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Pneumatic Fittings

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Pneumatic Fittings for Perfect Connecting Sections

Pneumatic fittings offer the crucial links among tubes, hoses, and different additives in a pneumatic system. Air fittings characteristic tighter seals and feature decrease pressure necessities than hydraulic fittings and are usually found in numerous connector types. In addition to connecting pneumatic components and preventing the flow of unused ports, miniature fittings also are used to control airflow pressure and directional flow.

Pneumatic fittings may have other features which add the functionality needed for certain applications like:

  • --> Bulkhead fittings are designed to be put up on a wall or bulkhead to allow tube connections on any side of a barrier.

  • --> Connect-under-pressure fittings are specially designed to allow installation or connection of the fitting while the fitting is under tension.

  • --> Expansion joints and couplings connect parts of the tube and provide space for movement due to service load, shock, or thermal cycles.

  • --> Lined fittings are designed with an integral lining. The linings are often made from polymers for use with processed materials or in processes such as food processing where proper cleanliness is important.

  • --> Prior insulated fittings contain insulating materials or jacket constructions designed to insulate the vessel and control from outside temperatures.

  • --> The swivel feature allows more than one fitting end to move or swivel.

Advantages of Pneumatic Connections

The major advantages of these pneumatic connections are as follows:

  • --> These connectors are highly efficient and are helpful in the functioning of the entire pneumatic system flawlessly.

  • --> They are extremely reliable as they can withstand any amount of pressure and last for a long period of time without any damages.

  • --> They are simple as they are easy to be fitted into the pneumatic system without much effort. They are simple mechanisms that are installed for the better functioning of the entire system.

  • --> These are safe to use under extreme conditions and thus help in keeping the devices in perfect condition for a long time without building heat or damaging the system.

  • --> They are economical as they are comparatively less expensive and their maintenance need not be done regularly. In case of replacement, they are readily available and are cost-effective too.

Pneumatic connector and Its Function

Pneumatic connectors are components used to connect pipe, tube, and hose parts in pressurized gas systems. When compared to hydraulic fittings, pneumatic fittings are typically featured with tighter seals and lower pressure requirements. They are usually used in pneumatic logic control systems and instrumentation.

PU Connector and Its Use

The PU Equal Tube to Tube Connector or PU Connector is basically used in the in-line connection of polyurethane or nylon air tubing of equal diameters. This simple and fast connect fitting has stainless steel grab-rings and gaskets to grip tubing. Its body and the push-in collars are made of polymers.

Pneumatic Air Hoses and Its Purpose

The basic function of pneumatic tubing and hose is to deliver pressurized air to actuators, valves, tools, and other devices. But there are numerous types and sizes of tubing and hose that can be found in the market. Hence we need to understand our type of construction and requirements so that we can choose the perfect pneumatic air hose to cater to our needs.

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