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Buy Pipe Flange Joints Online @ Moglix.com

Flanges are used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment, thus forming a piping system. They are usually welded or screwed and pipe fitting flanges are the best joining method after welding. Flange joints consisted of flanges, gaskets, and bolts. They are bolded together with two flanges and a gasket. Buy the best flange accessories at Moglix.com.

Different types of Flanges Available for Various Applications

Threaded Flanges - They are low costing flanges with a thread inside the flange bore. It’s easy and simple to install but it is not suitable for high pressure and temperature applications. However, they can be effectively used in utility services like air and water.

Socket-Weld Flanges - The pipe is fitted using a female socket present in the socket-weld flanges. It is used in small bore piping and is suitable for low pressure and temperature applications.

Slip On Flanges - As the name suggests, pipes can be easily slipped inside the hole which is the same diameter as the outside of the pipe. It has to be welded from inside as well as outside.

Lap Joint Flanges - They are usually made from carbon steel to make them cost-efficient and consist of two components, i.e., a stub-end and a loose backing flange. Thanks to its butt-weld, a lap joint flange provides a better connection and flexibility. It is suitable for use in constrained spaces or when dismantling is frequent.

Weld Neck Flanges - This is the most widely used type of flange as it provides the highest level of joint integrity due to its butt-weld. Unlike the previous ones, this one can be used in high-pressure and temperature applications.

Blind Flanges - This is a blank disc with a bolt hole that is used to isolate a piping system or to terminate the piping. They are used as a manhole cover in the vessel.

Reducing Flange - This flange is used instead of a standard flange so that pipe transition becomes easier. They are considered economical and are available in weld neck, slip-on flanges, and threaded end types.

The above-mentioned flanges are quite common but there are other special flanges like Orifice flanges, Long Welding Neck flanges, Weldoflange / Nipoflange, and Expander flange for specialized purposes.

Things to Consider while Buying Pipe Fitting Flange Online

  • --> Size-The size of the flange depends on the size of the pipes it is fitted to. If this does not correspond, it is a waste of your time, energy, and money.

  • --> Quality and material- Flanges are made of different materials but before buying one, ensure that the material is good so that it is durable. Fibrous metal and elastomeric non-metal are the most popular ones in the market.

  • --> Chemical resistance - Before purchasing, check whether it should be used in low or high pressure and temperature. It is quite dangerous if you use low-pressure flanges in high-pressure situations.

Buy Pipe Flange from Reliable Brands at Moglix.com

Moglix is one of the best online marketplaces that provide trustworthy and durable items. They offer some of the best pipe flanges from reliable vendors to ensure customer satisfaction. Some of these brands include Astral, Ms, Amrita, and Hindware. Buy now and enjoy amazing offers on each purchase.

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