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Select From the Array of Showers Available Online

shower seems to be where a person can bathe while spraying with hot or warm water. There's a hole in the floor underneath. Most showers include spray pressure, temperature, & a showerhead tip that may be adjusted. The most basic showers include a rotatable nozzle aimed downwards at the customer, whereas more elaborate showers feature a showerhead attached to a pipe with a support frame. This enables the showerer to spray water over different portions of the body while holding the showerhead in their hand.


Showers spread water uniformly over the body and sweep polluted water away from view. Water efficiently interacts with body wash on the body during a shower to split up oils, grime, and perspiration that are attached to your skin.

Variety of Showers out In the Market

Overhead Showers - Showers from overhead are an unrivalled source of relaxation and refreshment for the body. Such overhead showers are housed in a mainly wall-mounted spray arm. The shower heads saturate you in water, enveloping your body in a dreamy shower rain while forcefully massaging and rinsing off the shampoo. Whether you choose a circular or square style, the overhead shower can convert every shower into a haven of individualized water pleasure, with a range of sizes, shapes, and jet kinds.


Shower Arms - The shower arm, often known as a shower extension, comprises simply a pipe connection that links a showerhead here to the wall's water supply. The shower arm protrudes from the wall & provides extra options for mounting a showerhead. We may adjust the elevation of the showerhead using the aid of the shower arm.


Handheld Showers - Several people are probably more familiar with handheld showers than hand showers. A handheld showerhead varies from a regular showerhead in that it may be gripped in one hand & moved around the shower. Because of its increased versatility, the hand shower can perform a variety of tasks. A handheld showerhead gives children control and may assist them in becoming accustomed to bathing by themselves.


Shower Seats - The shower seat features a backrest, seat, & arms, & it is generally adjustable in height. Shower seats must have tiny good drainage in the seat to reduce the possibility of genital trapping. To minimise this danger, a face washer or cloth can be put just on the seat of chairs with bigger drainage holes. It gives a sitting alternative, which is especially useful if you have mobility limitations or an injury.


Shower Panels - Shower panels seem to be a unified device that comprises several functionalities that allow you to have an excellent shower session. They separate the shower area from the remainder of the restroom and add a contemporary touch to any space. Shower panels ensure a perfect finish. Shower panels are also watertight and significantly cleaner than their competitors since they avoid all of the issues connected with grout, like mildew & mold, that occur with tiling.


Factors To Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Showers

Cost- The entire cost is the most significant determining factor. Your budget will determine the kind & quality of bathroom shower placed in your bathroom. If you possess the luxury of selecting a high-priced shower, you are also ensuring high-quality components that are both long-lasting and practical. The decision is entirely dependent on your financial situation.


Shower Size- When selecting the size of a bathroom shower, consider your showering space. You must be precise with all dimensions while making this decision. Choosing the correct shower might be difficult because the marketplace is flooded with possibilities. As a result, you must carefully consider your alternatives and select ahead of time which shower will be ideal for the bathroom based on the reach & throw.


Shower Position- The shower's location must then be considered. Based on the dimensions of your bathroom, you should choose a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted bathroom shower since their sizes range from 6 to 20 inches.


Shower Height- The height of a shower must be carefully determined, taking into account the different heights of those who will use it. A shower in a permanent location, such as an overhead shower, can seem highly stylish. However, its height is also significant. You may choose from a variety of alternatives, such as movable heads and telephonic showers, and always keep comfort in mind.


Water pressure- It refers to the power with which water flows from the faucet. Water flow would be sluggish if the overall water pressure is low. It may be slower than so many think, and it could not be delightful while taking a bath. On the contrary, if water pressure is excessively high, it might cause pipe breakage. Water pressure shouldn't be overlooked while building a new shower.


Top Brands Selling Showers

Jaquar Showers - Jaquar Bathroom showers are intended to provide a variety of sensations so that you may have the shower you want every time. Their overhead, hand, and body showers complement a broad variety of products, such as bathroom shower sets, hand showers, and water showers that adapt to your specific bathing habits, design, and installation needs.


Hindware Showers - The exceptional quality of Hindware goods is well recognised in the industry. They provide bath taps, electric showers, power showers, mixer showers, smart showers, and handheld showers, among other things. Hindware offers a wide variety of products, such as water closets, washbasins, faucets, bathtubs, showers, shower enclosures, and vanities. 


ZAP Showers - ZAP Bathroom Fittings is a term required for a better way of life. They provide bib taps, health faucets, bottle traps, pillar taps, basin mixers, bath mixers, sink mixers, overhead and hand showers, flush valves, and flush cocks.


Kohler Showers - Kohler is a well-known and respected firm recognised for its bathroom and plumbing products. They make digital showers, electric showers, power showers, mixer showers, smart showers, and handheld showers, among other things.


Aquieen Showers - AQUIEEN seems to be a well-known Indian brand in the Home Repair Products categories of Hardware and Bathroom Fittings. Aquieen faucets provide beauty and nostalgia to the bathroom. The bathroom Basin Faucet features an elegant design that suits a broad range of bathroom arrangements and styles, with a simple curved spout and ergonomics.


Why Choose Moglix to Buy Showers

The time you spend in the shower is among those rare occasions when you can unwind from your busy routine. Moglix has introduced a new selection of showers digitally to improve the experience of clients like us. The goods in this series have been acquired from well-known companies like Jaquar, Hindware, Cera, Kingsbury, and others. At Moglix, we understand the shifting demands of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Showers

What blocks shower heads?

Stiff clothes, white mineral deposits on dishes, soap that won't lather, and scale buildup in sinks and appliances are all signs of hard water around the house. Scale accumulation in water heaters and pipelines is another effect of hard water.

How do you unclog a shower head without vinegar?

The secret to clearing a clogged shower head without vinegar is baking soda. Baking soda is an inexpensive and straightforward natural antibacterial cleaning agent. To make a paste that may be used successfully, mix a little water with baking soda.

Showers - Price Range

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Shower Accessories₹80₹90978
Shower Hooks₹97₹3739
Shower Arms₹130₹183629
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