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Pipe Elbows

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Buy Pipe Elbow and Elbow Reducer online at Moglix

A pipe elbow, also called Bends is a key plumbing accessory. They are primarily used in pressurized applications and are made of various materials. stainless steel, PVC, copper, and brass are some of the common materials used in making these plumbing pipes. Depending on the different applications, the elbows come in different connections such as weldable, threadable, and socketed. Browse through Moglix to find CPVC elbow pipes at an affordable price!

Standard types of Pipe Elbows:

CPVC elbows are also used to connect two pipes with the same or varying diameters. As per industry standards, Elbows are classified based on their angles, usually 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees. Custom-designed elbows are also available, which are classified as short radius or long radius. Normal elbows are used when the pipes are of the same diameter. For connecting pipes of different diameters, an elbow reducer is used.

Male elbow / Female elbow - Both these tube fittings are specifically designed for industrial control process systems used in chemical, paper, petroleum, and other industrial applications. A male elbow pipe is used to connect a fractional tube to a female threaded pipe. On the other hand, a female elbow is used to connect a fractional tube to a male threaded pipe.

Elbow Pipe classification based on the connection type:

Butt Welded Elbow: Here the connections are formed by welding the elbow and the pipe. These elbows have beveled ends that make the welding process smooth and easy.

Socket Welded Elbow: These welded elbows have a trapezoidal area at the sides. You can insert the pipe into this area and connect them with welding.

Threaded Elbow: These elbows are similar to the socket welded elbows, except the inner surface of the trapezoidal area is engineered into thread. This ensures easy installation and removal of pipes.

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