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Highly Durable Cutting Machines at Affordable Prices

A Power cutting tool, known as a cutter, is a hardened metal tool used in the machining process to remove material from a workpiece by shear deformation and cut and shape it. Most of these tools are exclusively made of metals.

Power cutters are used for a wide range of applications ranging from drilling and boring to grinding and reaming. To help users perform these activities with perfection, Moglix has come up with a wide range of cutting tools ranging from stone cutters, metal cutters & angle cutters to groove cutters. The parallel shank twist drills which we offer can be used for turning, shaping as well as plaining. So, they are suitable for use in construction, automobile, home decor and metalwork. The cutters we offer have been sourced from leading brands, such as Bosch, Dewalt, Eastman, Hitachi, GB Tools, Makita, etc.

Our range of cutters includes a wide variety ranging from side and face cutters to end mills parallel shranks. Moglix aims to fulfill the needs of industrial users who require cutting tools for shredding, chiseling, brushing, grooving and shaping. The cutting machine models which we have on offer have a compact weight. Therefore, they can be used in a hassle free manner by users.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Power Cutter Machine

Brand - The brand is a crucial factor to consider because it might affect the quality of the goods you receive. When you purchase from a well-known and established company, you can be confident that, should the need arise; you will receive high-quality and efficient customer support.

Type - Select the type of wood cutting machine based on the project you'll be utilising it for. Look for one that can manage such a job for industrial or heavy load tasks if needed.

Budget - There will always be a best-in-class option within your budget. Still, you'll need to research and pick one that a reputable company produces, has dependable parts, and has an extended warranty period.

Durable - You must ensure that whatever type of cutting machine you buy is durable and has a good review. Investing in such machines is a one-time thing; therefore, check and research if your investment is worth it.

Types of Hand Cutter Machines

Stone Cutting Machines - Wall stones, huge wall blocks, and block stock are all mined by stone cutting machines. These materials are then used to make facing slabs and other architectural and structural materials. The stiff self-propelled frame of stonecutter machines often travels along tracks. The drives for spinning the cutting tools and moving the machine are mounted on the frame.

Angle Cutter - Milling cutters with an inclined cutting face in relation to the axis of rotation are known as angle cutters. Angle cutters come in a variety of varieties, like single-angle cutters and double-angle cutters. Single-angle cutters have teeth on both the large flat side and the conical or angular face of the cutter. V-shaped teeth with both conical surfaces at an angle to their end faces are the characteristics of a double-angle cutter. Rotating cutters used in machine applications are called milling cutters. Cutting tools called angle iron cutters are used to cut different metals.

Nibbler - An instrument called a nibbler is used to cut sheet metal with little deformation. One type works similarly to a punch and die, using a blade that runs linearly against a fixed die to remove small pieces of metal and leave a 6 mm wide kerf. Patterns are cut from sheet metal using nibblers.

Shears - Shears are hand instruments with two blades attached so they may pivot past one another. Similar to how scissors cut through the material as they pass, the blades pass through the substance between them. Shears can be made to cut specific materials and are available in various sizes and shapes. Scissors and shears serve the same purpose, and their names are frequently used interchangeably. Shears often have a more focused purpose and are larger than scissors, although scissors typically serve as a multipurpose cutting tool.

Wood Cutting Machine - A chain with several teeth attached to it and a guide bar that rotates together make up a wood cutting machine. It is employed in tasks like branch and tree trimming.

Top Brands to Look for When Buying Hand Cutters

Bosch Power Cutting Machine - The Bosch Cutting Tools are developed following the most recent industry quality standards. The masonry, woodworking, and construction industries can all use the marble cutters available as a part of this range. Diamond concrete cutters from this collection are the best tools for drilling through wet concrete.

Eastman Power Cutting Machine - Marble cutters by Eastman Cutting Tools include a flat body and double insulation. These marble cutting tools have a very powerful motor, which guarantees their durability throughout time. They are made with lightweight materials to prevent any form of user weariness. They have a strong casing, and the exterior brush access makes changing the carbon brushes simple.

Dewalt Power Cutting Machine - Heavy duty tiles and wood cutter machines can be cut with Dewalt Cutting Tools. They deliver powerful performances. The portable saws were explicitly created to handle various cuts in natural stones, ceramic tile, and other materials. Additionally, they are perfect for tile installers, pavers, masons, electricians, and other tradespeople.

GB Power Cutting Machine - GB cutting tools have integrated cutting edges and drop-forged jaws. These marble cutters are suitable for use thanks to the inactivation finishing on the blades. The book-size bolt can be used to adjust them. Because of their lightweight design, users may operate these marble cutters without difficulty.

Hitachi Power Cutting Machine - Power shears and nibblers are two examples of cutting tools made by Hitachi. These tools feature three positive stop die holders, allowing for straight, right, and left cutting. Metal plates made of trapezoidal shapes can be cut thanks to the downward cutting efficiently. The available power shears feature a pushing button that makes changing bits on them simple.

We also offer various power cutting machines from reputed brands like Cheston, Prince, Hi-Max, Pro Tools, Cumi, and others.

Purchase High-Quality Power Cutter Machines from Moglix

Even though they are typically employed in industrial settings, cutting machines can be effectively used in DIY projects. Different wood-cutting tools are available for both personal and professional use. We at Moglix provide a variety of hand-cutting machines, and choosing one that best suits your needs is made simpler for you by our easily navigable website. Purchase from the wide range of instruments offered and take advantage of discounts on bulk purchases. Consumers can choose from a wide range of wood cutter machines at discounted prices. We at Moglix make an effort to provide you with reliable hand-cutters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cutters

How do you keep cutters from rusting?

Set a schedule to periodically wipe the blade with an oil-soaked cloth on all blades. This will stop rust, especially for people who live close to the seaside or in a hot, humid area. The first thing to do if your blade gets wet with salt water or other corrosive materials is to thoroughly rinse it in tap water.

How can I keep my cutter blades from going dull or blunt?

Due to typical, expected wear and tear, you cannot completely prevent blades from becoming dull over time. However, you should regularly sharpen them for improved usage

Cutters - Price Range

CuttersMin PriceMax Price
Stone Cutting Machines₹1463₹50622
Angle Cutters₹2649₹50622
Power Input - 1050 W Cutters₹1463₹6076
Power Input - 1100 W Cutters₹1549₹2715
Power Input - 1150 W Cutters₹1799₹3350
Power Input - 1200 W Cutters₹1549₹5073
This data was last updated on 2/7/23.