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Planers for Quick and Effective Job

Planer is a carpentry tool that is used to smoothen wooden structures or surfaces. They are also used to smooth the rough spots by cutting them out in thin layers. This planer machine is a simple and effective tool and is greatly used for flattening, reducing the thickness and smoothening the rough surface of the wood and other rough materials.

There are different types of planers that are used for a number of tasks. Different planer machines include electric planers, wood plane machines, power planers, and concrete planers. At Moglix, you can get a wide number of planers online at great prices.

Safety Measures to be Taken while using a Planer

Though planer is a highly robust tool, yet small negligence might lead to an injury or accident. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the following precautions while using a planer:

  • --> Make sure that your work station is tidy when you are using a planer

  • --> Ensure that there is enough light when you are using a planer

  • --> Well ventilated areas are most preferred when using a planer

  • --> Planer is best suited for wood and not metal sheets. Hence, it is essential to use the tool appropriately.

  • --> Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other safety gear like safety goggles, safety gloves and similar while using a planer

  • --> Planers and other related tools should be regularly inspected

Top Branded Planers Available Online at features an assortment of top quality and brand planer machines at amazingly low prices. Some of the brands that you can find at include – Black & Decker, Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Stanely and more. You can buy top brand planers online for a more hassle-free and simple shopping experience.

Why Buy Planer Machine at Moglix?

At Moglix, we ensure that the products that we offer are top quality and genuine brands. Thus, we have listed best in class planers on our site. In addition to planners, potential buyers can search for a wide range of power tools and hand tools at great prices. If you are looking for drills, angle grinders, abrasives and more, look no further than

Frequently Asked Questions about Planers

Does a planer make wood smooth?

A planer can remove minor flaws from wood to produce a surface that is smooth to the touch if you need to smooth it. Additionally, it can be used to straighten warped boards and change their thickness.

Should I use a sander or planer?

While planers can cut fairly deeply into wooden boards, sanders are designed for surface removal. If you want to remove a lot of material from your workpiece, you can usually do so much faster with a planer.

Planers - Price Range

PlanersMin PriceMax Price
Bosch Planers₹7298₹12199
Yking Planers₹2589₹4211
Hi-Max Planers₹2299₹4197
Dewalt Planers₹8785₹57574
Power Input - 500 W Planers₹2126₹5349
Power Input - 570 W Planers₹2999₹3934
Power Input - 1400 W Planers₹37227₹62616
Power Input - 1800 W Planers₹57574₹57574
No Load Speed - 1500 Rpm Planers₹3624₹5960
No Load Speed - 10000 Rpm Planers₹37227₹62616
No Load Speed - 14000 Rpm Planers₹2299₹2751
No Load Speed - 15000 Rpm Planers₹2126₹4211
This data was last updated on 10/5/22.