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Air Compressors

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Select From the New Range Of Air Compressors Available At Moglix

Air compressors are used for the conversion of power from sources such as diesel or gasoline engine into potential energy which is stored in compressed air. They are used for filling air cylinders, pneumatic HVAC control systems etc. To satisfy the needs of industry based users, Moglix has come up with a wide range of air compressors. The products which are available as a part of this category have been sourced from eminent air compressor manufacturers such as FERM, Hitachi, Groz etc. A wide price range of these products ensures that buyers can acquire any model which satisfies their needs and fits within their budget. Acquire the details of air compressor price online at Moglix.

Acquire Rotary Compressors of the Best Quality from Moglix

Rotary compressors are widely used in industrial applications such as construction machinery that operate using powered air. To satisfy the needs of working professionals, Moglix has come up with high quality rotary compressors from reputed brands such as Hitachi, FERM, Groz, Elephant, Protul etc. The products that are available as a part of this range have been manufactured using the latest technologies and comply with the latest industrial specifications. The prices of these pneumatic tools have been kept within a reasonable range to suit the budget of buyers. To know more, check out the new range of rotary compressors available online at Moglix.

Moglix Offers Attractive Discounts on a Wide Range of Air Compressors

Are you looking for lucrative deals on portable compressors and reciprocating air compressors? To meet up with the expectations of buyers like you, Moglix is offering lucrative discounts on portable, reciprocating, as well as small air compressors. The products that are on offer have been sourced from leading brands in the Indian market such as Hitachi, Bosch, Cheston, Dewalt etc. Keeping in touch with the changing market demand, Moglix is also offering Chicago pneumatic air compressors and Ingersroll Rand air compressors as a part of this product range. The prices of all compressors have been kept within an affordable range to suit the spending capacity of buyers. Know more details of offers on air compressors online.

Looking for Piston Air Compressors? Select from the Assortment of Options Offered by Moglix

Piston air compressors are widely used for drawing air into the cylinders. To satisfy the needs of industry based users, Moglix presents a wide range of piston air compressors sourced from eminent brands such as Cheston, Crompton Greaves, FERM, Havells, Hitachi etc. The products that are available as a part of this product category have been subjected to rigorous quality tests during the manufacturing process to satisfy the needs of buyers. They also comply with the existing ISI specifications. The prices of piston air compressors have been devised keeping in touch existing price trends in the market and also the spending capacity of buyers. Acquire the best discounts and special offers on piston air compressors online at Moglix.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Compressors

Which industry uses an air compressor and why?

Air compressors are widely used in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, energy sector, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), railways, automobiles, and diving industries. These air compressors are used for transferring air and gases from one place to another, by increasing the pressure using an air compressor.

Why are most air compressors gas powered?

The air in the compressors needs a power source to move, this is where the gas engines come into the story. Gas engines transform gasoline into mechanical energy that creates pressure and the air moves and consequently compresses air.

Air Compressors - Price Range

Air CompressorsMin PriceMax Price
FERM Air Compressors₹10375₹25063
Taj Air Compressors₹7101₹14620
Ingco Air Compressors₹3751₹14890
Gahl Air Compressors₹8655₹542465
Power - 0.33 Hp Air Compressors₹11754₹18545
Power - 0.75 Hp Air Compressors₹11595₹21161
Power - 1 Hp Air Compressors₹8750₹23876
This data was last updated on 9/26/22.