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Highly Efficient Waterproofing Chemicals at Lowest Price

The process of waterproofing involves creating a waterproof barrier over the surfaces of structural parts such as walls, roofs, and foundations. The impermeable barrier's purpose is to keep water from penetrating. The surfaces of buildings are made water resistant and often made waterproof. Making a product or structure waterproof or water-resistant enables it to withstand the intrusion of water under particular circumstances or largely remain unaffected by water. You can buy a variety of waterproofing products to solve this problem and keep water from penetrating your building. You can purchase roof waterproofing solutions and terrace waterproofing chemicals to protect your building from water damage. These days, the danger of excessive water entering a building's premises is clearly understood by the majority of property owners. A waterproofing solution is crucial to protecting your building from water leaks. You can use waterproofing techniques for roofs to keep your roof secure. Buy waterproof chemicals for your roof from Moglix from renowned brands like Dr. Fixit, Tribuild, CICO, Sika, Ultratech and many more at affordable prices.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Waterproofing Chemicals for your Roofs

Durability: When waterproofing surfaces like roofs, one thing that you must definitely keep in mind is how durable is the waterproofing solution. Read reviews and check the credibility of the brand for assurance. You need a solution with good durability so it won't begin to crack or break.


Bonding ability: Make sure the product will adhere firmly to the kind of material you are waterproofing if you are bonding to a substrate. Water is prevented from tracking behind the membrane by fully bonded material.


Curing period: Variable liquid waterproofing membrane solutions have quite different cure times. The task can be completed more quickly and the surface is better protected from the rain with a shorter curing period. While some hand-applied liquid waterproofing systems can take up to 48 hours to cure, which is not ideal because they are susceptible to rain during that time, some spray-applied waterproofing solutions can cure in just a few seconds.


UV resistance: When exposed to the sun, the membrane of many sheet-applied and liquid-applied waterproofing treatments might lose some of its physical characteristics, which could lead to it becoming brittle and cracking. Some sheet-applied solutions can tolerate UV rays, but because they are usually black in colour, they absorb heat and make the roof extremely hot. This reduces the structure's energy efficiency and stresses the waterproofing membrane. While other solutions retain their colour when exposed to sunlight, they are UV unstable.


Budget: A premium option will always be available within your budget range, but you must do your research and pick one built by a renowned company with dependable components and a lengthy guarantee.


Top Brands that Sell High-Quality Waterproofing Solutions

Dr. Fixit WaterproofingDr. Fixit, one of the most well-known brands, provides essential waterproofing compounds made up of surface active plasticizing agents, polymers, and additives. It is used as a filler in cement concrete plasters and mortar. It aids in the coherence of concrete and prevents isolation. It is widely used in many areas, such as balconies, water storage tanks, basement structures that store water, and bathrooms, among others.


Trubuild WaterproofingTrubuild, a well-known and dependable manufacturer, offers a wide range of high-quality waterproofing materials. Customers rely on their products because of their low cost and remarkable usability. Their waterproofing products are made of high-quality materials, are durable, and meet all industry standards.


CICO WaterproofingCICO waterproofing is an effective waterproofing coating system. CICO can be used to waterproof roofs, walls, and many other areas of your home. CICO products is a waterproofing system based on acrylic polymers that can be used to protect all types of concrete and masonry surfaces. 


Sika WaterproofingAvailable in a wide range of sizes, Sika is the ultimate waterproofing solution for anyone. Sika, which is widely used by prominent construction companies, has been a part of the construction process for several decades. Its simple application process makes it easy for workers to waterproof surfaces.


We also offer waterproofing chemicals for the roof from other renowned brands such as Ultratech, Weber, Nerolac, Berger, Asian Paints, Fosroc and more.


Purchase Durable and Economical Waterproofing Products with Moglix

We at Moglix have brought forward some of the top waterproofing chemical brands in India in order to address the expanding needs of our consumers. This enables us to satisfy the high standards that our customers have for us. On our waterproofing products, we provide a number of discounts and deals. Customers can filter out products based on their demands and price range thanks to our site's easy navigation. This contributes to the customer having a positive online purchasing experience with us at Moglix. Visit our website to see the most economical bathroom waterproofing solution from top manufacturers and get exciting discounts on bulk purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Waterproofing

When should you use waterproofing?

To ensure that moisture is controlled at the beginning of construction, significant waterproofing measures are typically employed. To address issues as they develop, waterproofing can even be done after a building has been constructed.

How long does waterproofing last on a house?

During construction, waterproofing is a crucial part of a building. You should have a waterproofing system that lasts between 10 and 15 years if it is installed properly. Contrarily, a badly built waterproofing system might result in water leaks practically quickly after coming into contact with water.

Waterproofing - Price Range

WaterproofingMin PriceMax Price
Berger Waterproofing₹192₹1999
Sika Waterproofing₹90₹2445
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