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Angle Grinders

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Purchase the Best Angle Grinder Machines Online at Affordable Prices 

A handheld power tool used for grinding(abrasive cutting) and polishing is an angle grinder, sometimes referred to as a side grinder or disc grinder. Although they were first designed as stiff abrasive disc tools, their use with a range of cutters and attachments has been promoted by the availability of an interchangeable power supply. A portable power tool called an angle grinder is used to fabricate metal by cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, and polishing. Typically, corded or battery-powered energy is used to power angle grinders machines. Angle grinder heads typically have an adjustable guard and a side handle for two-handed usage, and they may be replaced as they become worn out. We at Moglix provide good quality, reliable, and ergonomic design hand grinders from various trust-worthy brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Black and Decker, and so many more.


Range of Handle Grinders you can Choose From for your Business 

Cordless Angle Grinders: Cordless angle grinders are employed on a number of job locations because they are very practical. Without a connection to an electrical outlet, these grinders can be moved to other locations. When it comes to performing grinding jobs on ladders and scaffolds, cordless grinders are especially useful because users don't have to worry about the trip hazard presented by trailing cables. To prevent the worry of a regular mains power connection, it is advisable to select models with large batteries.


Corded Angle Grinders: In some cases, the assurance of connection to a dependable power outlet will be necessary because corded angle grinder machines can be used as long as they are attached to the power source. Angle grinders with cords are often less in weight than cordless counterparts. Choosing a hand grinder with a small disc is the best option if you want to use it frequently for modest cutting tasks. The ergonomics and degree of vibration unique to your chosen grinder should also be taken into consideration.


Pneumatic Angle Grinders: Pneumatic hand angle grinders are the best choice for cutting and shaping metal workpieces because they provide the perfect balance of performance and durability. They are mostly employed in light-duty tasks that demand high levels of precision. Although pneumatic grinders must be connected to the proper air compressor units, they are far lighter and better suited to high-precision work than other versions of angle grinders. Furthermore, some have throttle levers that provide a great degree of control when performing technical chores like feather edging and speed grinding.


Variable Speed Angle Grinders: Hand angle grinders with variable speeds can have their discs set at various speeds to accommodate a wide range of applications. The ability to set the disc at a high RPM makes it possible to effectively finish jobs requiring extreme precision. For improved control, some models additionally include paddle switches.


Straight Angle Grinders: The straight angle grinder's wheel is at a 90-degree angle, which makes it the perfect tool for polishing objects' outside edges and interiors while using various grinding stones attached. Straight-hand grinders may occasionally be preferable to the traditional angle grinder due to the distinctive disc angle.


Tips to Remember Before Buying Branded Hand Grinder Machines 

Power - When determining the effectiveness, power, and final worth of a hand grinder machine, input power, or the amount of power a tool requires to function, might be deceptive. Power is lost through heat when a tool is used from a number of parts, including the cord, wiring, and motor. By doing this, the overall power required to operate the tool is reduced. The output power of the grinder, or the power utilised to operate the tool after heat loss, is a more illuminating indicator of its performance level.


Speed - The turning force of a grinder, measured by tool speed and torque, reveals a lot about its power. The majority of grinders presumably have the same no-load tool speeds. However, the force (torque) with which the grinding wheel revolves exactly correlates to the amount of stock removed per rotation.


Safety - Because of the risks, novel safety features on grinders are frequently worth the extra money. Although wheel guards are a standard feature on almost all grinders, some users find them so cumbersome to change with tools that they forgo their personal safety and remove them entirely. Finding grinders on the market with tool-free wheel guard adjustment is important for the operator's safety and convenience. Further shielding the operator from high back twist torque and preventing gear train damage with the aid of a slip clutch.


Ergonomic - The use of ergonomic design has become widespread in the power tool sector as well as the grinder market. Both right- and left-handed users can wield the tool more efficiently with an ergonomically built grinder. A greater overall grip is also made possible by two-position side handles that may be fitted into the left or right of the gear housing.

Take a Look at Various Brands Selling High-Quality Angle Grinder Machine 

Bosch Angle Grinders - Bosch angle grinders are renowned for their adaptability to satisfy customer demands. The goods offered by Bosch in this area have been chosen with technicians' requirements in mind. The price of the angle grinder has been set according to consumers' purchasing power.


Dewalt Angle Grinders - Angle grinders made by Dewalt are appropriate for metalworking and usage on concrete surfaces. Dewalt offers the newest angle grinders on the market to cater to the evolving needs of industrial employees. The tools that are part of the Dewalt line are excellent for use in industrial settings and construction projects.


Black and Decker Angle Grinders - Because of their powerful engines, Black and Decker angle grinder machines are quite helpful for precise cutting and grinding tasks in industrial settings. Models in the Black and Decker grinder series provide excellent choices for metal grinding, granite polishing, and metal sheet cutting. A dust-sealed switch is included with these angle grinders.


Makita Angle Grinders - Users greatly value Makita angle grinders for their capacity to eliminate corrosion. They are well-polished and have edges that are smooth. The products that are part of this category are priced in a wide range to accommodate both professional's and DIY enthusiasts' budgets. The Makita angle grinders have excellent durability and have passed quality inspections to satisfy the required criteria.


Cheston Angle Grinders - The Cheston Angle Grinder machines are strong and adaptable, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. They can handle the most difficult tasks easily, resulting in quick and effective results. The auxiliary handles provide added stability and control, making them easy to use even in tight spaces.


We also offer various grinder machines from reputed brands like Camel, Ultrafast, Belfix, Powerup, Progen, King, and others.


Buy Durable Hand Grinders at Wholesale Prices 

Moglix strives to offer top-notch, reliable, and secure grinder machines for industrial use to meet consumer needs. Before being sent to the customer, Moglix makes sure that only the best angle grinder machines are shipped and that they abide by safety laws. On large purchases, there are tempting discounts and deals. We monitor customer complaints and attempt to resolve them as soon as possible in order to set ourselves apart from other online retailers selling the same products. Here, the best hand grinder machines are available from the top brands at affordable prices. Purchase today to take advantage of wholesale prices and branded hand grinders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Angle Grinders

What is the difference between a grinder and an angle grinder?

Briefly, a grinder is typically smaller and has many different kinds of attachments that help in operations like cutting, sand, polish, and various other things. Whereas an angle grinder is a bigger and mostly heavier tool that works on a rotating wheel to grind, sand, or cut larger materials.

What do people use angle grinders for?

In a nutshell, an angle grinder is a handheld power tool. This handheld power tool can be used for a variety of metal fabrication jobs, which include cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, and polishing. Commonly these angle grinders are powered by electricity; either corded or battery-powered.