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Wall Mixers

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Wall Mixer Taps For Form and Function of Bathrooms

Faucets and taps of all sorts have been around for a long time, and longer still has been the concept of domestic water temperature regulation. Whether it be for the perfect temperature bath water during a long-awaited shower or simply some foods to be rinsed in the kitchen, the ability to personally and easily control the flow and ambient warmth of running water have played a crucial role in the way modern plumbing has evolved.

The introduction of wall mixer taps and their variants to typical single water faucets has helped grow their functionality while complementing traditional washbasins with taps, in the form of wall-mounted basin taps, has opened a plethora of doors for diverse aesthetic choices. Even though the type of plumbing used has rarely been a popular topic of discussion between homeowners in the past, the growing need for operational objectivity with a sleek, modern touch in contemporary interior design calls for both skill and creativity to appease the masses. And this very simple yet dubious logic has gotten big names in the industry racking their brains to come up with the newest, hottest wall mixers in the market.

Where Do You Use Wall Mixer Taps?

As the name suggests, mixer taps are variations of traditional home faucets in which the hot and cold water supplies have a joint outlet but their inlets are controlled separately. The main purpose of installing this apparatus is twofold: foremost to regulate the temperature of the water flowing out from the tap and secondly to look good while doing it. Modern wall-mounted basin taps and kitchen sink taps strategically employ the use of different colored metal alloys and control-valve-based mixing systems to build breathtaking constructs capable of fine-tuning the ambiance of water.

Another major merit of these combined mixers is that they bypass double fitting. This means that the job of two, separate hot and cold taps can be performed by a single mixer. This not only limits the required water inlet branch per tap, hence cutting domestic water costs but also avoids otherwise wasted water in the process. This is particularly evident in shower taps, wall-mounted basin taps, and wall-mounted kitchen sink taps.

Different Ways of Using Wall Mixers

There are many variants of mixers available in the market depending on their purpose and area of use. A common misconception between the two major categories of mixers, however, is between wall mixers and diverter mixers.

Wall mixers refer to a single unit with a common spout attached to both hot and cold water inlets. These are controlled by two knobs designated to each temperature allowing the outlet through the spout to be a single flow. 2-in-1 model units typically consist of visible hot/cold knobs and an overhead shower, while 3-in-1 models have an additional hand shower option. Wall diverter mixers, on the other hand, have all their working parts concealed into the wall in which they are installed. The only visible aspects of it are the spout, overhead shower, and the lever to switch between the two. These types of mixers appeal more to the aesthetic of the area in use and so are preferred in modern interior designs.

Buy Wall Mixers Online at Moglix

Moglix is an excellent B2B e-commerce site that provides domestic, industrial, and commercial products at top quality and to customer preference. Popular brands including Kerovit, Parryware, Drizzle, and more offer beautifully crafted wall mixers online on the Moglix website just waiting to be delivered to your doorstep!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Mixers

Can mixer taps be repaired?

Repairing a leaking mixer tap is actually a pretty simple DIY project that anyone, regardless of expertise level, can accomplish, and the sooner you get started, the less water and money you'll waste.

how do I keep my wall mixers shiny?

To clean up the mess, simply use a cloth dipped in a mix of dish soap and warm water. After that, polish the tap with a dry cloth till it sparkles!

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