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Basin Taps

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Basin Taps: To Instantly Enhance the Ambience of The Basins and Sinks

You spend a lot of time and effort decorating your kitchen and bathroom. Have you considered putting some high-end items there? There is an ancient adage that one should always maintain their bathroom and kitchen clean since visitors will judge you based on how clean your bathroom and kitchen are. We've got you covered, don't worry. A tap gives your bathroom a refined style and the luxurious feel you've been lacking. A restroom may play a minor role in daily life, but it is a location where you may spend your “me” time. E-stores offer a diverse selection of taps. Premium quality taps with leakproof cartridges and corrosion resistance are available.

Presenting Impressive Design for Basin Taps!!

Embellishing your home, kitchen, and bathroom with high-quality basin taps and faucets holds crucial importance. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of these spaces. If you are actually looking to buy basin taps online, then look no further as Moglix is your one-stop shop for all your bathroom accessories! Browse through our online catalog of basin faucets, without burning a hole in your pocket. The basin taps and bathroom fittings that are available on our online portal are carefully selected, and onboarded from trustworthy suppliers, without compromising on quality, this means whether you buy basin taps or any other kind of bathroom accessories, our products are sure to last long, returning the best value for your money. Our designer basin taps are adept in regarding the highest requirements of quality and durability as the robust internal parts of our taps make them a must-have for your kitchen and bathroom.

Types of Taps and Their Application

Pillar Taps: The pillar tap is one of the most primitive taps you've ever seen. These taps are typically wall-mounted and can be used with any washbasin. Furthermore, one can easily manage both the temperature (hot and cold) and water flow with these taps. There is a large selection of pillar taps to pick from, meticulously designed and complement the interiors. The pillar taps are attractive and provide a nice and smooth experience. These sink taps are simple to use and feature a mirror-like finish that prevents debris from adhering to them.

Mixer Taps: The main difference between a pillar tap and a mixer tap is that instead of having two distinct outlets for cold and hot water, the pillar tap has two separate outlets for cold and hot water, depending on the demands. This designer and attractive mixer tap provide the highest performance and a smooth flow. Our mixer taps are created using cutting-edge technology and have been thoroughly tested by professionals. These mixer taps are rust-resistant and leak-proof.

As the name implies, wall-mounted taps are taps that are fixed to the wall behind a sink or basin and appear to float above the sink or basin. They are simple to clean and use. Second, these faucets have enough space for hand washing and other duties. These wall-mounted taps have the most fashionable appearance of all time. Furthermore, these wall-mounted taps are the most stylish, making them ideal for modern basin designs. We have two separate basin taps that are located on the wall. There are two types of hole mixer taps within the wall-mounted category: single lever and two handles.

Sensor Taps: These washbasin taps are an absolute necessity. The world has been flocking to the Sensor taps since the Coronavirus epidemic. These taps are highly hygienic, allowing you to wash your hands in a clean, healthy manner. Because the Covid-19 problem is unlikely to go away anytime soon, it's best to accept the "new normal." The sensor taps are ultra-modern and created with cutting-edge technology. It conserves water and is environmentally beneficial. It prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses, keeping you and your family safe. You don't have to be concerned about touching the faucet while you're gone. Simply place your hand under the tap, and the integrated sensor will detect your movement and instantly release the water, or vice versa. It can be utilized in various settings, including the kitchen, public restrooms, and so on.

Tips on Choice for Your Kitchen Sink Taps

  • Match the material of your kitchen taps to cabinet knobs, storage bins, or even cookware.

  • Match your sink's coloring and material: examples include brushed or stainless steel taps with Belfast sinks for their ceramic touches or conventional taps with Belfast sinks for their ceramic accents.

  • Water hardness varies by region in India. Consider purchasing a tap with a built-in filter to reduce limescale build-up if you live in a hard water location.

  • Water pressure: Your tap must be compatible with the water pressure in your property. The pressure in gravity-fed systems is modest, whereas combi boilers have a higher pressure.

  • Kitchen usage and lifestyle: Your choice of kitchen tap is ultimately determined by how the kitchen is used.

Buy Wash Basin and Kitchen Sink Taps at Best Prices

Basin taps are essential in our daily life. Hand and face cleansing is a basic hygiene regimen that is especially important in the current situation. You can review the e-stores and choose the one that fulfills your needs and the style that suits your taste based on your demand and the location where the taps will be installed. Top brands such as Cera, Jaquar, Kohler, Oleanna, and others are available online. Hurry up and order now to experience a hassle-free shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Basin Taps

Why are taps always so near the walls of basins/sinks?

The thing with the taps is that they need to be connected to the pipelines at all times. And also the pipes are very vulnerable and because of these reasons, it’s important to install the pipelines behind the walls and that makes taps near the walls of basins/sinks.

Are basin taps of standard size?

Not all basin taps are the same size; tap sizes can vary based on a variety of factors. As a result, it's critical to ensure that the taps you purchase for your basins are the correct size.

Basin Taps - Price Range

Basin TapsMin PriceMax Price
Kamal Basin Taps₹339₹2538
Snowbell Basin Taps₹316₹2041
Drizzle Basin Taps₹359₹3539
Jainex Basin Taps₹590₹2090
This data was last updated on 10/2/22.