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Black+Decker 650W Rebating Planer, KW712

31% OFF



  • By: Black & Decker
Pro Tools 12mm 1600W Electric Router, 2812 A

4% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Trumax 600W Metal Body Electric Planer, Mx1082A

49% OFF



  • By: Trumax
Taj 9000rpm Air Orbital Sander

13% OFF



  • By: Taj
KPT Shakti 180W Orbital Sander, SOS180

8% OFF



  • By: KPT Shakti
Ferm 6-8mm 1300W Precision Router, PRM1015

4% OFF



  • By: Ferm
Milwaukee 12V Compact Polisher/Sander, M12BPS-421X

0% OFF



  • By: Milwaukee
Bosch 250W Random Orbit Sander, GEX 125-1 AE

38% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Pro Tools 2091-A 90mm 240W Orbital Sander

8% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
King 480W 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander, KP337

39% OFF



  • By: King
Tuf Turtle 1850W Powerful Wood Working Router Machine, ST-811

27% OFF



  • By: Tuf Turtle
Stanley 220W 1/4 Sheet Sander, STSS025

33% OFF



  • By: Stanley
Sharp Gold Cyclone 12mm Heavy Duty Router, 1350 W

3% OFF



  • By: Sharp Gold
Prince Cyclone 12mm 1350W Heavy Duty Plunge Router

9% OFF



  • By: Sharp Gold
Prince Storm 1350W 12mm Heavy Duty Plunge Router

2% OFF



  • By: Sharp Gold
Prince Storm 8mm 1200W Heavy Duty Plunge Router

5% OFF



  • By: Sharp Gold
Taj 18000rpm Air Belt Sander

13% OFF



  • By: Taj
Milwaukee 1200W Variable Speed Polisher, AP 12 E

0% OFF



  • By: Milwaukee
Dewalt 1/4 Inch DWE6411 230W Sheet Orbit Palm Sander

12% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Pro Tools 180mm 830W Proclean Polisher, 8185-PC

7% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Cumi 720W 180mm Wall Sander, CWS 7-72L

26% OFF



  • By: Cumi
iBELL DS80-70 180mm 800W Dry Wall Sander with LED Light & Dust Collecting Bag

1% OFF



  • By: iBELL
Bosch 340W 12000rpm Random Orbit Sander, GEX 150 AC

36% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Bosch 710W Professional Planer, GHO 10-82

31% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Dewalt 150mm D26410 Pistol Grip Random Orbit Sander

13% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Dongcheng 500W Electric Planner, M1B-FF-82x1

33% OFF



  • By: Dongcheng
Bosch 1400W Router, POF 1400 ACE

36% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Meakida 2mm 710W Metal Body Planer, MD2-82M

41% OFF



  • By: Meakida
King 1200W 7 Inch Car Polisher, KP318

28% OFF



  • By: King
King Electric Metal Body Planer, KP-331, 720 W

26% OFF



  • By: King
Pro Tools 700W Electric Metal Planer for Wood, 1082 A

3% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Ferm 180mm 1400W Angle Polisher Machine with Foam, Wool Polish Pad & Hex Key, AGM1084P

32% OFF



  • By: Ferm
Perfect 1200W Power Router with Accessories, PFR-8

25% OFF



  • By: Perfect
Dongcheng 1650W Wood Router, M1R-FF04-12

33% OFF



  • By: Dongcheng
Yking 1600W Electric Wood Router, 2808 B

31% OFF



  • By: Yking
Bosch 650W Planer, GHO 6500

31% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Yking 1200W Belt Sander, 4716 B

29% OFF



  • By: Yking
KPT Shakti 150W Random Orbital Sander, SROS125

8% OFF



  • By: KPT Shakti
KPT 180mm Sander & Polisher, HD1285

23% OFF



  • By: KPT
KPT 1200W Router, KRT12

12% OFF



  • By: KPT

Ensure Smooth Handling of Maintenance and Repair Projects With Sanders

Sheet Sanders are highly useful power tools that are commonly used in repair and maintenance projects at home. These devices are highly useful for preparing painting surfaces and repairing furniture. Sander machines utilize abrasives for removing surface material. Sanders come in a wide range of shapes and designs. Wood floor sanders are usually disk or belt sanders which are equipped with powerful motors.

At Moglix, we have a vast collection of belt sanders which are utilised for shaping and finishing and other materials. The sanders come with a soft-grip body which enables the user to perform sanding over a considerable period of time with a sealed switch which ensures a high level of safety to internal components. These sanders have a comfortable grip due to which users gain access to areas with limited spaces.

Ensure the Luster of Copper and Brass Objects Using Polishers

Polishing metals by hands is quite straining and doesn’t often guarantee the best results. Knowledgeable about this challenge, we present the latest range of polishers online to meet up with the expectations of buyers. They come with a die-cast aluminium cast body and are highly effective in polishing soft metals such as copper and brass.

The polishing machines which are available in our collection have a light weight and are therefore highly portable. A high level of convenience is ensured by the switch lock button. They are highly efficient in enabling objects made from metals to get back their luster. Therefore, they are highly valued by workshop owners as well.

The car polishing kits that come as a part of this collection are ideal for usage in car maintenance because of their ability to offer a deep, glossy car wax shine. They have the ability to offer a smooth, consistent finish and a glossy shine across the entire outer part of cars. They are easy to apply, buff as well as remove. Thus, they can be used by users to clean paint finish, remove swirl marks and glide quickly. They can be wiped off with ease and have a high durability.

Count On New Range Of Planers for Usage in Woodworking

Planers are widely used in woodworking applications and are ideal for usage in cutting wood into uneven pieces and level its thickness according to the needs of the user. The planers that we have on offer include models that come with aluminium plate that acts as a very smooth surface.

These planers come with the feature of strong wood chip ejection that helps the user to ensure that the chips do not get into the device during operations. They are also equipped with a reinforced driving belt which makes them suitable for usage over a long period of time. The sintered metallic blade drum holder helps in holding the blade firmly.

The wood planer machines that come as a part of this collection are equipped with harp TCT blades which ensure smooth results. They are highly durable and are equipped with feet made from ultra-smooth aluminium. The presence of spring-loaded safety foot ensures a high level of protection to workpiece and blade. These wood planer machines come with a safety switch for both left and right-hand use.

Smoothen Surfaces with Perfection Using Random Orbit Sanders

Random orbital sanders are hand-held devices that are utilised for sanding purpose. Also called orbital sander, they produce an almost swirl free finish. The models which we have as part of our category offer a dual-action movement. They are best suited for usage after primary surface smoothing has been done using the belt sander.

Power Routers- A Carpenter’s Best Friend

Power routers are widely used in woodworking such as cabinetry. They are primarily used by carpenters as a plunging tool. The models sourced by Moglix are highly compact and reliable. The plunge base of these routers is equipped with machine brass bushings and steel guide rods. As a result, they offer a smooth, free-flowing plunge stroke.

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