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Overhead Showers

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Overhead Showers: To Make you Relax and Refresh

Overhead showers are an incomparable source of refreshment and relaxation to the body. These overhead showers are fitted in a shower arm which is mostly mounted in the wall. These shower head douse you in water and, envelop the body in a dreamlike shower rain, vigorously massage and rinse out the shampoo. Head shower and rain shower are also a delight to look at; it creates a real architecture in your bathroom. Whether you opt for any kind of design either round or square, an overhead shower will transform any shower into a place of personalized water indulgence, offering a variety of shape, sizes, and jet types.

Best Overhead Showers you can Buy Online!

Nowadays there are a variety of showerheads available in the market. You can choose the one which fits your requirements.

Single Spray Showers

These are the most widely used overhead shower in India from a very long time span. These shower systems have concentrated, to-the-point flow with a good force, these showers are perfect for the bathrooms that are smaller in size and are budget friendly.

Rain Showers

These are the most popular overhead shower in the market these days. It has a little pressure and large diameter; it evens out the flow of water with a calm and soothing effect. You can fit the rain shower in the perfect shower arm so that you can stand and enjoy the monsoon-like shower.

Shower Panels

These shower panels and body spray showerheads are designed to pamper you. It is fitted from top to bottom, on parallel or adjacent walls; this gives your body a spa therapy with equated water streams from all sides.

Ceiling Wall Mounts

It is similar to the rain shower head; it evenly spreads the flow of the water in a large area. It is a luxurious shower head and the plumbing needs to be done accordingly.

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If you are looking for the best overhead shower at the best price, you can buy one from a website They have a wide range of variety available with them at an affordable range of prices. You can also buy some of the best brands from moglix.

Hindware - They offer a wide range of premium showers, their variants include overhead showers and they promise an ultimate bathing experience.

Jaquar - Jaquar showers are designed to deliver a range of experiences, to let you have a shower of your choice every time. They have an amazing variety of rain showers available with them.

Do rain shower heads have pressure?

Rain shower does not have the pressure as the single shower would have, but it can still deliver a high-enough pressure shower for you to feel clean. It spread the water evenly giving an experience of rain.

How often should I clean the shower?

You can clean it every seven days with a scrub.

Overhead Showers - Price Range

Overhead ShowersMin PriceMax Price
Kamal Overhead Showers₹176₹5808
Drizzle Overhead Showers₹179₹1419
Oleanna Overhead Showers₹349₹1109
Snowbell Overhead Showers₹165₹3753
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