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Watercolor paint is a transparent art material. Watercolor is a colored pigment suspended in a water-soluble glue. Adding water to the paint dissolves, allowing the color to distribute with a paintbrush. Watercolor paint comprises a few simple materials, but the pigment (which produces the color) and the binder are the two essential components (usually gum-arabic). Watercolor paints may contain various chemicals that change the look of the paint, how it works, and how long it may be stored.


There are several advantages to utilizing watercolor paints as painting color. Watercolor has several advantages, including its colorful and translucent nature, rapid drying time, simple setup and cleanup process, cost, and adaptability in a mixed media artwork.

Various Types of Watercolors Out In The Market

Watercolors Tubes - Watercolor tubes are sold in little canisters that resemble toothpaste. When a little color goes a long way, these little vials carry a powerful impact. You may simply build your customized color palette by squeezing a dab of paint into a watercolor palette.

The advantage of tube paint is that the color keeps its brightness and luminosity after drying. It may also be used to cover vast sections of the paper quickly.


Watercolor Pans - Watercolor pans are sold in little containers known as cakes. Then they come in half-pan and full-pan sizes. This painting color is fantastic since they are tiny, compact, and portable. You may arrange them in your palette as you like.


A small amount of pan goes a very long way. The pigment will persist for many years, making them an excellent long-term investment. Spritz the pans with a mist bottle before you start painting to activate the pigment.


Liquid Watercolors - Bottles of liquid watercolors are available. These vials, as the name indicates, contain highly concentrated liquid pigment. The extreme brilliance of liquid colors is one of their outstanding features. As a result, many individuals like producing colorful artwork with liquid colors.


One downside of liquid colors is that they are not exceptionally lightfast. Watercolors, in general, are vulnerable to fading and shedding their bright properties over time.


Watercolor Pencils - Watercolor pencils are distinctive in that they combine the best aspects of watercolor drawing and painting. These watercolors look like pencils but are made of water-soluble pigment. This means they may be used in both dry and wet conditions.


Simply apply pigment as you would with colored pencils. Alternatively, use a moist paintbrush to activate the pigment to produce stunning, loose watercolor effects. The best part is that you don't need much water to activate these colors.

Factors to Consider When Buying Water Color Paints


Permanence - The capacity of paint to resist light exposure and moisture without fading, darkening, or altering color is referred to as permanence. This trait, also known as lightfastness, is essential even when you are not practicing. Who knows what future generations will think of your work? Therefore why not let it last?


Check the package for the ASTM grade and accept nothing less than "Awesome" or "Extremely Good" lightfastness.


Quality - Watercolor paint, like acrylics, is available in artist and student grades. Watercolors for artists feature a greater density of ground pigment and a better permanence rating. Students' colors may contain less expensive pigments and extra fillers and extenders.


Your budget and aesthetic goals determine your option. Watercolor paint for artists is more costly, but you get the money's worth regarding durability, intensity, and improved clarity.


Transparency - Water Color paints are prized for their transparency: the capacity of light to penetrate through paint and reflect off the white of the paper, resulting in a stunning luminous appearance. On the right, you can see my "Jar with Marbles" painting, which was created entirely using watercolor paint.


You can also buy opaque watercolors. Don't stress too much about the difference if you're just getting started. Some purists refuse to use opaque watercolors at all. With experience, you'll be able to use transparency to improve your watercolor paintings and determine if you require opaque colors.


Color - There are several colors to pick from, and their properties differ according to the manufacturer. Technically, you can create every hue by merely combining primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). However, the resulting colors are dull and lifeless. Colors using a single pigment are far more bright and more powerful. Because most of us can't even afford to acquire every hue, there is a lot to contemplate when creating a restricted yet adaptable color palette.


But don't worry, there is no "correct method." Although there are objective factors like durability and transparency, color selection ultimately boils down to personal choice.


Non-Staining vs Staining - Some watercolor paints "stain" the paper's fibres, whereas others dry on the surface and are easily scraped off or removed with a sponge. All pigments lie somewhere on the staining/non-staining spectrum. Don't bother about this if you're purchasing paint for the first time, but if we know you'll be layering or employing "lift-off" techniques, make sure you have a decent balance of staining versus non-staining colors.


Knowing which colors stain and which do not is helpful if you plan on scraping paint off the paper to expose the white below or the bright tint of the remaining pigment. Masking fluid can be used to get around this issue.


Different Brands Offering Water Color Paints

Camlin Watercolours - Camlin is a well-known business widely known for its watercolor paints. Its color paints are sold under the well-known Camel & Camlin brands. Camlin's watercolors are of the best standard, so you can purchase them without a doubt.


Faber-Castell  Water Colors - Faber-Castell is among the world's oldest and largest producers of watercolors. And their watercolors are famous among artists due to their excellent quality and adaptability. Faber-Castell watercolors have an intense pigmentation that both art professionals and beginners appreciate.


Winsor & Newton Water Colors - Winsor & Newton is a well-known watercolor brand. Winsor & Newton identified what was required: a consistent source of dependable colors and brushes. Winsor & Newton initially created considerably improved watercolors, quickly followed by a slew of other breakthroughs, such as Chinese White, the very first stable opaque white watercolor, and foldable tin tubes both for oils and watercolors.


Crayola Watercolors - American manufacturing business Crayola, previously the Binney & Smith Company, is focused on producing art supplies. It is most recognized for its watercolors and for the Crayola brand it represents. Every seasoned artist loves working with watercolors.


Why should you opt for Watercolor Paints?

Shades: While painting it is necessary to mix and combine the colors equally. This helps to produce different shades in the painting. How often do you struggle to find the exact color you have been thinking of? Well, it is situations like these where you can combine two or more shades of watercolor. And voila! You get the desired color with ease.


Effects: Be it scenery or still life, doodle art or portraits, summer effects, or monsoon rain. Watercolor paints can paint them all for you. When we look at various options available for painting watercolor tubes or paints stand out the most. The reason you ask? Well, because they blend in so well. You can produce any effect by choosing apt shades and mixing them accurately.


Transparency and Glow: Watercolors have bonus points for showing these two effects. Imagine recreating a painting that requires transparency with oil pastels or crayons. Not only will it be time-consuming but the results won’t be perfect as well.


Detailings: Be it a portrait or a city landscape they look fabulous only if the intricate details are done precisely. There is nothing much better than watercolors to do so. Watercolors allow you to paint in layers thus, making the painting vivid and vibrant.


Paints quickly: As we need brushes to paint watercolor one can easily cover large areas in no time. Spread your water and the color goes wherever you want it to go. Also, once it dries you can notice the magic it works. The change in the painting becomes visible as soon as the color on the canvas starts to dry.


Non-toxic: Watercolor paints are the safest versions of paints. Also, they are easy to clean. One may notice an irritating smell in other coloring options. But in the case of watercolors, you can be assured that they are the least toxic and safe for young painters.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Water Colour Paints

Which is the best paper for watercolor painting?

Watercolors are quite adaptable and may be used on a variety of media, but for the best effects, select a thicker paper with an average weight of 150 gsm.

What should a beginner start with: watercolor or oil paints?

Water color paint is quite simple to use, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Use acrylic paints because it dries rapidly and allows for easy blending. Oil pastel colors, on the other hand, give you a steady hand on paper, but blending will be a challenge.

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