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Complete Guide About Floor Drains

Floor drains are allied to plumping fixtures and are always exclusively installed, screwed in, or dug onto floors. They are commonly found or put into places where water or any liquids are typically to flow into or out of. Basically, their function is to flush out water and keep an area (usually flat) clean and dry. They are made from a variety of metals that are usually meant to last and are non-corrosive such as stainless steel and alloys of silver.

Ever Heard of Floor Drain Trap?

These drains of the floors come in many shapes, sizes, and styles but serve the same utility purpose. But one style is the floor drain traps that are equipped with water seals that are usually made of rubber and meant to plug up dirt so that the drain can be cleaned later. This is not a function that you have to worry about fitting in yourself, as it comes already from the company itself.

This little accessory of the common flooring drainage system makes sure that it is free of any leakage between the flooring material and the trap itself. These devices can come in shapes such as metal circles, squares, or bars, all fitted with a sieve or hole on top and a sealing base that can be opened up and cleaned of any debris later on.

The Humble Kitchen Floor Drain and its Purpose

Kitchen floor drains are great things when it comes to keeping floors clean. Wherever they are fitted on your kitchen floor (usually marbled or tiled), you can easily and quickly swipe and stir all fallen and dirty liquids towards the drain that will efficiently funnel it out of sight and out of mind. But realistically, this means a drain that is connected to a drilled tunnel that opens up into the common community water disposal area.

These drains of the floor can be used in the kitchen sink too. The smaller drains can be easily fitted into the kitchen sink, and the water that runs through the sink can quickly be flushed out through these drains.

The Bathroom Floor Drain and Its Usage

Bathroom floor drains are usually what comes to mind when people talk about 'drains.’ This is important as a well-placed, and well-functioning bathroom drain means that it is less likely that your family will slip and slide before taking a bad tumble after taking a bucket bath or a luxurious shower.

But what makes this bathroom residual water banisher different from the rest is that it retains small amounts of water to create a water seal that carries the added advantage of keeping bad smells and mold out of your bathroom fixtures and walls. Plus, it never lets water remain stagnant, which means that it helps in keeping the bathroom clean and hygienic as it keeps away germs, bacteria and flushes them out.

Buy Floor Trap Drains Online at Moglix

Moglix is a leading e-commerce site in India that offers premium quality products at reasonable prices to customers. You can find products related to stationery, automotive, industrial, medical, laboratory, and safety uses. Moglix provides a wide range of floor drains for all your household drainage needs.

Their best products come from the best quality stainless steel material, and some of the top brands on Moglix that offer floor trap drains are Kerovit, MLOP, Jayna, and Kamal. Now shop for the best drains of the floor online at your comfort and keep your surroundings clean and perfect with sanitation.

Floor Drains - Price Range

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Kamal Floor Drains₹289₹2698
Jayna Floor Drains₹118₹5391
Lipka Floor Drains₹1359₹5769
Chilly Floor Drains₹736₹7889
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