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The pneumatic cylinders are mechanical devices that transfer the energy in compressed air towards a reciprocating linear movement. A piston in a double-acting cylinder is moved out and in by compressed air, whereas a piston in a single-acting cylinder is moved inside and out by compressed air plus a return spring. They have a variety of attachments, such as sensors for detecting the location of the piston & various mounting accessories for attaching the cylinder or adding parts to the end of the piston.

Pneumatic cylinders are used in a variety of industries that require linear motion because they are easy to operate and cost-effective. They are also known as air cylinders. Several engineers choose pneumatic air cylinders because they are quieter and cleaner than other mechanical devices.

Various Types of Pneumatic Cylinders

Standard Cylinder: Oxygen cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, power cylinders, and aviation engine cylinders are all addressed in Cylinder Standards. SAE International has created a number of standards for cylinders used in aeroplanes and automobiles.

Compact Cylinder: Compact cylinders seem to be pneumatic cylinders with unusually tight installation lengths compared to stroke lengths. They are often employed when the area is at a premium, and lateral load demands are minimal. Compact cylinders are directly attached cylinders typically placed without special mounting attachments.

Round Cylinder: Round cylinders seem to be pneumatic cylinders that, due to their rounded layout, can be placed in a space-saving manner - even in crowded conditions. All round cylinders share good operating performance, extended service life, and easy and quick installation.

Hydro Pneumatic Cylinder: Hydra-pneumatic cylinders, also known as Hydra-pneumatic cylinders, or intensifier cylinders, are pneumatically managed cylinders designed to produce greater hydraulic pressures in order to achieve a higher stroke power than purely pneumatic cylinders of the identical bore size.

Rotary Cylinder: Rotary cylinders, also known as pneumatic rotary actuators, transform compressed air energy into output torque. These are miniature double-action cylinders that apply force clockwise & counter clockwise and employ rotating movement to drive equipment in limited locations. To achieve linear movement, the piston rod seems to have a rotational profile opposite a worm wheel.

Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing Pneumatic Cylinders

Cost: Many questioned the practicality of a non-repairable device when the SS body throwaway cylinder was designed. This product not only performed but also changed the market. Numerous organisations choose to replace much conventional steel, aluminium, & brass body cylinder that may be repaired due to their low cost and simplicity of replacement. Whereas these pneumatic cylinders offer the most cost-effective and user-friendly option, they have restrictions that render it less-than-ideal for some applications.

Space: Certain applications necessitate small cylinders, as the whole cylinder body cannot be significantly longer than the stroke. Thin heads, seals, and pistons are used in these cylinders. Short contact surfaces reduce cylinder length. Such pneumatic cylinders often do not bear side loads adequately due to their small size and aren't available in extended stroke lengths. They are frequently utilised in clamping situations where space is limited.

Serviceability: Several low-cost cylinders on the market now are not designed to be fixed. The pinched body throwaway cylinders cannot be maintained; however, because of their low cost and adaptability, it is preferable to replace cylinders rather than fix them. On the other hand, the capacity to fix a cylinder and return it to service rapidly is a significant benefit in high-use Maintenance facilities. The capability to fix a cylinder can bring long-term benefits since hard cylinder parts often persist through numerous seal replacements.

Durability: People are deciding to change existing pneumatic cylinders to aluminium, and plastic cylinders as these advanced materials' efficiency have increased. However, some applications require the durability and ease of maintenance that welded steel cylinders give. When determining whether to substitute steel with lighter materials that may not always offer the projected life of the product or serviceability in essential applications, it is always advisable to proceed with caution.

Brands Offering Pneumatic Cylinders

Spac: Shri Prayag Air Controls Pvt. ltd. (SPAC Pneumatic) has been a reputable firm since 2002, producing and selling a quality-assured variety of Engineering Products to its clients, including Cylinders, Fittings, Tubes & Valves, and Pneumatic Parts.

Techno: Techno wishes to present itself as a distributor of pneumatics goods for the last 25 years, as well as a supplier of foreign pneumatics products for the previous three years. To exceed and meet any customer's demands, they have a comprehensive supply of Directional Check Valve, Pilot & Direct-Action Solenoid Valves, Mechanical & Automatic Valves, Pressurized Filter & Controller, Push-inTube Fitting, Air cannons, Spring Balancers, and so on.

Akari: Akari Global Corporation Limited, better known by its trademark AKARI, is a company that manufactures and distributes technologically innovative rechargeable power products. They provide a diverse range of high-quality rechargeable lighting & home solutions, such as motorcycle batteries, VRLA batteries, rechargeable flashlights, emergency lights, table lamps, mosquito swatters, & rechargeable table fans, among many others.

Janatics: Established in 1977, they have successfully positioned itself among the world's top producers of pneumatic devices. Aside from basic pneumatic goods, Janatics offers unique pneumatic products and value additional pneumatic systems built to fit the specific application demands of the clients, saving valuable time and resources.

Norgren: Norgren, a subsidiary of IMI plc, seems to have a long history of developing unique engineering products in the disciplines of precision motion management & fluid technologies. Norgren's success is built on partnerships with clients in over 50 countries in essential industries like Factory Automation, Rail, Life Science, Energy, Material Handling, Process Control, and Commercial Vehicles.

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Proximity Switch for magnetic cylinder₹1921₹7488
Hydro Pneumatic Cylinder₹1094₹4565
Compact Cylinder₹421₹29322
Round Cylinder₹410₹20322
Janatics Pneumatic Cylinders₹491₹70585
Techno Pneumatic Cylinders₹131₹49560
Akari Pneumatic Cylinders₹354₹28025
Phoenix Pneumatic Cylinders₹392₹35178
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