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Health Faucets

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Opt for Health Faucets Online to Maintain a High Level of Hygiene

Health faucets are the hand held triggered nozzles that are used to spray water for cleaning the anal and genital areas after defecation and urination. To meet up with the needs of users, we have come up with an exciting range of faucets online. The health faucets that form a part of our collection are corrosion resistant, easy to install, clean and have an elegant finish. Created from high quality plastic, they can be maintained over a long span of time.

Get the Best Deals on Jaquar Bathroom Fittings

Jaquar is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom fittings in India. To live up to its reputation, the company has introduced a new range of bathroom fittings in the market. Some of the features of Jaquar health faucets are mentioned below:-

Usage of High Quality Materials in Production Process

  • The health faucets from Jaquar are made from high quality PVC material.
  • They have a chrome plated, glossy finish.

Elegant Design and High Level of Convenience in Usage

  • These Jaquar health faucets have a stylish sanitary fitting and their contemporary design makes them suitable for usage in bathrooms or kitchens.
  • They have an ergonomic design and can be handled in a smooth manner.
  • The Jaquar health faucets have a smooth flow of water and can enhance the look of a bathroom or kitchen in a great way.

Easy Maintenance

The faucets are easy to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned using a liquid or mild detergent before being washed with water at least once in a week.

Long Lifespan

Created from premium quality of PVC material, they can be used over a long span of time.

We have procured a vast range of Jaquar bathroom fittings to satisfy the diverse needs of our buyers who come from all walks of life. Available in a wide range of designs, they can be installed in a hassle-free manner in kitchens or bathrooms. Therefore, they are suitable for usage in homes, offices, malls, hotels etc. To acquire bathroom accessories of the latest designs, you can check out the assortment of options we have on offer.

High Durability the Strongpoint of Hindware Sanitary Fittings

Hindware is known for its innovation in the field of sanitary fittings. To set new standards in the industry, Hindware has launched a new range of sanitary fittings. The health faucets that we offer as a part of this collection have an exciting range of features.

Some of them are mentioned below:-

Quality Materials Used in the Production Process

These Hindware health faucets have been created using the best quality of ABS material.

Contemporary Looks

They come with an eye-catching finish and a chrome colour which matches well with the interiors of bathrooms.

Acquire the Best Quality of Bathroom Accessories in India from Kamal

Bathroom accessories form a part and parcel of all types of buildings. To meet up with the diverse demands of buyers, we are offering the newest range of Kamal bathroom accessories in India. The products that we are offering have exciting designs and features.

Some of them are mentioned below:-

Ability to Withstand the Test of Time

Created from brass, these health faucets are corrosion resistant, easy to clean as well as install.

Stylish Design Which Matches Well With the Look of Bathrooms

They have an elegant finish which blends well with the aesthetics of bathrooms.

Browse Through the Latest Parryware Health Faucet Range Offered Online By Moglix

Parryware is one of India’s leading manufacturers of bathroom fittings. To meet up with the changing needs of users, we have come up with a new collection of Parryware health faucet online.

Some features of these faucets are mentioned below:-

Product Made From High Quality Materials

The Parryware health faucets are made from high-quality plastic material. They have a chrome finishing.

Elegant Design

This range of Parryware health faucet online have a sleek design which matches well with the décor of bathrooms.

Sturdy, Highly Durable Accessories

  • The faucets have a lightweight and can be installed and operated with ease.
  • They can withstand wear and tear and retain their looks for many years.
  • The faucets are suitable for usage in bathrooms of all sizes and shapes.

Aware of the spending capacity of buyers, we have kept the health faucet price. Therefore, you can check through our vast collection and then opt for the model which suits your budget and needs after checking the health faucet price.

Enhance Your Bathroom’s Look with Highly Versatile Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets form an essential part of the bathroom. To meet with the ever- changing needs of buyers, we have sourced the latest designs of bathroom faucets from brands such as Jaquar, Kamal, Parryware etc. The faucets are highly stylish in design and look highly elegant. They are easy to maintain also. They have been created from premium quality of materials such as PVC and ABS plastic. These faucets have a chrome plating also.

The faucets can be installed with considerable ease within bathrooms and do not involve a high level of maintenance. We procure all these products keeping in touch the changing needs of buyers. Therefore, you won’t be faced with a dearth of options when you look for faucets available in our collection.

