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Buy an Efficient and Affordable Power Drill Machine (ड्रिल मशीन) Online

A drilling machine is a robust device used for advance and turn rotating drill bits into a workpiece to create a round hole in or through solid materials such as metal, plastic, wood, or other solid materials. In addition to boring, counterboring, reaming, countersinking, spot facing, tapping, and trepanning, a drilling machine can perform several other operations. Drills are frequently used in utility, construction, machine tool manufacturing, woodworking, metallurgy, and construction applications.


A new selection of affordable electric drill machines from top manufacturers, including Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Cheston, Cumi, and Dewalt, has been introduced.


Types of Power Drill Machines (ड्रिल मशीन) and Tools for Your Commercial Needs

Rotary Drills- A power tool known as a rotary hammer, sometimes known as a rotary electric hammer drill, is capable of heavy-duty activities, including drilling and chiselling hard materials. It also hammers the drill bit in and out while rotating.


Hammer Drill Machine - A power drill called a hammer drill is used to drill holes into hard surfaces. Hammer drills have the same chucks, triggers, and speed settings as conventional power drills but are bigger and more powerful. A hammer drill rotates clockwise and counterclockwise like a regular power drill.


Drill Press - A motorised drill press makes holes in materials like plastic, metal, or wood. Drill presses use multiple types of bits to create holes with different diameters and are stationary or bench-top devices. A drill press will make it simpler to bore precise holes, countersink or counterbore those holes, and use sanding accessories if you want to get serious about working with wood or metal.


Magnetic Drilling Machine - A magnetic drill press is a portable drilling device that you may use to drill holes in metal and has an electromagnet or permanent magnet base. It is equipped with a core drill, and a hollow cutting tool inside yet has cutting edges on the surface and its teeth. Additionally, a magnetic drill press can countersink, ream, twist drill, and thread cut (also known as tapping).


Milling Cum Drilling Machine - A fundamental tool in producing the various varieties of solid and hard metal known to man is the milling cum drilling machine. It combines cutting-edge high-speed electric motors with specialised milling processes. The output from this machine is a tough metal that is consistently correct.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Electric Drill Machine Tools Kit

Durable - You must ensure that whatever type of drill you buy is durable and has a good review. Investing in such machines is a one-time thing; therefore, check and research if your investment is worth it.


Brand - The brand is an essential aspect to consider as the brand can determine what quality of the product you get. Buying from a renowned and reputable brand gives you the satisfaction that you will get good quality and effective customer service in case the need arises.


Type - Depending on what project you will be using the drill machine for, choose the type accordingly. If it is for industrial or heavy load work, look for a electric drill machine to handle such work.


Budget - There will always be a best-in-class option that fits within your price range for that you will have to do some research and choose one that has dependable parts, an extended warranty period, and is made by a reputable firm.


Cord or Cordless - People frequently struggle with deciding whether to use corded or cordless battery drills. The battery-operated ones are useful because they can be used anytime without electricity and are portable.


Brands to Buy High Quality Drill Machines (ड्रिल मशीन) Online

Krost Drill Machines - Krost drill machines are suited for drilling in concrete, wood, metal, etc. since they have high-impact hammering movements. They have additional handles and comfortable, non-fatiguing soft rubber grips. The drill machine tool kits have a powerful motor, high impact rate, effortless drilling, ideal grip locations, a lightweight, insulated shock-proof plastic body, an ergonomic design, and easily interchangeable bits.


Stanley Drill Machines - The drilling machine tools sets, sourced from the most reputable and well-known brand Stanley, include:


  • Quality-assured materials.
  • A heavy-duty kit box.
  • An ergonomic grip handle.
  • Advanced procedures.


The drills' electronic variable speed makes them simple to control. They also include a two-finger switch for usage that causes tiredness over time. Because they are durable and simple to handle, they are appropriate for use in all building applications.


Bosch Drill Machines - Bosch provides products manufactured to improve quality of life and is famously known for its drilling machines. Bosch, one of the most reliable brands, offers versatile and powerful drill machines. Their high-end drill machines are an easy and quick solution for various domestic and industrial drilling tasks. Their goods are cost-effective and excellent for industrial applications. Their products are user-friendly, secure, and safe.


