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Pipe Union

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Designed to unite multiple pipes, a pipe union joint is a kind of fitting equipment and one of the key components of the plumbing system. Union pipe fitting eases joining as well as disjoining of pipes without the fear of deformation and damage to the pipes.

Union pipe fitting can be found in several types and comes in various sizes to suit pipes of all sizes. They are made of different materials including Stainless steel, Cast iron, Aluminum, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Alloy, PVC, and more. Each material signifies a particular usage, for example, CPVC union and PVC pipe union is ideal to withstand water pressure.

Available in two types, the pipe union joint is used in most plumbing systems. One type has three pieces whereas the other comprises two pieces.

Ground Joint Union - Ground joint features an angle, which is designed into a union to join two different sections. With these types of joint unions, the surface increases at the joint increases and sits property.

Flange Union - This type of union features two flanges, each end holding a pipe by screwing or welding. Two pipes are joined together using these types of unions in plumbing.

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Union Pipe Fittings

Making the right decision with plumbing choices for your property is important because plumbing systems are a necessity for supplying fresh water. Here are a few key factors before picking the right union:

Water type - Water in some areas can lead to corrosion of pipes and unions. When corrosive materials dissolve with water it can result in degradation of the unions and pipes. Water dissolved with eroded metal and copper substances are harmful to health. In this case, the CPVC union and PVC pipe union can prove effective because they do not corrode.

Pressure resistance - Any union should be able to withstand the high water pressure and not dislocate leading to leakage. It is always best to choose unions with better threads and materials, especially if you are looking for a plumbing solution in a commercial or residential space.

Durability - Unions usually degrade on rigid surfaces with excess moisture, abrasive materials, and rocks or due to overexposure to sunlight. This reduces their lifespan, therefore a metal union is better than a PVC pipe union in terms of durability and material quality in such cases.

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