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Blowers & Heat Guns

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Get the Best Blowers and Heat Guns Online

The Blowers and Heat Guns can make it simple for you to mold plastics, solder pipes, or remove the old paint finish before the remodeling. Work from industrial manufacturing to home repair projects dramatically benefits from using hot air guns. These robust tools are used extensively in the boating, automotive, and aerospace industries. Regardless of the work, using a power tool with a hot element requires safety awareness.

These tools are also helpful in auto body shops for repairs and part replacement. When repairing dents and scratches, they are helpful. For instance, a dashboard might be restored to like-new condition, or a bumper may be softened and molded using a hot air gun. Heat guns can also help attach leather repairs and cure adhesives. On the other hand, using a hot air tool to remove old bonds is simple.

Variety of Heat Guns Available in the Market

Gas Heat Gun: Gas Heat Guns: Butane or propane gas is used in place of a heated element in gas heat guns. For a few reasons, these gas heat guns are less common than electric versions. First, they are typically more expensive. Second, using the pistol requires constantly purchasing and refilling gas canisters, which is significantly less handy than simply plugging in or charging an electronic model.

Electric Heat Gun: The most common and frequently most economical type of heat gun is an electric one. Due to their widespread use, manufacturers have recently given more thought to creating electric heat gun technology, with gas-powered heat guns gradually fading into obscurity.

Infrared Heat Gun: The market for infrared weapons is still relatively young. As their name suggests, they employ infrared heat and are typically more affordable than heat guns. They produce a maximum temperature of 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit, more than enough for many household projects.

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The product is technologically superior and provides users with the best options for satisfying their decorative needs. All the tools produced under this prestigious brand are made of the highest quality components that adhere to all the requirements and specifications and are purchased from licensed vendors within the nation. In addition, the manufacturing procedures used to create these tools are highly regarded and cutting-edge to produce the best results. The additional unique feature of regulating the temperature is relatively simple because you can choose between three different temperature settings and determine the ideal temperature for you to know and use the machine in the best way possible.

Explore the extensive list of uniquely designed and crafted air Blowers and Heat Guns online from the reputed and the biggest brands in the industry at Moglix at the best price.

Blowers & Heat Guns - Price Range

Blowers & Heat GunsMin PriceMax Price
Air Blowers₹199₹66379
Cheston Blowers & Heat Guns₹199₹1099
Ralli Wolf Blowers & Heat Guns₹1727₹10450
Krost Blowers & Heat Guns₹214₹38563
FERM Blowers & Heat Guns₹1599₹2049
Power Input - 1500 W Blowers & Heat Guns₹623₹4869
Power Input - 1600 W Blowers & Heat Guns₹669₹4906
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