Makita Drill Machines - Makita, a well-known brand, sources materials from reputed and authorised vendors providing high-quality and most efficient drill machines. Their drills can be utilised for do-it-yourself projects, small building tasks at home, and industrial purposes. After careful market investigation, the materials needed for making the drilling machines are obtained from the most trustworthy and authorised providers.


Cheston Drill Machines - Cheston strongly emphasises upholding strict quality standards to guarantee that the clients always receive products at the top of their game. They have mastered the art of manufacturing drill machines to meet customers' demands per changing needs. Their drill machines and tools are the most versatile hardware tools used in households, factories, workshops, and industries. Explore their various drilling machines such as Impact Drills, Hammer Drills, Rotary Drills, and more.


What Precautions to take While Using a Power Drill Machine?

  • Once the drill machine has been used, it needs to be switched off. Then, remove the electrical cord while inserting the right drill bit.
  • Make sure that its chuck is tightened with care so as to ensure maximum safety. Then, use the torque adjuster to control the slipping of the drill bit. Lastly, plug the machine or insert the battery to start.
  • Ensure that the appropriate type of drill is used in industrial settings to ensure a high level of efficiency.


Get High Quality and Affordable Drill Machines from Moglix

Drills can be skillfully used in DIY projects, even though they are frequently used in industrial settings. There are various drill machine kinds available for both domestic and commercial use. We at Moglix provide an array of drill machine tools kits, and our easily accessible site makes it less complicated for you to decide which one best meets your needs. Purchase from the extensive selection of drills available, including cordless power drills, impact drills, hammer drills, drill presses, bench drilling machines, diamond drills, small drills, angle drills, rotary drills, and magnetic drills. Customers can choose from a variety of products at wholesale pricing. At Moglix, we strive to work towards providing you with good electric power drill machines online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drill Machines

What is tripping in the drilling process?

Tripping” or “Making a Bit Trip” is pulling a worn-out bit up from the bottom of a drill hole.

Which drill machine is best for concrete?

Impact drill machine with a hammer drill is best suitable for concrete related jobs

How to choose the right drill bit for the job?

Drills bits can be chosen depending upon the surface like Metal, Concrete and Wooden

Which is better - Corded Drill or Cordless Drill

Cordless drill is better.

What is the use of concrete drill machine?

It is used to make holes with a high level of perfection. It is best suited for use in demolition work and widely used in the construction process.

Drill Machines - Price Range

Drill MachinesMin PriceMax Price
Tapping Machine₹14079₹36800
Milling Cum Drilling Machine₹819₹755998
Drill Press₹3063₹247775
Hammer Drills₹1109₹36084
Stanley Drill Machines₹2295₹8009
Krost Drill Machines₹225₹14020
Cheston Drill Machines₹179₹2849
EGK Drill Machines₹231₹1698
Drilling Capacity (in Wood) - 10 Mm Drill Machines₹819₹1708
Drilling Capacity (in Wood) - 13 Mm Drill Machines₹879₹47524
Drilling Capacity (in Wood) - 15 Mm Drill Machines₹741₹4675
Drilling Capacity (in Wood) - 16 Mm Drill Machines₹909₹1392
Drilling Capacity - 10 Mm Drill Machines₹728₹35982
Drilling Capacity - 12 Mm Drill Machines₹4709₹24510
Drilling Capacity - 13 Mm Drill Machines₹1165₹20145
Power Input - 1000 W Drill Machines₹2949₹138582
Power Input - 1050 W Drill Machines₹4955₹82712
Power Input - 1100 W Drill Machines₹3499₹60562
Power Input - 1200 W Drill Machines₹2489₹169182
Drilling Capacity (in Concrete) - 10 Mm Drill Machines₹819₹7121
Drilling Capacity (in Concrete) - 13 Mm Drill Machines₹949₹6248
Drilling Capacity (in Concrete) - 16 Mm Drill Machines₹1877₹7962
Drilling Capacity (in Concrete) - 20 Mm Drill Machines₹2179₹16491
Drilling Capacity (in Steel) - 12 Mm Drill Machines₹2179₹7962
Drilling Capacity (in Steel) - 13 Mm Drill Machines₹1267₹47524
Drilling Capacity (in Steel) - 13/8 Mm Drill Machines₹8989₹16491
Drilling Capacity (in Steel) - 16 Mm Drill Machines₹1729₹32795
This data was last updated on 1/30/23.