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Drill Bit Sets

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Buy Efficient and Affordable Drill Bit Sets Online

Drill bit sets are a collection of drill bits that typically come in various sizes to ensure suitability for various applications. Drill bits are the tools that allow drills to cut holes into various materials by applying circular torque, or rotational force. The shank is the top portion of a drill bit that is attached to the chuck, a unique clamp located inside the drill's main body. Depending on the material you want to work on, there are several different bit types. Drilling bits designed for metal, masonry, and wood can all be used. Bits with diamond or tungsten carbide tips can even be used to cut through glass or tiles. The material used to make drill bits determines their quality, which in turn controls their ability to drill into various materials. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical metal drill bits from renowned brands such as Bosch, ANZ, Cheston, Kenzy, GE Tech and more.


Types of Drill Bits for Your Commercial Needs

Auger Drill Bits: Auger drill bits have a distinct appearance, with sharp helical spirals along their shaft known as 'flightlings.' They are intended to produce smooth, uniform holes in wood while also removing shavings. Auger drill bits can also be used to sever ice. For cutting through soil, dirt or ground auger drill bits serve the same purpose. Auger drill bit sets


Cobalt Drill Bits: Sets of cobalt drill bits are excellent equipment. Even when cooling is scarce, the bits' 5% cobalt admixture improves strength and heat resistance. The bits are largely steel. High tensile metals, or metals that maintain strength under tension can be utilised with cobalt drill bits. Among them are carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium alloys, and composites made of carbon fibre.


Pilot Drill Bits: Pilot drills, also known as pilot point drills, are precise tools used to make pilot holes. These are made of building materials such as wood and plastic to guide the insertion of larger drills or bore-making tools. The pilot hole could be a counterbore, with a larger section at the top. A set of pilot drill bits will give you a good selection of these essential tools.


High-speed steel ground metal drill bits: HSS-Gbits are ground along their flutes and at the tip. These bits' material is ground directly into shape using a grinder. Their cutting edges (flutes and lips) are white rather than grey, and they are perfectly symmetrical. Ground bits are efficient and precise, making them suitable for long-term use.


High-speed steel rolled metal drill bits: Roll-forged flutes are used in HSS-R bits. These drill bits are made through a heated rolling process in which the material is shaped between two parallel cylinders that turn in opposite directions. HSS-R drill bits are versatile and precise, making them ideal for a variety of drilling tasks.


SDS drill bit: a drill bit with a grooved shank that clicks into the chuck. Most hammer drills and various brands of standard drills have this shank. The majority of concrete drill bits have SDS+ shanks. SDS Max shanks are used for heavy-duty applications as well as with other hammer drill accessories such as flat chisels and moil points. Some drill bits, such as those used with electric screwdrivers, have hex shanks. These drill bits are intended for use with hammer mode screwdriver tools.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Metal Drill Bits

Point angle: The point angle varies depending on the drill (90°, 120°, 135°, 140°, 145°) and should be tailored to the metal you intend to drill. The greater the point angle, the harder the metal (and therefore the flatter the point). This factor is also affected by the drill bit material.


Durable: You must ensure that whatever type of drill machine bit you purchase is long-lasting and has a good reputation. Investing in such tools is a one-time event; thus, consider and research whether your investment is worthwhile.


Brand: The brand is an important factor to consider because it influences the quality of the product. Purchasing from a well-known and reputable brand ensures that you will receive high-quality and efficient customer service if the need arises.


Type: Choose the type of drill machine bit based on the project you'll be working on. Look for drill bits capable of handling industrial or heavy load work.


Budget: There will always be a best-in-class alternative that is within your budget, but you must do your homework and pick one that is made by a respected business, has dependable parts, and has an extended warranty period.


Brands to Buy High Quality Drill Tools Online

Bosch Drill Bit SetsBosch is a reliable brand with goods sold all over the world and a guarantee of high-quality drill bits. All Bosch metal drill bits meet industry standards because they are made with premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.


ANZ Drill Bit SetsANZ is well-known for its drill tools, which it manufactures and sells. These drill bit sets are both safe and easy to use. ANZ drill machine bits are available in a variety of price ranges and functions, allowing you to select one that best suits your needs and work style.


Ketsy Drill Bit Sets: The raw materials are purchased from reputable and authorised vendors. Ketsy’s drill tools have a comfortable and easy-to-hold handle make. The functions of the metal drill bits are also simple to use.


GE Tech Drill Bit SetsGE Tech drill machine bits are extremely long-lasting and of the highest quality. They can be used in a variety of domestic and industrial settings. All of the products manufactured by the reputable and well-known company GE Tech are expertly crafted from the highest quality materials.


At wholesale prices, we also offer drill machine bits from other well-known brands such as Proskit, Homdum, Dewalt, Cheston, Dee Power, MK Super, and others.


Get High Quality and Affordable Drill Machine Bits from Moglix

Choosing the appropriate drill bit for the job is an essential part of any project or application. Making the right choice, whether it be choosing the ideal bit for the substrate material, determining the depth and diameter of the hole, or even the amount of work required, can extend the life of your drill bits. This in turn boosts productivity by enabling you to use each drill bit more effectively. The products are put through quality inspections before being sent out for distribution. As a result, the purchaser may be sure that their drill sets will show up in excellent working order. We offer affordable options for you to choose from, whether you're a professional or a homeowner looking to buy solid drill equipment from one of the best manufacturers in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drill Bit Sets

What drill bits stay sharp the longest?

Black oxide drill bits typically drill more slowly than titanium drill bits, and chips pass through the flutes more easily. The fact that titanium nitride is only a coating and that you lose the advantages when the coating wears off the cutting edges is one of the drawbacks.

What is a Gold drill bit for?

These bits are suitable for general purposes, such as drilling through wood, plastic, or metal, and have a longer lifespan than ordinary metal drill bits. They work great on stainless steel as well. High-speed steel is coated with a mixture of black and gold oxide to create drill bits that are black and gold.

Drill Bit Sets - Price Range

Drill Bit SetsMin PriceMax Price
Bosch Drill Bit Sets₹84₹3490
ANZ Drill Bit Sets₹137₹187
Cheston Drill Bit Sets₹179₹558
GE Tech Drill Bit Sets₹50₹720
This data was last updated on 1/28/23.