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Heat Guns

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Get Premium Quality Hot Air Guns at Wholesale Prices

A stream of hot air is frequently blown by heat gun equipment. These power-driven equipment are frequently utilised in engineering applications, labs, and workshops. A heat gun's most basic form consists of a heating element, motor, and fan. The tool's nozzle receives hot air from the heating element thanks to the fan. Heat guns are among the most economical power tools on the market because of their relatively straightforward design, and given the variety of tasks they can complete, they are a great addition to any toolbox. A heat gun or hot air tool can be useful for a variety of tasks, including stripping paint, shrink-wrapping, automobile wrapping, removing labels and adhesives, thawing frozen pipes, loosening nuts and bolts, welding plastic and tarpaulin, drying out wood, and waxing surfboards. We provide high-quality heat gun machines from well-known manufacturers like iBEll, Jackly, Stanley, Cheston, Bosch, and many more.


Types of Durable Heat Gun Machines to Choose From

Infrared Heat Guns: These heat guns use infrared heat instead of hot air. 400 to 600 °C (752 to 1,112 °F) is the range of scalding temperatures that an infrared heat gun can attain. Infrared heat guns are not only a cost-effective option, but they also help you avoid the harmful gases that are released by traditional heat guns.


Industrial Heat Guns: These power tools are employed for more difficult tasks due to their superior air power. The main industries that employ industrial heat guns are engineering, automotive, construction, and retail packaging. This kind of heat gun features ceramic heating components and can reach 1,800 °F (1,000 °C) in temperature.


Corded Heat Guns: Electricity is used to power these heat cannons. Be mindful of the location of the chord when using one in a high place or a tight space, and think about adding an extension cable to extend its reach.


Cordless Heat Guns: There is no need to plug in the cordless heat guns because they run on batteries. This kind is practical and can be used in practically any place, both indoors and outdoors.


Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Hot Guns

Power: High airflow and high temperature are combined in high-power hot air cannons. This enables you to complete larger-scale tasks, like paint removal, swiftly and effectively. Low-power hot air pistols can generate high temperatures but their reduced airflow makes it more time consuming to cover a given surface.


Adjustability: Hot air blowers that are adjustable can be set to a variety of temperatures. This lowers the possibility of material damage and makes it simpler to work with jobs and materials that call for specific temperatures.


Air Flow: The hot air gun's air flow tells you how much air it blows each minute. Limited temperatures are frequently associated with low air movement. However, a high airflow is required to light a grill or remove paint from a sizable region.


Temperature: The hot air gun's maximum and minimum operating temperatures determine what it can be used for. For example, to weld or solder metal pipes, you need a high temperature hot air cannon. A low temperature setting can be used for operations like defrosting pipes and removing labels.


Prominent Brands that Sell High-Quality Heat Guns

Stanley Heat Guns: Stanley offers terrific and durable hot air guns in various shapes and sizes. Stanley heat gun machines are highly practical and effective. The wonderful feature of their tool is the ease with which one may adjust the heat intensity to suit their needs. Importantly, their products' changeable functionality is excellent since they allow for large-scale use and are easily portable. The Stanley hot guns come in various colours giving them a good and lovely appearance. 


Cheston Heat Guns: Cheston, a reputable company, provides versatile and powerful heat guns. Cheston's hot guns are energy-efficient machinery that operates properly and at moderate temperatures. Since a guarantee covers their heat gun machines, any issues can be readily resolved by looking for a different option. In addition to being convenient and portable, the hot air guns are also sturdy. They are lightweight enough to be carried wherever one goes.


Bosch Heat Guns: Bosch provides heat guns for comfortable usage even over extended periods of time. Their handles are ergonomically designed. Bosch heat gun machines have variable heat settings for working with materials properly and a wide range of applications. A necessary tool for finishing or decorating, and the pistol grip handle is nicely balanced for prolonged usage. These heat guns are effective & durable thanks to their high-density plastic & metal body. The Bosch hot guns' nozzles can operate for a long time while withstanding high temperatures without losing their original shape.


Jackly Heat Guns: Because of their excellent quality, Jackly heat guns are well-known in the industry. They are committed to offering their clients only the heat gun machines available. They come in a variety of options and provide savings while enhancing the working environment. Each hot air gun produced by Jackly is built with high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. After doing a thorough market investigation, the materials are purchased from the most reliable and authorised vendors. They offer sturdy, moderately priced hot guns.


We also have a plethora of heat gun machines from other brands such as Cumi, Dewalt, Tiger, KPT Shakti, Kobe, Aimex, Asian Paints, Turtle, and others.


Buy an Exclusive Range of Heat Gun Machines at Best Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Guns

Is a heat gun the same as a blowtorch?

Heat guns are similar to hairdryers, except they reach temperatures of 1100 degrees. They can light objects on fire, but there is no visible flame. A blowtorch, on the other hand, uses flammable fuel, such as gasoline or propane, to burn. It comes in handy when you need to start a charcoal or wood fire quickly.

Can you weld plastic with a heat gun?

Yes, it is technically possible to weld plastic using hot guns, hot air plastic welding is the technique of attaching two or more plastic surfaces together with hot air, which is commonly done with a heat gun.

Heat Guns - Price Range

Heat GunsMin PriceMax Price
Bosch Heat Guns₹2489₹8080
Dewalt Heat Guns₹3890₹4795
Ingco Heat Guns₹1190₹1359
FERM Heat Guns₹1599₹2049
Power Input - 1500 W Heat Guns₹623₹4869
Power Input - 1600 W Heat Guns₹669₹4906
Power Input - 1800 W Heat Guns₹609₹5763
This data was last updated on 2/8/23.