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Yking 1200W 180mm Electric Polisher, 2418 B

37% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Yking
KPT Shakti 1400W Car Polisher, SCP180

54% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Kpt Shakti
Trumax 180mm Heavy Duty Electric Polisher, Mx1180, 1200 W

55% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Trumax
Dewalt 180mm DWP849X Electronic Sander & Polisher

44% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Dewalt
Pro Tools 180mm 830W Proclean Polisher, 8185-PC

36% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Pro Tools
KPT 180mm Sander & Polisher, HD1285

51% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Kpt
Makita 900W Stone Polisher, PW5001C

51% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Makita
KEN 180mm 3000rpmRotary Polisher, 9718EI

32% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Ken
King 1200W 7 Inch Car Polisher, KP318

49% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: King
Cutflex YK-093 180mm 1200W Car Polisher

16% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Cutflex
Ferm 180mm 1400W Angle Polisher Machine with Foam, Wool Polish Pad & Hex Key, AGM1084P

54% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 Piece

  • By: Ferm
Makita Disc Polisher, PV7000C, 900W

51% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 piece

  • By: Makita
Bosch 1250W 3000rpm Polisher, GPO 12 CE

42% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 piece

  • By: Bosch
AEG 150 mm Speed Polisher 1200 W, PE 150

21% OFF



Qty Per Pack : 1 piece

  • By: Aeg
Planet Power 10mm 700W Orange Polisher, ED10HS

Available on Request

  • By: Planet Power
Hitachi Sander Polisher, SP18VA, 1250W

Available on Request

  • By: Hitachi
YiKing Car Polisher 2415D, 1050W, 3000rpm

Available on Request

  • By: Yiking
HiKoki SAT 180 750W Sander Polisher

Available on Request

  • By: Hikoki

Buy the Best Polishing Machines Online at Moglix

Polishers can be used for a variety of purposes. Particularly, it is suitable for car detailing, painting & polishing, removing scratches and buffing caravan. The firm polisher is available in a sturdy case, polishing pad, and sanding sheet. So, it is also used as a sander. Having a powerful motor and an adjustable speed, these polishing machines boast a soft start function and a smooth finish to a vehicle. Polishers use the products containing abrasives to even out imperfections. This process also restores the paint and brings out the luster.

Advantages of Electric Polishers

Corrects Paint Defects: Vehicles may have botched up paint marks on it. These also include uneven coatings and swirl marks. Polishers have slightly abrasive properties that even up the paint on the entire vehicle and make it smoother.

Eliminate Scratches: Despite having abrasive qualities, polishers also act as buffers. These buffer polishers effectively remove surface scratches on the vehicle. The removal of scratches makes the vehicle even smoother than before.

Makes Spots Visible: You also see some stubborn spots on the vehicle that do not go away. Though these polishers are not cleaners, they smooth the paint and make the spots visible that can be then clean further.

Reveals a Fresh Layer of Paint: The buffing machines help in scrapping off the thin top layer of the paint from the vehicle. This process reveals a fresh and new layer of the paint underneath that makes the vehicle look great.

Best Brands of Polishers Online at Moglix

Bosch: Bosch offers various tools for houses and industrial use. Bosch polishers maintain the vehicle, modify and improve vehicle paint or the clear coat.

Dewalt: Dewalt’s polisher variable speed allows the user to control it and with the ease of use, these polishers are very handy and make the vehicle new and durable.

Hitachi: Hitachi offers a numerous range of polishers. These polisher machines improve the texture and luster of automotive paint and provide a smooth and shining surface.

Trumax: Trumax provides heavy-duty electric polisher online that are feasible tools for various vehicles. With a vast range of polishers, discover the power of sanders and publishers which can give you shining and smoother surfaces.

Why Buy Polishers Online from Moglix

Moglix is a trusted online platform that offers the most durable and reliable industrial products. Buy the best car polishers, orbital polishers, and sanders at from the best of the brands. Also buy power saws, power tool kits, electric hammers, drills, cutters, and other power tools here.

Top Selling Polishers Price List in India

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