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Cordless Drill Drivers

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Shop Cordless Drill Drivers at the Lowest Price from Moglix


Today, we rely heavily on technology to make our lives easier, and the cordless drill is a technological gift. It is a well-liked and efficient power tool among all tradespeople and homeowners. Rechargeable batteries power the portable electric drill equipment. It has a long battery life and can be taken anywhere at any time. No energy or power supply is required to drill holes and drive screws.


Drills are frequently used in woodwork, metalworking, building, machine tool production, and utility operations. Because of their superiority and performance, cordless power tools have grown in popularity in recent years. With its improved technology and functionality, it surpasses all of the traditional tools. Most professionals who use the tools daily will be aware of new additions. Most choose to use cordless power tools since they are available in various types and with powerful motors in various designs.


Types of Cordless Drill Machines Online


Before making a purchase drill down the types of cordless drill machines you require and things to consider before making a purchase.


Cordless drill/driver - It is the most popular cordless tool with a variable drilling speed and clutch for driving fasteners.


Cordless Impact Drivers - The 24-torque clutch makes it perfect for use in activities that require the use of screwdrivers. It is lighter and more compact.


Cordless Screwdrivers - It is a lightweight electrical machine used for driving smaller screws. It can be accessed even in small spaces and for a longer duration without exhaustion.


Professional Cordless Drills - Cordless Drill Professional Soft grips add comfort while working on tasks. The portable electric drill is ideal for drilling metals, wood, and plastic because of its excellent performance, flexibility, and small size. The drill has a keyless tip for fast and easy blade replacement.


Dual Speed Cordless Drill - Drills feature multiple speeds because the high-speed option is designed for drilling and the low-speed setting produces greater power for difficult screw-driving activities. These drills provide very precise drilling control. They have a soft grip and an automatic spindle lock. By reversing the Putter Button, they may be operated with one hand.


Screwdriver with keyless chuck - Keyless chucks are designed to readily loosen & tighten a device on the drill's chuck collar, either manually or even when pressure is applied. The tool may be loosened by rotating its chuck collar counterclockwise. Keyed and keyless mechanisms are used in hybrid drill chucks.


Battery-Powered Cordless Screwdriver Set - An electronic screwdriver is ideal for complex work in lightweight assembly activities such as creating medical gadgets or electrical components. It has a manageable size and provides improved productivity & torque control.


Cordless Alkaline Battery Powered Screwdriver - The alkaline Battery Operated Screwdriver Kit is an excellent purchase. This kit is popular among DIYers for fixing blinds, drilling holes for wall paneling and curtain rods, and installing electric switches. This kit includes a tiny nosepiece for reaching into confined spaces. The ergonomically designed and contemporary aesthetics improve user comfort. This alkaline battery-powered screwdriver kit's spindle lock gives you more control.


Factors To keep in mind before purchasing  Cordless Drill Drivers

Comfort - Some jobs, such as installing deck boards, need to hold the drill for lengthy periods, so ensure it is pleasant and stable in your hand. Don't get the heaviest if you have tiny hands or weak wrists. Purchase a large enough tool for your most difficult work, but no larger.


Power - Voltage is used to gauge power. Greater torque, or twisting strength, is associated with higher battery voltage. The rated voltage is from 6 to 36 volts. Generally, the heavier the drill, the greater the voltage. A 36-volt drill/driver may weigh approximately 7 pounds, so get one if you need to drive massive bolts, drill big holes quickly, or require saws that require that much power and just want to keep all your equipment on the same voltage platform. A relatively low, lighter-weight drill can suffice for lighter operations such as fixing cabinet hardware or fastening drywall.


Chuck Size - The largest bit shank that the drill will accept depends on the chuck size. With this size, you have the versatility to carry out various activities, such as stirring heavy-bodied adhesive and gypsum compounds or drilling small holes in wood up to huge holes in concrete.


Price - Generally speaking, a power drill that costs more will have more features, be more sturdy, and have more power available. However, several excellent features may be found in certain low-cost power drills. Cheap power drills are frequently employed for easy DIY projects like changing lights and screwing objects around the house. Keep the cost in mind to avoid overspending on a power drill that may not be useful.


Durability - A power instrument, such as a cordless drill Driver, is frequently utilized for difficult tasks. Drilling into plaster or thick timber daily depletes a power drill's battery.
When buying a power drill, it is critical to consider its durability. You should select a drill that allows you to work intensely for an extended period.


Top Brands Selling Cordless Drill Machine


Black & Decker Drill Drivers - BLACK+DECKER provides good-quality wireless drills to let you express your creativity. With all of its expertise, Black and Decker have positioned itself among the most dependable firms in the United States. This brand is well known for its structure in drills, as the drills are light in weight and very handy.


Cheston Cordless Drills - This unique machine brand offers excellent drilling performance due to its well-designed gear housing and powerful motor, which create the required RPM speed. It has a light for operating in the dark, a power indicator, and a reversing putter button that allows you to operate it with one hand. The handle is wrapped in soft rubber, providing a pleasant grip and reducing fatigue for most common chores.


Bosch Cordless Drill Drivers - Since its inception in 1993, the Bosch Heavy Machinery subsidiary in India has grown to dominate the power tool industry. With a comprehensive line of tools for the woodworking,  construction, and metalworking sectors, the division satisfies & meets the needs of professional users. It puts power plus durability within easy reach for screw driving and drilling. They provide electronic cell protection with increased battery life and durability.


Dewalt Cordless Drills - DEWALT has a broad line of corded & cordless drills to fulfill your drilling needs. Stud and joist drills, 1/2" to 3/8" variable speed wired drills, & cordless drill bits in various voltages are all available. Each drill is built with characteristics that cater to the drilling requirements of specific applications and conditions.


INGCO Cordless Drivers - INGCO is a customer-centric brand. They provide the most reliable and valuable full-featured tools to make your job easier and more accessible and make your life more pleasurable and happier. They provide high-quality battery drill machines. And their drills have a lot of benefits since they are precisely designed on angular working to the material and will repeatedly drill holes of the same size, depth, and location.


Shop cordless drill machines at the lowest price from Moglix


At Moglix, we are well aware of how brand-conscious people are when it comes to choosing power tools. Therefore, we have sourced these cordless drill drivers from reputed brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Metabo, etc. Moglix offers the latest range of cordless drill drivers at the best price. Also, check our range of other drill machines and power tools.


What types of switches are present on cordless drill machines?


There are generally two kinds of switches


  • Speed-range switch- Helps control the speed of the tool where high-speed is for drilling and low for driving screws.
  • Forward/reverse switch- Helps smoothen drilled area and can be operated by just using a thumb.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cordless Drill Drivers

Can a cordless drill be used on concrete?

Yes, in the majority of cases. While a cordless drill will not be as successful as a corded drill in drilling into concrete, it will still function. The battery power and other drilling features of your drill will affect its ability to drill successfully through concrete.

How does the brake work on a cordless drill?

The brake on cordless tools operates slightly differently than on corded devices; when the switch is released, the motor terminals are clipped together, forcing the motor to stop almost instantly by releasing rotational energy in the windings.

What chuck size to start with?

A ½ inch chuck size is the most preferred one. It can be used to drill large holes in concrete or small holes in wood.

What is a clutch in cordless drills used for?

It monitors the driving force. You need to set a resistance level to a driving force to stop the application of any additional rotational force on a fastener.