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Buy from a Wide Range of Diverters at Economical Rates

Process control valves, known as diverter valves, enable flow to be steered from an inlet to one of two or more outlets. They can also be used to combine two lines into one and control flow. In a nutshell, it directs water up into the showerhead rather than out the tub spout.  Before activating the diverter and sending water to the showerhead, the user usually adjusts the faucet to the desired water temperature. The shower diverter valve enables you to enjoy modern bathroom luxuries such as installing a shower over the tub. This eliminates the need for a separate shower enclosure or stall. This is a great option if your bathroom is small and has limited floor space. You also appreciate not having to install additional faucets, pipes, or tiles. A new selection of affordable bathroom diverter sets from top brands, including Jaquar, Hindware, Kohler, Marc, Johnson etc., has been introduced.


Various Types Of Efficient Bathroom Diverter Sets to Choose From

3-Valve Diverters: This diverter is found between the faucet's two taps. This can supply water to the tub as well as the shower. To achieve the desired temperature, hot and cold water taps are turned on simultaneously, mixing the water. Turning the diverter clockwise 180 degrees usually results in properly blended water flowing out of the showerhead. And turning it counter-clockwise will redirect the water flow back to the tub.


2-Valve Diverters: This model, like the 3-valve diverter, sends water through the tub faucet until the water temperature is just right. It has two valves arranged in an L shape. It directs water upwards (vertically) to the showerhead. This valve is located in the centre of a faucet and controls the temperature with a single dial that is turned right for cold water and left for hot water. It can also be used as a spacer between the taps of a two-tap faucet.


Tee Diverters: These are single-valve models that are typically found in the tub's spout. Pulling up the diverter pull arm in the tub spout will then deliver the water through the showerhead as you run the water to achieve the desired amount of heat.


Factors to Consider While Buying a High Quality Diverter Tap

Diverter Trims: Make certain that this set includes a diverter trim. On their entry-level collections, many manufacturers do not include diverter trim. They may occasionally provide a push-button diverter trim. However, this push button diverter trim may only be compatible with tub spouts and showerheads, not handheld showers.


Pressure Balance Valve: This is an important step because a main pressure balance valve must accompany your diverter. You will need to purchase two separate items: the pressure balance valve and its corresponding trim. Check that this valve and trim combination does not include a diverter, as these are incompatible with a standalone diverter.


Budget: A premium option will always be available within your budget, but you must do your research and select one built by a reputable company with dependable components and a long warranty.


Brand: The brand is an important factor to consider because it can affect the quality of the items you buy. When you buy from a well-known and established company, you can expect prompt and high-quality customer service whenever the need arises.


Material: The product's material is also an important consideration before purchasing. The product's life is primarily determined by the material used in its manufacture.


Size compatibility: It is always best to go with the universal size so that you don't have any problems using it on your shower head or handheld shower. G 1/2 is a standard and universal size that is compatible with the majority of shower heads. However, if you want to be sure, check your shower head and its compatible size before selecting the diverter valve. It can assist you in making an informed decision and avoiding purchasing the incorrect size.


Installation: The installation is the next most important factor to consider. Most of these shower diverter valves are designed to be self-installing, eliminating the need for a plumber. The inclusion of a brass slip nut and a rubber gasket inside the package allows for simple installation without the need for a plumber. Before you begin installing, always read the instruction manual that came with the box from the manufacturer.


Credible Brands that Sell Cost Effective, Best Diverter for Showers

Jaquar Diverters: The Jaquar Diverter Sets are made of some of the best raw materials promising you good quality only. They are a luxurious way to spice up your shower. This brand is ideal for anyone who enjoys customising their shower experience, as it includes a couple of different ways to divert the water flow. 


Hindware Diverters: Hindware diverters are a must-have for any bathroom. They are made of high quality and are reasonably priced. Their diverters for your shower will definitely complement the look of any bathroom. Their designs are simple, secure, and user-friendly. Their information comes from reputable and authorised sources.


Kohler Diverters: Kohler diverters for your bathroom are corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. They are built to resist scuffs, corrosion, and tarnishing, ensuring quality and longevity. All Kohler diverters are made using premium components and cutting-edge production procedures to ensure that they meet the very demanding market.


Marc DivertersMarc diverters are reasonably priced and of high quality, so you can be confident that they will last for many years. Diverters in this brand allow various gases, liquids, or powders to pass through them directly without passing through the typical lines of a chemical or manufacturing process.


We also have a plethora of the best bathroom diverter sets from other brands such as Hindware, Parryware, Cera, Ruhe, ZAP, Azaro, Prestige and others.


Buy Superior Quality Diverters for Bathroom at an Affordable Price from Moglix 

Shower diverter valves can be a perplexing part of the shower installation process. You will only be able to redirect the flow of water if you have one. Even if you only have a tub faucet and a showerhead, you'll need a diverter valve to switch between them. Moglix works hard to provide our customers with excellent customer service and high-quality products. We offer a diverse selection of diverters for bathrooms from reputable and well-known diverter brands. We ensure that you can purchase reasonable and high-quality diverters for showers by offering extensive discounts and special deals. Thanks to our user-friendly software, you can quickly and easily browse through our products. Customers can use simple navigation to compare the benefits and prices of various products. Choose from one of the best affordable and widely available brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diverters

How do you fix a diverter valve?

In most cases, the diverter valves get blocked with dirt, so the simplest and most effective way to fix this is by removing the diverters cleaning them, and re-fitting them back. However if still the problem continues, you may ask an engineer to look into the matter.

Is a diverter better than a mixer?

A mixer is are one of the best replacements for traditional taps, and are mounted on the walls, whereas diverters are fixed inside the walls and give an esthetic look and feel. People who want to go for a more stylish interior of their home should opt for diverts.

Diverters - Price Range

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Hindware Diverters₹844₹9246
Parryware Diverters₹766₹5559
Jaquar Diverters₹754₹17636
Kerovit Diverters₹1479₹2379
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