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Buy the best corrugated packaging boxes in India at Moglix

Right from ordering a pizza to moving into a new house corrugated cardboard boxes are a must..! Apparently, corrugated packaging boxes are very useful in daily lives. Imagine purchasing your favorite sneakers but not having a corrugated cardboard box to carry them..! It would be cumbersome, right? In comparison to regular cardboard boxes, corrugated packaging boxes have several layers of material of paper stock.

Uses of corrugated carton boxes

Before we jump into the uses of corrugated carton boxes let’s know the difference between them and regular cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are made from a single layer of paper stock. This layer is thick and hence, its durability is less. However, corrugated boxes consist of three layers: inside liner, outside liner, and fluting in between.

In simple terms, the fluting or the middle layer has a ruffled pattern or a ridged appearance. These three layers add up to the strength and sustainability of the corrugated carton boxes. Moving forward, let us take a look at the uses of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Pizza boxes: Yes, those delicious and mouth-watering pizzas are packed in corrugated boxes. It helps to prevent the leaching of cheese and sauces from the pizza. Also, they protect foods from humid environments thus, keeping them safe from bacteria.

Shipments: If you are moving to a new locality or simply moving your office goods, corrugated shipping boxes are the best.

Electrical appliances: Laptops, irons, electric beaters, and almost every electric item is safely packed in corrugated boxes because of their durability.

Glassware and utensils: Glasswares are delicate and need strong shock-absorbing packaging. It is in these situations that corrugated shipping boxes provide the best protection while shipping.

Clothes: Textile industry needs corrugated boxes in maximum amounts. Because these are the cheapest and most effective ways to store clothes.

What to look for while purchasing corrugated boxes online?

Strength: As they are made from multiple layers it is quite obvious they’re stronger than regular cardboard boxes. So if you need corrugated shipping boxes, check their strength and sustainability. You don’t want fragile boxes that will tear apart almost instantly.

Size and shape: Firstly, one needs to categorize whether they need these boxes for foods and beverages or other purposes. If you wish to store jewelry, notebooks, pens, etc. then a flat box will be better than a vertical one. For electrical appliances like TV, speakers, washing machines, etc. You will need a large box and for appliances like iron and electric beaters a small box would be preferable.

Design: After selecting the desired size and shape opt for a suitable design. The design showcases your brand and logo. An appealing design and colorful logo are key to decorating your plain corrugated box.

At Moglix, you can buy a corrugated box as per your need. We have them in all shapes, sizes, and most importantly at affordable rates. Moglix assures you to provide the best quality corrugated cardboard boxes at economical rates. Check out our corrugated boxes collection and pick the ones best for you...!