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Electric Hammers

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Purchase Best Electric Hammers Online at a Reasonable Price

Imagine a time when people completed every work by themselves. In that period, life would be pretty challenging. But now, machines are our best buddies and have simplified our work. An electric hammer is one of them. Electric hammers are so powerful that they quickly and efficiently drill through concrete. Additionally, they are durable enough to remove the tile and other complex objects from diverse surfaces during remodeling.

Electric hammers are an everyday utility item in the construction sector. These are available in various sizes and configurations, including manual and computer-controlled models. If you are a beginner, you may become perplexed with many alternatives to pick from and many factors to consider. You may be looking for a high-speed, high-power model or a lightweight, low-power device that fits your budget.

Types of Electric Hammers:

Demolition hammer: Concrete drilling and demolition are everyday project tasks for the construction industry. Power equipment made especially for demolishing the structure is the demolition hammer. It also goes by the name "stomping hammers." The equipment used in demolition is powerful enough to destroy various materials, including tile floors, concrete, and wooden walls. These robust instruments are better suited for tasks requiring destruction due to their high impact energy on the targeted region.

Combination Hammers: Combination hammers are robust instruments with a reputation for excellent impact energy and quick drilling speed. They are frequently used for horizontal serial drilling and are lightweight. These hammers combine the use of a rotary hammer and a standard hammer. Combination hammers contain a speed control system that can be adjusted to provide flexibility. SDS combination hammers operate pretty well. They include a forward/reverse switch that allows the user to swap fasteners.

Rotary Hammers: Rotary hammers are frequently employed for labour-intensive tasks like drilling and chiselling hard materials. These hammers use a piston system to bore into solid objects. Rotary hammers use the electro-pneumatic hammering technique to drill holes in hardened steel. Rotary hammers are frequently utilised for repeated drilling tasks.

Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing an Electric Hammers

Like with any power tool, you should consider particular technical criteria. You can determine which electric hammer will fit your demands the best in this way.

Hammer Wattage: The most crucial component of an electric hammer is its wattage. The hole size you can drill will depend on the drill's power. 6mm to 15mm-diameter holes should be possible with drills with 400 to 650 watts of power. Choosing a hammer drill with more than 800 watts is recommended to utilise a hole cutter.

Type of Drill Chuck: There are various drill chucks for different electric hammer types. The most common variety is key chucks. Key chucks often provide a firmer grip, but replacing the bits takes longer. Also, the drill won't be possible if you lose the key. Keyless self-locking chucks are an exception to this rule.

Reverse: The reverse function is used to remove sticky pieces from surfaces. If your bit becomes caught within the woods or concrete and you can't get it out by hand, put the tool in reverse mode, and it will simply come out. This is a must-have function if you're not only going to use the machine to drive screws.

Power Supply: Corded electric hammers are the most popular kind. If you don't need to switch jobs regularly, they function nicely. They could be challenging if you don't have access to a plug outlet or power extender. Cordless electric hammers, which are portable and hence more easy to use, are a more flexible solution in this situation. You will need to charge the battery frequently may be a drawback.

Work Comfort: Unfortunately, so many people ignore this problem. The electric hammer produces a lot of vibration and demands more excellent work from the user. So, while choosing the most delicate electric hammer, look for one with a comfortable anti-vibration grip. Make sure the item is not too hefty for you by looking at its weight.

Best Brands in Electric Hammer Field

Makita: Originally established in Japan, Makita is currently made with electric hammers and other power tools worldwide without sacrificing quality. Makita electric hammers are popular on job sites due to their robust nature. Makita is well-known for its cordless platform, and they have simplified the system by using a single voltage rather than many batteries. They are the way to go if you search for simplicity in electric hammers.

DeWalt: DeWalt produces hundreds of various power tools, both corded and cordless. DeWalt Electric hammers are famous for exceptional quality, durability, and applicability. Their sleek and compact design, coupled with a solid and sturdy grip, will allow you to work smoothly for a longer period.

Bosch: Bosch makes excellent tools for various industrial categories, including mobility solutions, consumer products, and energy, but its primary concentration remains on producing and selling power tools. Their electric hammers are highly durable due to their ball-bearing mechanism. The motor housing incorporates power ribs and a strong clamp outer gear. Bosch electric hammer’s lock-on button allows you to work consistently.

Hillgrove: Hillgrove electric hammers are among the most cutting-edge products available. For ease of use, they include a High RPM hammering function. Hillgrove offers the best build quality and reverse functions at an affordable price. They are constructed with steel from a top-tier factory worldwide.

Trumax: Truemax electric hammers are practical and offer you a lot of value. They are designed to provide you with a beautiful experience. High carbon steel is used to create Truemax hammers, giving them their greatest strength and longevity. Additionally, they provide a convenient grip, giving you the best possible power over your project.

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Several Electric Hammers manufacturing brands are on the market, making it challenging to select one that suits your needs and preferences. As a result, we have compiled a list of the best electric hammers in India so that you are conscious of the aspects to consider when purchasing one. Moglix.com is one of the e-commerce sites where you can find various power tools and electric hammers at affordable prices to other competitors. So let’s enjoy shopping at Moglix and improve your carpentry skills.

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Krost Electric Hammers₹560₹16710
Hillgrove Electric Hammers₹2063₹3599
Dewalt Electric Hammers₹8300₹127995
Dongcheng Electric Hammers₹5133₹16199
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