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What You Need To Know About Air Operated Hydraulic Valves

Air-controlled hydraulic pressure control valves use an external pneumatic pressure signal to adjust a hydraulic pressure proportionally or remotely. These valves are available as an alternative to hydro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic pressure control cartridges. Within a pneumatic flow control valve system, a flow control valve modifies and controls air volume flow. These are frequently used to change the speed at which an actuator operates. They should not be confused with pressure regulators or controllers.

Flow control is a pneumatic device that regulates the quantity of airflow in airlines and is typically used to control the speed and motion of an air cylinder. Standard flow control features a changeable needle stem that can be opened and closed to vary the quantity of air flowing through the line.

What Are The Different Types of Air Operated Hydraulic Valves?

Air Operated Hydraulic Valves Directional Control:The DCVs allow gases or fluids to flow inside the various pathways from valve ports, hence controlling the fluid direction within a hydraulic circuit. They are a fundamental part of the pneumatic systems. They can be closed, open, tandem, and float depending upon the centre position.

Pneumatic Directional Control Valves: Valves that regulate the start-stop and change in the direction of flow of a pressurised media are known as directional control valves (DCVs) (i.e., hydraulic oil). Flow control valves regulate the flow by reducing or increasing the opening at the throttling point, respectively. This aids in determining the speed of movement for the actuators in question.

Pressure Control Valves: Every pressure control valve is programmed to flip on at a specific pressure setting. Depending on whether the throttle (control) is variable or fixed, this might occur gradually or quickly (switch)

Proportional Pneumatic Flow Control Valves: Proportional flow control valves can control the opening of the valve to flow proportionally rather than gradually, as is the case with the majority of regular hydraulic valves.

Points To Keep In Mind For The Selection Of Air Operated Hydraulic Valve

There are a variety of air operated hydraulic valves available. You need to select the best hydraulic valve as per your requirement. Consider the points mentioned below to select the best air operated hydraulic valve.

Type of Valve - First and foremost, you must identify what the valve will be utilised for before making your selection. Will it be used to regulate the flow of a fluid or to stop it completely?

Availability of Media - When determining the type of media that will circulate in the system (gas or liquid), there are several considerations to consider. The medium must be classified as caustic, chemically neutral, a food product, or a medical fluid that must be handled under strict hygienic circumstances.

Working Capacity of Valve - In order to properly operate the valve, it is necessary to understand whether or not it is powered manually or automatically. To operate the valve in one scenario, someone must be present on the premises, while in the other scenario, the valve can be controlled remotely, for example, from a control station.

Installation of Valve - Finally, it is critical to understand how the valve would be integrated into the system as well as understand the mode of assembly or installation which would be employed. It is important to determine specifically if the valve would need to be welded and bolted through flanges or screwed into place.

Amount of Pressure - As soon as you have decided on these various factors, you can shift your attention to the technical parameters of your installation, more specifically the flow and pressure, which would allow you to determine the dimensions of your valve.

Various Brands Offering Air Operated Hydraulic Valve

Aeroflex - The Company "AEROFLEX" offers the widest selection of pneumatic valves suitable for a wide range of applications. Their products are available in the desired price range with efficient working. This organisation has been dealing in the pneumatic circuit market for over three years. They provide components of all pneumatic fittings, as well as a variety of directional control valves, diaphragm valves, direct-acting solenoid valves, manual mechanical and automatic valves, air treatment units, silencers, air guns, pu tubes, cylinders, and other pneumatic flow control valve parts and accessories.

Techno - This brand is featured for its International Quality System Attestation and offers latest models with advanced technology and user-friendly designs. Among the many products Techno offers are Directional Control Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Pilot and Direct Acting Solenoid Valves, Manual, Mechanical, and Automatic Valves, Auto Drain Valve, High-Pressure Filter & Regulator, Air Treatment Units, Push-in Tube Fittings, Silencers, Air guns, Brass One Touch Couplers, Hose Reel, Spring Balancers, and many more.

Elephant - All Elephant valves are made of high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that they meet the highest standards in this extremely demanding field. The materials are sourced only from the most dependable and official suppliers, which are selected after extensive market research. Elephant’s goods are well-known in the market for their quality and durability.

Why Buy An Air Operated Hydraulic Valve From Moglix?

Pneumatic systems employ a diverse range of components to regulate air volume, the rate at which it flows through the system, and the pressure with which it moves through the system. Many different types of protective procedures can be used to care for these valves adequately. Pneumatic systems, which transmit power as a result of compressed air being pumped through the system, are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Moglix offers a wide selection of pneumatic systems in a variety of configurations at the most competitive prices available. This is why Moglix should be your preferred choice to shop for air operated hydraulic valves. Shop now!

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Proportional Pressure Control Valve₹299₹698
Rotary Air Lock Valves₹708₹925
Phoenix Pneumatic Control Valve₹157₹113115
Zoloto Pneumatic Control Valve₹503₹366508
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