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Laminate Trimmers

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Make Clean Cuts with Laminate Trimmers

Finding the right tool for the job is a challenging task. People often get confused about what tools they should use for routing and trimming, as they find various options in the market. Generally, a laminate trimmer is used for this job. A laminate trimmer or a trimmer router is a small version of a wood router that is used to trim laminate such as Formica. These trimmers spin their bits at a very high speed and work without scratching and ruining laminate. These are lightweight and designed for use with one hand. Also, cordless laminate trimmers are portable and convenient to use at various remote locations.

Maintain these Compact Laminate Trimming Tools for Longevity

These laminate edge trimmers are suitable for a surprising amount of routing work. These are the best option for a high degree of accuracy and precision for light routing. Along with the ease of use, these trimmers are also easy to maintain. Follow these steps to make these laminate edge cutters for the ease of use:

  • --> Keep the vents of the trimmers clean all times.

  • --> After each use, blow air through the trimmer housing to ensure it is free from all dust particles.

  • --> Use moist clothes only when the enclosure of the trimmer requires cleaning. Do not let any liquid come inside the trimmer.

  • --> Check the carbon brushes frequently to reduce sparks. Replace them before recommencing the use of trimmers.

Best Brands of Laminate Edge Trimming Tools at Moglix

FERM: FERM offers the best, compact, and lightweight laminate trimming tools that are easy to handle. These laminate trimmings tools are ideal for routing and trimming.

Ingco: With the great depth and adjustment facilities, Ingco laminate edge cutters are the best option for cutting and trimming. Their trimming guide ensures straighter cuts.

Makita: Makita offers the best laminate trimmers in the market that are handy and lightweight. These power tools are easy to maintain too.

Pro Tools: Pro Tools laminate trimmers are specially designed for trimming edges of plastic or wood. They manufacture the ideal trimmers that are widely used by woodworkers, carpenters, and general contractors.

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