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Get Premium Quality Router Machines at Affordable Prices

A router is a handheld power tool used in woodworking and carpentry to process wood. Routers, equipped with an electric motor that drives a spinning cutter, are useful for various tasks ranging from small-scale moulding work and dovetail joints to grooves and tenon and mortise joints; simply switch out your cutter to match the task at hand! Routers are ideal for anyone starting out in woodworking who wants to avoid investing in a full-sized spindle moulder because they are lightweight and easy to use. 


A router is an essential tool in any carpenter's toolbox, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. A router is a simple tool that spins a cutting bit that is essential in any power tool workshop. The best wood router can be used for a variety of complex woodworking jobs and is essential for creating beautiful works of art. A new selection of affordable hand router machines from top manufacturers, including Stanley, Sharp Gold, Bosch, Yking, Prince, Makita, has been introduced.


Types of Hand Router Machines Available in the Market

Plunge Router: This router is propelled up and down by spring-loaded rods. You can change the depth of the cut without turning off the router. You can also programme it to make cuts at varying depths. If you want to start a cut in the middle of a board, the plunge router has an advantage over the other type of wood router. Turn on the router, place it over the starting point, and push the spinning bit into the wood. You may firmly plunge the bit into the surface of your work material because the housing facilitates regulated vertical movement during a cut.


Fixed Base Routers: The base of this wood router adjusts by sliding up and down. It is simple to modify and works well for on-site projects. On a fixed base router, you typically loosen a lock knob and either turn the base or adjust a knob to adjust the depth of cut. A fixed base router allows for finer adjustments but is more difficult to adjust on the fly. Because of their ease of use, fixed base routers are ideal for edge shaping.


Considerations to Make Before Buying a Wood Router

Collet size: Routers come with a tool holder, or collet, that is either 1/4" or 1/2" in size. Router bits that fit into the collet cannot be changed; they must be the same size as the tool holder.


Base: Fixed and plunge bases are the two main varieties of router bases. A fixed base cannot be shifted, as the name implies. It has a firm base that is made to cut the material continuously at the same depth. This means that it should be applied at the start of an edge. Within the base, a plunge base router can be raised and lowered. When you press down to make contact with the wood, the height may be locked into place, cutting to the predetermined depth and producing a perfectly straight groove in the material.


Power source: Routers are available with either a mains or a cordless power supply. Because 1/4" fixed base routers are typically used for light applications, cordless options are more common. The 1/4" mains machines perform the same functions as the cordless machines but do not require battery changes or charging. 1/2" routers are used for a variety of routing tasks.


Speed: When using routers, speed is critical. The speed required is determined by the material being worked on. A dense wood will necessitate greater speed than a light wood. The material can become scorched if too much speed is used. If it is too slow, the finish will be rough. If you're working with a variety of materials, invest in a router with variable speed settings.


Quality: The hand router machine's quality is possibly an important factor to consider. It is always best to select a product of the highest quality. Its quality will determine its performance and longevity. It will also set the price. You can confirm the machine's quality by reading its features and learning its capabilities.


Durable: You should make sure that whatever wood router machine you buy is long-lasting and has a good reputation. Purchasing such machines is a one-time event; therefore, think about and research whether your investment is worthwhile.


Cost: The cost of the equipment should be considered as well. Typically, the price varies depending on the options. The brand also influences the price of the wood routers. Furthermore, the type of machine determines its value.


Brand: Another important factor to consider is the manufacturer. It is prudent to choose products from a reputable manufacturer. There will be no surprises this way. Buying from a well-known manufacturer guarantees service and product quality. However, you can always conduct research and compare various manufacturers.


Buy Hand Router Machines from Top Class Brands

Stanley Power RoutersStanley wood router machines are powerful routers suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects. They have a strong motor that is powerful enough for even the most difficult projects. Stanley power router machines are ideal for woodworking and include a variety of features such as soft start, variable speed control, and electronic speed stabilisation.


Sharp Gold Power RoutersSharp Gold provides the wood routers that have low power consumption and high precision in the palm of your hand. They are perfect for many different applications, including dovetailing, rounding over deck boards and railings, hinge mortising, ornamental edge forming, slot cutting, window cuts, decorative inlays, and laminate trimming.


Bosch Power RoutersBosch routers are built to last and some of their models also have a two-stage dust collection system to keep your workspace clean. The hand router machines are excellent routers that are ideal for any home or office. They are lightweight and simple to install, and deliver exceptional performance and dependability.


Yking Power RoutersThe Yking routers are powerful and versatile tools capable of performing a wide range of routing tasks. The Yking hand router machines are extremely effective tools for routing wood and other materials. Their routers are also covered by a warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Prince Power RoutersPrince routers can handle the most difficult projects thanks to their powerful motors. They are an excellent choice for anyone in the market for high-quality routers. They are reasonably priced and high-quality routers that will last for many years.


We also offer various wood router machines from reputed brands like Pro Tools, KPT, KEN, Ultrafast, Krost, Dewalt, Ingco and others.


Explore the Wide Range of Reasonable Wood Router Machines at Moglix

A high-quality router has a higher power-to-weight ratio, which leads to greater working comfort and superior performance. They also provide faster setting changes and, in many cases, a more secure collet. Another benefit that should not be overlooked is that high-end machines vibrate less, which means there is less chance of your settings changing in the middle of the job. 


We have partnered with top leading wood router machine brands across India to meet our customers' growing demands. This enables us to meet the needs of our buyers, who demand nothing less than the best. Moglix provides a variety of discounts and promotions on the hand router machines. Our site's seamless navigation allows customers to filter products based on their needs and price range. This contributes to the consumer's positive online shopping experience with Moglix. So, visit our website and look for the most affordable wood router machines from well-known brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Routers

Can you use a router for planing?

Any router will work in this simple method for creating your own planer. Once the router sled is constructed, you may use it for a variety of projects, and it takes less than a minute to switch the router into a planer whenever you need one.

Can a router act as a jointer?

Yes, you can straighten thin edges with an inverted table-mounted router. Set the infeed table's depth of cut as the offset for the outfeed table. If you have limited space or a limited equipment budget, using a router table as a jointer is a viable alternative.

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