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Quality Distemper Paints For All Your Painting Needs

Distemper Paints are efficient paints that reduce the need for separate distempers and paints. You can directly paint the product onto bare cement walls to get a flawless finish and rich color payoff. Due to the cost-efficient nature of the product, its usage has increased considerably in India and other parts of the world.

These paints can also be used for both exterior and interior walls. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, you can use it to beautify your living room and also provide a beautiful backdrop to your luxurious garden. There are three types of these paints currently available in the market:

  • Acrylic

  • Synthetic

  • UNO Acrylic

Choose the type that suits your needs and get painting

Uses Of Distemper Paint Colour

Distemper Paint colors can be used for painting both the interior and exterior walls of your house. However, it is a decorative paint and can get easily marked. You also need to be careful to not make it wet as it is not waterproof. Due to a lack of waterproof qualities, you need to apply a waterproof top coat if you use it for your exterior walls.

Due to this reason, although you can use it for exterior walls, it is more suitable for painting interior walls. It can also be used for making decorative pieces and artistic painting apart from painting walls. The vibrant color of the product makes it suitable to get a rich color payoff on decorative pieces and art pieces.

Benefits Of Acrylic Distemper Paint

An Acrylic Distemper is a water-based distemper mainly used for painting the interior walls of a building. The smooth and rich finish combined with a matte look makes it appealing and a popular choice for interior walls. Long-lasting duration also means that you will not need to repaint your walls every few months - these paints will last you for almost 3-5 years, depending on the application.

Trendy Wall Distemper Colour For Homes And Offices

Wall Distemper Colours are equally suitable for your office and home painting needs. Available in a wide variety of shades, you can paint your homes and offices in whichever color you wish. The fast-drying properties of water-based distempers also mean that you will not be exposed to toxic paint fumes that are common in paints that take a long time to dry.

For your office, this is a cost-efficient option that gives a high payoff. You also do not need to paint it for another 3-5 years after painting it once, meaning pocket-friendly for the long-term. So, regardless of your home or office painting needs, grab a bucket of your favorite shade and enjoy a quality finish at extremely affordable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Distemper Paints

Is distemper paint washable?

When compared to more expensive paints, the quality will be ordinary. When distemper paint is not fully dried, it frequently peels off. It is not completely washable. The colour of Distemper Paint fades faster than Emulsion Paint.

How many coats should you paint a wall?

In general, a minimum of two coats of paint is recommended for any wall or ceiling that is being painted. Even if you do attain a flawless finish with just one coat of paint, coverage isn't the primary goal when it comes to painting a room.