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Packaging Tapes

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Packaging Tapes for Clean and Neat Packages

The world would have been a very messy place if tapes did not exist because then we would have to look for other ways to close, seal and wrap boxes which is not at all an easy task.

Packaging Tapes are considered lightweight for a wide range of uses, usually used for fitting boxes and bundles for shipment. These are produced using polypropylene or polyester backing. Other packing tapes include gaffer tape, masking tape, and duct tape.

It is very crucial for companies to choose a proper tape for packing their products, boxes, and cartons. Otherwise, it may cause a loss of time, money, energy, and efficiency. Packing tape is typically used to seal, wrap or bundle items while storing, handling, or shipping them.

Four Basic Types of Packing Tape

Carton Sealing Tape- This type of tape is most commonly used in warehouses and industries. These are an excellent choice if not exposed to extreme temperatures.

Gummed Tape- These tapes are also helpful in packing boxes or any other regular packages neatly. Gummed tapes are durable as well as strong. They are sleek and hold the packaging material together perfectly without any loose ends.

Printed Tape- These tapes contain the name of the company that is using them. It shows professionalism and gives recognition to the brand.

Label Protection Tape- These types of tapes are used to protect the labels that are put up on the boxes or packages.

Carton Sealing or Box Sealing Tapes

Box sealing tapes are used for sealing boxes when storing or moving items from one place to another. These tapes are lightweight and are used to close the boxes which contain the item that needs to be moved or stored. These tapes are also known as Shipping tapes. These are easy to use in almost every situation and are easily available in the market.

Benefits of Shipping Tapes

Shipping tapes are easily available in the market.

  • --> These tapes come in different widths to fit every situation and cater to all the needs.

  • --> These are strong enough hence help the boxes stay intact and keep everything in place.

  • --> This tape tends to blend in with the package because of its transparent or brown hue.

  • --> The tape can be used in dusty and dirty environments as well. Rubber tape is a master in such a situation.

  • --> These tapes can be used at any temperature, whereas acrylic tape, when exposed to direct sunlight or freezing temperature, can crack and come off.

  • --> Packaging tapes are resilient and can last for a very long period of time. Other tapes need to be changed more often to prevent them from getting off.

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