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Purchase Efficient Towel Hangers at Economical Costs

A towel rack is a device for storing towels. Most towel racks hang towels in such a way that air can easily pass over them, allowing the towels to dry without becoming mouldy. One advantage of using a towel rack to dry your towels after use is that you won't have to wash them as often. Towel racks help to reduce laundry loads because you can go up to a week or more without washing the towels if you spread or dry them properly on the towel rack. They allow you to neatly store your towels while still leaving enough room and decorative space. There are various types of towel racks on the market to choose from. We feature good quality bathroom hangers from highly reputed brands such as Jaquar, Doyours, Aquieen, Abyss and many more.


Types of Best Bathroom Towel Racks Available

Towel Shelves: Towel shelves are available in both wall-mounted and freestanding configurations. They are primarily used for storage and are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to store anything from a few towels to an entire closet's worth of items. One popular towel shelf design has a shelf at the top and a bar below for hanging damp towels to dry. Many modern towel racks on the market today are ideal for fashionable bathrooms.


Towel bars: Another type of wall-mounted towel rack is towel bars. These basic racks have a single bar that can hold multiple towels at once. If you want to save money, consider purchasing a wall-mounted towel bar, which is typically less expensive than more advanced towel racks. The most common methods for mounting a wall-mounted rack are to screw it into place or to adhere it to a wall with adhesive.


Towel Rings: Towel rings, while not the same as a traditional towel rack, are a great way to hang your towels. Hand towels are commonly hung with rings, but standard-sized bath towels can also be hung with rings. They, like towel bars, have a single opening for hanging a towel. Towel rings are available in a variety of styles. The most common shape is the traditional circle.


Towel Hooks: A towel hook is the way to go if you want a towel rack that allows you to hang your towel over a tip. Towel hooks and rings are typically the same size. As the name implies, you hang your towels on a hook with this unit. Hooks are commonly used to hang hand towels, but they can also be used to hang full-sized towels. Because they are small and discreet, towel hooks take up little space.


Features to Take into Consideration when Buying Bathroom Hangers

Height: Your towel holder should be hung at a convenient height. It is difficult to bend or jump for the towel while working in the kitchen. It should be at a convenient height. It should ideally be at the same height as or above the sink tap or at your hand level. This allows you to easily grab the towel whenever you need it.


Installation site: Installation should take place next to the sink or somewhere easily accessible. Most people prefer the kitchen hand towel holder near the sink because they require a towel immediately after washing their hands. You can also put it next to your utensil tray.


Brand: The brand is an important consideration because it may have an impact on the quality of the products you receive. When you buy from a reputable and established company, you can be confident that you will receive excellent and timely customer service if the need arises.


Budget: There will always be a high-quality alternative within your price range, but you must do your research and select one made by a reputable company with dependable components and a lengthy warranty.


Design and finish: You should match the towel holder's finish and design to the kitchen's décor. Handmade designs and prints, for example, usually complement soft kitchen tones. You can even go for a colourful towel holder if you have a white kitchen. You can also use handmade designs and prints when selecting a holder for your bathroom.


Buy Secure Bathroom Towel Hangers Online from Top Brands

Jaquar Towel RacksJaquar places a strong emphasis on high quality standards to ensure that the towel racks it delivers to customers are always at the top of their game. They have beautiful ergonomic designs with excellent value for money. Their towel racks have simple and elegant designs.


Doyours Towel RacksDoyours have honed their skills at adapting to shifting consumer preferences. Professionals oversee the production of these high-quality bathroom towel hangers. These are made from high quality material for superior looks and long-lasting durability.


Aquieen Towel RacksAquieen products are recognised in the market as being of the highest quality. To meet industry standards, all Aquieen bathroom towel racks are made with premium components and cutting-edge production techniques. Their bathroom towel hangers are elegant, stunning and simple to install. 


Abyss Towel RacksAbyss is well-known for producing high-quality goods and providing attentive customer service. Following extensive market research, the materials used to manufacture their bathroom hangers are sourced from the most well-known and authorised vendors. They are made to be anti-corrosive, simple to clean and elegant,


We also offer various towel racks for the bathroom from reputed brands like ZAP, Ruhe, Galaxy, Parryware, Prestige, Taptree, Cera and others.


Shop for Reasonable and Efficient Towel Racks for the Bathroom at Moglix

The right accessories, such as a hand towel rail, can make or break the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. Install a handy hand towel rail from our collection to prevent wet towels from taking up unnecessary space in your bathroom and making it appear cluttered. Without a towel rack, a bathroom is incomplete. Towel racks are used not only to dry towels, but also to heat them in some cases for a more luxurious bathing experience. There are various types of towel racks available on the market. Towel valets hold a closet's worth of items, whereas towel rings can be installed in a small bathroom. To set ourselves apart from other online businesses selling the same products, we monitor consumer complaints and make every effort to resolve them as soon as possible. The most significant towel racks for bathrooms are available at competitive prices from leading manufacturers. Now is the time to take advantage of branded bathroom towel racks at wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Towel Racks

Is it better to hang towels on a bar or hook?

If you have a lot of wall space near the tub or shower, towel bars are an excellent option. Towel bars let towels to dry unbundled, which speeds up the drying process compared to towels on a hook or ring.

What is the best way to hang towels?

Before hanging your towel, avoid folding it. Rather, stretch it out horizontally and hang it on the hook. When hanging on the hook, the towel should neatly shape into a triangle. Towels dry more rapidly and with less risk of odour when they are hung on hooks.

Towel Racks - Price Range

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Doyours Towel Racks₹841₹1843
Bath Age Towel Racks₹497₹3403
Jaquar Towel Racks₹665₹3299
Abyss Towel Racks₹963₹6593
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