Enjoy Perfect Health Using Bidet Showers

Bidet showers are a type of handheld showers which is similar to a kitchen sink sprayer, which sprays water for cleaning the anal and genital areas post defecation and urination. To help buyers maintain a high level of cleanliness, we present an exciting collection of bidet showers. Created from high-quality of ABS plastic, they are resistant to corrosion. Therefore, they can be used over a long span of time without needing any replacement. They are easy to install and maintain also.

These handheld showers have been designed keeping in touch with the changing décor of bathrooms. Therefore, they complement the look of bathrooms and make them pleasing to the eye.

Have Complete Control over Water Faucets and Temperature with Water Faucets

Water faucets are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. Aware of their importance, we present the latest range of water faucets available in the market. The products which we offer as a part of this collection include wall mixers, kitchen faucets with wall sprays, single handle faucets etc. These faucets can help users control the water flow as well as water temperature. They are easy to clean & maintain also. To adjust temperature and water flow with ease choose from the new range which we have on offer.

Acquire User Friendly Hand Faucets at the Best Prices

Hand faucets are one of the most widely used bathroom accessories which we use in our day to day lives. To meet up with the expectations of users, we present a vast range of hand faucets. The products which we are offering as a part of this collection include sink cock faucets, bib cock faucets, centre hole faucets, pillar cock faucets, angel cock faucets. The sink cock faucets are best suited for wall mounting. Made from brass, they are most suitable for usage in sinks and basins.

Our bib cock faucets can be used in washrooms as well as kitchens. They have a compact size and are meant for wall mounting. The angle cock faucet models that we have on offer are ideal for usage with geysers as well as wash basins. Our collection of pillar cock faucets can be deck mounted and are exclusively meant for usage in wash basins. We are also offering hands free faucets created by brands such as Taptree, Jaquar, Kamal etc. Therefore, you will come across numerous models of hands free faucets to choose from.

Motion Sensor Faucets-A Smart Choice for Modern Day Users

Hand free faucets are highly functional but other variations such as motion sensor faucets have gained considerable popularity in recent times. The faucets which we offer as a part of this collection have a contemporary style and have a chrome finish. They have a Centre set type of installation and have a single installation hole. These faucets are equipped with a single handle. They come with durable ceramic valves to make sure that there are no leakages of water.

Ensure Optimum Protection Using Touchless Faucets

Compared to other types, Touchless faucets offer a very high level of protection against the growth of germs. They have a high level of energy efficiency since they deliver a precise amount of water as is required. To meet up with the changing needs of users, we have sourced the latest range of touchless bathroom faucets which offer a high level of hygiene. They ensure clear flushing due to their adjustable flush duration. The faucets come with a highly durable battery because of low-energy electronics.

High Functionality the USP of Automatic Health Faucets

Hygiene is one of the common concerns of people considering to install a faucet. In comparison to other types of faucets, an automatic faucet is a type of faucet which comes with a proximity sensor & mechanism which opens its valve to enable water to flow to hands or close to it. At Moglix, we offer automatic faucets are anti-corrosive, easy to clean and install. Our range of automatic faucets for bathrooms is suitable for usage in bathrooms as well as commercial areas.

Maintain Toiletries in Perfect Condition Using Toilet Faucets

Toilets faucets are used for holding toilet papers. To meet up with the day to day of both home and office based users, we have come up with a new range of toilet faucets created by famous brands such as Kamal, Jaquar, Parryware etc. The models which we have on offer are manufactured using the best quality of stainless and have a matt & glossy finish. Created with a high level of precision, they are suitable for usage in homes, offices as well as commercial establishments.

We are aware of the different issues that consumers consider while looking for health faucets. Therefore, we have sourced a wide range of health faucets of different designs to meet up with the expectations of buyers. To maintain your health, browse through the assortment of options which we have on offer.

Enjoy optimum quality of health using health faucets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Faucets

What causes a faucet to drip?

The most typical causes of a leaking faucet are a worn out washer or gasket, a loose O ring, and rust in the valve seat, all of which are easily detectable and repairable with most faucet repair kits.

How do you clean hand faucets?

Pour pure white vinegar into a plastic bag and secure it to the faucet with a rubber band to reduce calcium buildup. Remove the bag after 24 hours and clean the loosened accumulation with an old toothbrush.

Health Faucets - Price Range

Health FaucetsMin PriceMax Price
Snowbell Health Faucets₹128₹1051
Kamal Health Faucets₹219₹869
Drizzle Health Faucets₹149₹1079
Hindware Health Faucets₹491₹1805
This data was last updated on 10/4/22.