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Power Routers

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Buy Variable Speed Router Machines Online

Power Routers are high-speed processing tools used for cutting, trimming and shaping different materials. These tools are very powerful and can be used to process different materials that include wood, plastic, steel and a variety of other materials.

These routers are also known as woodworking routers because of their extensive use in woodworking, especially cabinetry.

What are the various types of Power Routers?

Routers are used for various purposes and come in different types. Some of the types include variable speed routers, plunge routers, rebate router, handheld routers, fastened cutting routers and more.

Grooves and Rebates: A straight or rebate router can be used to make an assortment of different grooves and rebates in a surface and on the edge of different materials.

Trimming: A router can be coupled with trimming cutter to trim the excess material from the workpiece. Trimming routers are easily and do their job efficiently.

Joint Making: With the help of special jigs and cutting accessories, Power routers can create perfect joints of various kinds and materials.

Creating Holes: A plunge router is the best tool for making holes in different materials, as the drill press has a downward cutting potential.

Cabinetry: Routers are extremely popular for making cabinets. Woodworking routers can complete all the cabinetry jobs efficiently in no time.

Other DIY Tasks: Out of the power tools that are always needed at homes or for DIY tasks, power router is the most important. It helps in accomplishing a number of tasks at your home.

Best brands for Power Routers

Choosing the right router is a very daunting task, as a number of things depend on its quality. This is why selecting the right router is very important. To help you choose the one you require, Moglix offers you a wide number of top brand routers at great prices. The brands which you can find on our website include: DeWalt, Bosch, Sharp Gold, Matika among others.

Why buy Power routers at Moglix.com?

Moglix.com provides you an amazing assortment of power tools and other industrial supplies to choose from. Along with routers, you can find top quality chain saws, grinders, planers, wall chasers and more online at affordable prices. Moglix gives free delivery for selected products and with easy payment options, makes your shopping experience extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Routers

Can you use a router for planing?

Any router will work in this simple method for creating your own planer. Once the router sled is constructed, you may use it for a variety of projects, and it takes less than a minute to switch the router into a planer whenever you need one.

Can a router act as a jointer?

Yes, you can straighten thin edges with an inverted table-mounted router. Set the infeed table's depth of cut as the offset for the outfeed table. If you have limited space or a limited equipment budget, using a router table as a jointer is a viable alternative.

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