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Metabo Compressed Air Die Grinder, DG 25 Set, 25000rpm

43% OFF



  • By: Metabo
DOM 35000 rpm DCP Silencer Die Grinder, DTG 313

37% OFF



  • By: DOM
Taj 56000rpm Micro Air Die Grinder

28% OFF



  • By: Taj
Metabo GE 710 710W Compact Die Grinder, 600615000

41% OFF



  • By: Metabo
Techno 1/4 Inch AT 7033 B Mini Air Die Grinder, Speed: 22000 rpm

36% OFF



  • By: Techno
Techno 3mm AT 3170 Micro Air Die Grinder, Speed: 54000 rpm

36% OFF



  • By: Techno
Chicago Pneumatic CP876 Die Grinder, T023996

15% OFF



  • By:
DOM 6 mm Straight Type Aluminium Die Grinder, DTG 311 DBS

36% OFF



  • By: DOM
Blue Point 1/4 Inch Collet Air Die Grinder, AT115

37% OFF



  • By: Blue Point
Techno 1/4 Inch AT 7035 B Mini Angle Die Grinder, Speed: 54000 rpm

38% OFF



  • By: Techno
DOM 6 mm Straight Type Aluminium Die Grinder, DTG 311 DBB

31% OFF



  • By: DOM
Makita Die Grinder, GD0601, 400W

36% OFF



  • By: Makita
Louxor CF-1 252 Pcs 130W Multifunctional Mini Rotary Die Grinder Kit

45% OFF



  • By: Louxor
Cumi 550W Die Grinder, CDG 06

52% OFF



  • By: Cumi
Taj 24000rpm Air Angle Die Grinder

23% OFF



  • By: Taj
DOM 30000 rpm M1 Die Grinder, DTG 314

36% OFF



  • By: DOM
Metabo Compressed Air Die Grinder, DG 700 L

43% OFF



  • By: Metabo
Xtra Power 25mm 27000rpm Die Grinder, XPT426

51% OFF



  • By: Xtra Power
Meakida 1.5m 1150W Drill Vibrator, MD1150

50% OFF



  • By: Meakida
Bosch 500W Die Grinder, GGS 5000 L

46% OFF



  • By: Bosch
DOM 3 mm Micro Air Die Grinder, DTG 317

33% OFF



  • By: DOM
Blue Point 26000rpm Die Grinder, AT135

35% OFF



  • By: Blue Point
Bosch 300W Die Grinder, GGS 3000 L

41% OFF



  • By: Bosch
King 500W 25mm Die Grinder, KP319

55% OFF



  • By: King
Dewalt 450W DWE4887N Heavy Duty Die Grinder

61% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Bosch 650W Die Grinder, GGS 28 LCE

48% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Metabo Die Grinder, GE 710 Plus, 710 W

43% OFF



  • By: Metabo
Metabo Compressed Air Die Grinder, DG 700

43% OFF



  • By: Metabo
Milwaukee 6 mm Die Grinder, HD18SG-31C

Available on Request

  • By: Milwaukee
Makita 6mm Die Grinder, GD0603

Available on Request

  • By: Makita
Powertex 25mm Die Grinder, PPT-DG-25, Power: 400W

Available on Request

  • By: Powertex
Proskit 1PK-500B-2 Super Drill Set with Adaptor 230V AC 50Hz

Available on Request

  • By: Proskit
Hi-Max 6mm Die Grinder, IC-021, 24000rpm

Available on Request

  • By: Hi-Max
Pro Tools 6mm 450W Die Grinder, 1606 A

Available on Request

  • By: Pro Tools
Techno AT 7033 B Mini Air Die Grinder, Speed: 22000 rpm

Available on Request

  • By: Techno
HiKoki GP 3V 760W Electronic Hand Die Grinder

Available on Request

  • By: HiKoki
Ralli Wolf 6mm 420W Long Neck High Speed Die Grinder, RDG 25

Available on Request

  • By: Ralli Wolf
Blue Point 54000rpm Die Grinder, AT1054B

Available on Request

  • By: Blue Point
AEG 6 mm Die Grinder 500 W, GS 500 E

Available on Request

  • By: AEG
WUFU WFG-1010 1/4 Inch Mini Air Die Grinder, Speed: 25000 rpm

Available on Request

  • By: WUFU

Buy Quality Die Grinders Online

Die grinder, also known as a rotary grinder, is one of the most versatile hand-held power tools and is used for grinding, sanding or machining metal, plastic or wood. These grinders are mostly pneumatically driven but various variants of electric die grinder and shaft driven tools are also available. Moglix offers a vast range of grinders and other tools at affordable prices.

What are the uses of Die Grinders?

These grinders are high-speed rotary tools that can be used to shape almost every substrate ranging from cast iron to steel, aluminum to plastic, or wood, all you need to choose the right attachment. Die grinders are available in many types – pneumatic grinders, electric die grinder, cutting tools and grinding tools.

Getting rid of rust: With the help of these grinders, you can use remove rust from older iron or steel machinery. All you need to do is to choose the right accessory.

Auto Work: If you are working on a vehicle for collision repairs, you need to strip off the already existing paint. This grinder is best suitable for that job. You can also install a cutting wheel to reach the small areas and remove sheet metal that needs replacing.

Optimum cutting speed under varying load conditions due to constant speed characteristics.

Finishing the projects: These grinders can be used to smooth and polish the steel. Not only steel but these grinders can also be used to smooth almost anything and everything.

Wood Carving: Carpenters use this grinder to sculpt wood into beautiful shapes and great art pieces.

Buy Top Brand Die Grinder Machine Online

As these grinders are made to do tough jobs, it is very important that they are good quality. And for quality, you can bank of top brands. Moglix offers a wide range of top brand grinders online at great prices. Some of the brands that you will find listed on our site include – Bosch, DeWalt, Matika, Milwaukee, Techno, Chicago Pneumatic and more.

Why Buy Die Grinders from is an online website that offers a huge assortment of power tools and other industrial supplies at affordable prices. We deal in 100% genuine and top quality products. With bulk buying advantage, easy payment options, COD and doorstep delivery, is India’s leading online shopping store.