a power outage. Since the motor resumes when electricity is restored, it might be hazardous in particular applications. As a result, they are employed for a low-power engines. A direct on-line starter is a manual starting that protects against overload.


Selecting factors When Buying Control Motor Starters


Line Power & Contactor Size: Check the Full Load Amperage at the main power voltage you want to offer on your engine or device nameplate. Confirm if the line electricity to the motor is one-phase or three-phase. Select a starter with a current rating greater than the FLA of the motor just at the line voltage you want to utilize.


Maintenance ease: Prior to making a final decision, it is critical to confirm that maintainability is within the capability of the electrical and mechanical teams. Traditional beginning procedures are more suitable for scenarios where the crew has rudimentary instruction. However, further training is needed if a complex beginning and regulating mechanism are required.


Comfort Of Use: its connected interface must contain provisions for easy control and feedback, such as clear representations, operator panels, and indications. Diagnostic and repair manuals are also required.


Restriction Of Facility Space: The actual floor space offered is important to address, particularly when retrofitting new equipment into an existing location. Extensions could be required, increasing the overall cost of purchasing the equipment. Additional control mechanisms are required when working with current beginning procedures to maintain an appropriate working environment. Heat dissipation allotment for different components like transformers, transistors, and power supply is included.


Various Top Brands to Purchase Control Motor Starters


Crompton Motor S: Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd (commonly known as Crompton) is a Mumbai-based Indian electronic equipment firm. The firm makes available LED lights, fans, motors, and home appliances such as water heaters, air conditioners, and kitchen appliances.


L&T: Larsen & Toubro Limited, or L&T, is a Mumbai-based Indian multinational corporation interested in building, engineering, manufacturing, information technology, technology, and financial services. The corporation is ranked among the top 5 construction firms in the globe.


KSB: Its extensive range includes a solution for any fluid handling difficulty. KSB is the knowledgeable partner you may depend on for every application, from industrial motors and valves to automation systems for pumps & pump equipment and energy conservation and repair services. You may discover full specs, statistics, and literature about all products in KSB.


Siemens: Siemens is already developing and producing world-class control devices for over 125 years. Siemens provides a diverse selection of starters to meet the needs of various industries. These items give a smart, simple, dependable motor starting option. They use tried-and-true Siemens contactors & relays to provide the proper start for motors that require direct online beginning or star delta beginning.


Havells: Havells are well known for their high-quality products. Their dual; coated copper winding wires give high efficiency to the motors. Winding wires can withstand high temperatures, and this protects them from burning. Unlike most of the pumps available in the market have ordinary enamelled copper wire or wire windings making, which makes them inefficient.


Purchase Best Quality Control Motor Starters from Moglix


Manual motors are employed to manually turn on and off motors and provide fuse-free safety against overload, short circuits, and phase faults. Moglix's control motor starting category includes a broad range of manual engine starters, underwater pumps, and automatic motors starters to meet the demands of customers. The manual engine starters in this category have an encased and hermetically protected coil that is waterproof & shockproof. Single phase, phasing imbalance, and phasing reversal are all protected by our automated motor starters. At Moglix, experts keep records of the main issues that arise in control motors starters on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Control Motor Starters

When Standard starters are sufficient for motor control?

In order to prevent damage from being done to DC motors during startup due to extremely high current and torque, starters are utilised. They achieve this by connecting the motor's armature winding in series with external resistance, which limits the current to a manageable amount.

Why motor starting current is high?

Because the motor's slip is equal to unity at start, the rotor's reactance is large. As the slip decreases, the value of Rr/s rises. The induction motor draws a significant amount of inductive current when it is started because the rotor reactance is greater than the rotor resistance.

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